See Alexandra Daddario Show Off A Backless Gown For Sexy Video

Alexandra Daddario is stunning in a long, shiny backless gown.

By Britta DeVore | Published

alexandra daddario

Perfectly styled for a big night out at the Academy Awards, Alexandra Daddario’s latest look is an absolute jaw-dropper. Sharing two sultry and confident videos of the glamorous True Detective star in a Twitter post that you can see below, the fan page, Celebrity Queens, gave their followers a look at another big night out for the We Summon the Darkness actress. While one clip sees her giving a twirl, the second follows Daddario down a hallway as she shows off her long black dress – complete with a revealing back cut out.

Feeling as gorgeous as she looks, the second video sees Alexandra Daddario take in the moment, running her hands through her hair as she gracefully walks in black high heels. With every step she takes, the Baywatch actress’ dress acts as a disco ball – reflecting light off its material. The caption reveals that Daddario was headed to the Oscars, where she was surely catching the eyes of everyone on the step and repeat.

While she wasn’t in the running to take home a little gold man at this year’s Oscar awards, Alexandra Daddario did have her name on another award ceremony’s list in 2022. Praised for her work in the first season of HBO’s mega-hit The White Lotus, she, along with several other cast members, would land a nomination at the Emmys with Daddario receiving a nod for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Limited or Anthology Series or Movie. Keeping audiences on the edge of their seats through her on-screen romance with Jake Lacy, Daddario’s performance as a newly married woman feeling a massive amount of regret brought the Percy Jackson star heaps of critical acclaim. 

Alexandra Daddario in The White Lotus

Although Jennifer Coolidge was the fan-favorite actress who managed to have her character reappear in the show’s second season, Alexandra Daddario recently had a new highly-anticipated project hit television screens. Joining Anne Rice’s Immortal Universe, Daddario took over the leading role in the on-screen adaptation of Mayfair Witches. Debuting on AMC in early January, the title was the second of the legendary author’s works to be picked up by the network and given a series order.

Like its predecessor, Interview with the Vampire, Mayfair Witches was an immediate hit, receiving a green light for the second season in February. The story centers around Alexandra Daddario’s Rowan Fielding, a young neurosurgeon who begins to realize that she has superhuman abilities. Kept in the dark for her entire life, Rowan is shocked when she discovers that she’s the next in line in a revered family of witches.

But that isn’t the only secret her loved ones have kept from her, as the family has also been haunted for decades by an evil entity known as Lasher (Jack Huston), who is now also seeking to destroy Rowan. With her newfound powers, Rowan will need the help of her family if she has any hopes of putting an end to Lasher’s reign of terror. Along with Alexandra Daddario and Jack Huston, the series also stars Harry Hamlin and Tongayi Chirisa. You can now stream all eight episodes of the first season of Mayfair Witches on AMC+.