Natalie Portman Divorce Announced Amid Affair Allegations

By Britta DeVore | Published

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Another celebrity marriage has bitten the dust as Natalie Portman and Benjamin Millepied have called it quits after 11 years of marriage. The pair, who first crossed paths while working alongside one another on the critically acclaimed Darren Aronofsky-helmed feature Black Swan, have allegedly been going through some difficult times after it was claimed last year that Millepied had an affair. Rumors surrounding Portman’s move to file for divorce began to surface almost a full year ago, with those speculations now solidifying as the divorce was finalized.

Natalie Portman Comes Out Of A Dark Year

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A friend of the couple said that although Natalie Portman has been dealing with one of the toughest circumstances that can happen, she’s had the support of her friends to hold her up over the last year. Noting that the actress “is coming out” of the darkest point, the source said that she’s beginning to experience full-blown happiness again “in her family, friends, and work.”

Like everyone else who goes through such a difficult separation, the friend of the couple says that Natalie Portman was hoping that her marriage to Benjamin Millepied “would be forever” but that she’s now “at peace” with how things ended up.

Shared Children Are The Biggest Priority

The divorced couple has two children from their marriage who the source says are both of their number one priorities at this time. They added that Natalie Portman is doing everything in her power to ensure that her kids grow up happy and healthy even during this traumatic time. 

The Pair First Met On The Set Of Black Swan

As mentioned, Benjamin Millepied and Natalie Portman first met on the set of Black Swan, where the former performed as a dancer and choreographed the five-time Academy Award-nominated film. Riding the highs of success that the production provided both of them (Portman would ultimately take home the Oscar for Best Actress for her work in the project), the pair confirmed their relationship in 2009 and would tie the knot three years later in 2012.

As Millepied was a French native, the couple relocated to Paris where he jumped on the opportunity to take on the role of director of dance with the Paris Opera Ballet.

Millepied Worked On Dune: Part Two

While both Natalie Portman and her ex may be grappling with the fallout of their marriage, it certainly isn’t slowing them down from their work. For Benjamin Millepied, his choreography skills can be seen in cinemas around the world right now in Dune: Part Two. If you’ve already caught the blockbuster sequel and thought that the sandwalk was a thing of beauty and grace, that’s because it was designed by Millepied.

Natalie Portman Stars In May December

Natalie Portman likewise had a fruitful and busy last year as she appeared alongside Julianne Moore and Charles Melton in Todd Haynes’s romantic drama, May December. Now streaming on Netflix, the movie is about an actress (Portman) who goes full method by spending time with the woman (Moore) who her character is based on and her much younger husband (Melton). The movie met mixed reviews from critics and audiences alike and caught some flack for how it mirrored the Mary Kay Letourneau scandal of the late ‘90s.

Up Next For Natalie Portman

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Continuing to thrive post-divorce, Natalie Portman will next appear in Guy Ritchie’s action-filled heist film, Fountain of Youth, where she’ll appear alongside John Krasinski, Domhnall Gleeson, and more. Such big life shifts are difficult no matter what side you’re on so we’re sending all of the healing to both Portman and Miillepied at this time.

Source: People