The Best Will Smith Meme Following The Oscar Slap

These are the best Will Smith memes following the slap of Chris Rock at the Oscars

By Doug Norrie | Published

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Thanks to the slap at the 2022 Oscars, the Will Smith meme culture churned out some comedy gold. You’ve got to “hand” it to those meme creators, not only were they quick to the “punch”, but they had some dead-on accuracy as they swung for the fences. We are now well over a year since the actor provided us with “the slap” but these memes still ring true.

Since the slap hit the airwaves, Smith has offered his apologies (some say they ring hollow), Rock finally responded via his Netflix comedy special. Slowly but surely, Smith is making his way back to movie sets. Is his cancellation no longer happening? Have we forgiven Smith? The answer to this is probably more time will tell.

In the meantime, the following Will Smith memes are still holding steady out in the internet-dom. Enjoy.

Will Smith Meme – Email Life

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Here’s one that almost anyone working at a computer or a desk can appreciate in some way. The dreaded semi-spam email that is meant to engage the recipient but somehow comes off as bland and non-personal as it gets. Do emails ever find us well? Are we ever wanting to get these (most likely) solicitations completely out of the blue?

No chance. Here’s where this Will Smith meme seems to fully capture the beginning of the workday malaise when we’ve just sat down at the computer with the crust still in our eyes. No, the email doesn’t find me well. It’s an arrogant slap across the face to assume that it does.

Will Smith Meme – Pain At The Pump

Here’s one that basically everyone can appreciate right now. The dreaded feeling of pulling up to the gas pump, sliding a credit card or cash to the attendant (or into the machine), and hoping for the best around what it’s going to get you.

With gas prices hitting record highs and no end in sight, this is something that truly speaks to almost everyone out there. A Will Smith meme centered on his slap destroying our wallets through the current gas crisis rings completely true. In that way, Chris Rock’s face says it all.

A Will Smith Meme With A Case Of The Mondays

Yup. Exactly. Almost nothing else to say. We’ve been there, the dreaded alarm clock blaring on a bright and crisp Monday morning and the feeling that you would pay almost anything in the world in order to just make it actually Sunday.

The beginning of the week holds anxiety for all of us at best and can feel violently crushing at worst. Does Monday feel like someone walked across the stage of life and just hauled off on you without really any preamble or pretext? Yeah, same.

Jada + August = Slap

I mean, if we are going to talk about (in meme fashion) why Will Smith was up on the stage swinging on Chris Rock in the first place, we may want to take a look at the possible origin of Smith’s outrage. Perhaps this meme is the best place as any to look for the root cause. Jada’s flaunting of her “secret” relationship with R&B singer August Alsina could easily be what got Will Smith’s hand moving.

The Only Way To Stop Thanos

Who knew it would be the only way to knock Thanos off his high horse? Apparently, Doctor Strange had a secret weapon when it came to the Avengers’ showdown with Thanos. It came to pass in the film, Avengers: Will’s Game, and featured a cross-over Will Smith event when Doctor Strange opened a portal to bring the slap-happy Will Smith in as a ringer. Thanos was never the same.

The Ketchup Bottle Slap

I like when a Will Smith meme can just touch on the practical. This is a scenario, at least for a certain generation, that hits (pun intended) across the board. You are staring down at that plate of fries and a burger, needing to just put on that final finishing touch to make it a perfect meal.

And all of a sudden you realize the glass bottle is looking a little light on the red stuff (or it’s brand new, which also works here). It’s time to choose violence in order to get the condiment of choice. Slap away my friends, like a comedian just insulted your wife’s hair.

Will Smith And Chris Rock, Paper, Scissors

I feel like there should be one slightly better way to take this Will Smith meme, but admittedly, I can’t think of it. Thankfully though Chris Rock’s name holds up its end of the bargain in this scenario and if the open hand is paper, then he definitely got dominated in this interaction. If the game of rock, paper, scissors got physical, this is probably exactly what it would look like.

Will Smith Memes Get Meta

Arguably my favorite of the bunch just because of the meta implications. There’s nothing better than looking at a picture of Will Smith slapping Chris Rock, having just the perfect way to describe it in meme form which will live in internet infamy, only to have Photoshop not play nice.

In this way meme generators are made for our internet lives, able to slot anything we want into the picture that most perfectly describes the situation.

The Fastest Meme In The West

Okay, maybe this one doesn’t actually show Will Smith laying the smack down on Chris Rock, but it is classic, nevertheless. If there was one incident that deserves a good, solid meme in record time, it is Smith raising a hand to Rock on live TV. It was the moment that rattled the world, and it took little time to get the meme’ers meme’ing.

Will Smith Was Getting Meme’d Because Of The Slap At The Oscars

The Will Smith meme market was rockin’ not even five minutes after the “slap” heard around the world, of course, with good reason. On March 27, 2022, Smith took to the stage of the Academy Awards and proceeded to slap the smack right out of Chris Rock’s mouth, after Rock had made a disparaging “joke” about Jada Pinkett Smith and her lack of hair.

Truthfully, it was a pretty harmless dig, considering, but Smith, who was caught on camera smiling before he saw his wife not smiling, decided enough was enough.

What’s affectionately referred to now as just “The Slap” sent reverberations throughout the entire industry and will likely go down as the most (in)famous moment in the history of the show. Memes be damned, the fallout came much slower than some cared for, especially given the fact that shortly after he laid hand-to-face, he won the Best Actor award for his performance in King Richard, a win that also got him a standing ovation.

After that pathetic performance by Smith and those in attendance, it took the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Board of Governors an even more pathetic 10 days before they decided to hand (pun intended) Smith a 10-year suspension from attending “any Academy events or programs, in person or virtually, including but not limited to the Academy Awards.”

Smith went into hiding before offering his heartfelt sorrow. The movie productions he was to be part of backed off, but only for the time being. Now, Smith is finding himself moving forward, taking it one small step at a time.

As we speak, Smith is back in action working on Bad Boys 4 with Martin Lawrence. After that, he has the remake of Planes, Trains, & Automobiles with Kevin Hart, Fast and Loose, and The Council. There is even word that Smith and Tom Cruise are ready to team up for a Sam Mendes flick called Spy Games. The big question with all of his upcoming projects is how audiences will respond.

As for the Will Smith meme market, the good news is that we are likely to see a continuation. The moment was too classic and too absurd for it not to continue. With Smith looking at a 10-year suspension, people are just not going to let it fade into the background.

When Will Smith rose from his chair and approached Chris Rock on stage at the 2022 Academy Awards, it was a black eye for television. Yet, at the same time, it was TV gold. All you needed to do was take a gander at the meme crowd on the internet to see just how much gold one slap produced.