Florida Batman Is A Hero To Children In Need

By TeeJay Small | Published


By now, we’ve all become inundated with endless scenes of masked vigilantes on our television and film screens, saving humanity from certain destruction while causing billions in collateral damage to major cities across the globe. While these excursions are certainly fun and exciting to behold, they obviously don’t represent a genuine depiction of the real world, in which not all heroes wear capes. According to a recent write-up in The Popverse however, some real-life heroes do don comic book attire, such as the EMT known as the Florida Batman, who saves children in need.

A Cosplayer On A Mission

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For those unaware, Florida Batman is an EMT named Jack Asbury who operates out of the Spring Hill area, and appears upon request to cheer up children who are terminally ill, facing loss, or just in need of a larger-than-life experience. Unlike your standard Bruce Wayne cosplayer, Asbury actually makes a concerted effort to remain present in the lives of the children he helps, becoming a real hero for kids who may otherwise not have anyone to rely on.

Grapples With Difficult Situations

The write-up in The Popverse tells a first-person experience that the author of the article had with the Florida Batman, after his best friend passed away in a tragic car accident. While caring for his deceased friend’s 4-year-old son Mason, who lacked the capacity to understand big concepts like death and loss, the author reached out to Asbury for assistance. The Spring Hill superhero quickly agreed to meet with the little boy, offered his condolences and mentorship, and even brought along a gift, in the form of a batarang and grapple gun from his personal stash of Batman paraphernalia.

A Heart Worth A Billion Dollars

Like the true hero that he is, Florida Batman does not charge exorbitant rates to parents and loved ones inquiring about his service. In fact, in the case of young Mason, he didn’t charge anything at all, and showed up purely out of the kindness of his heart. Unlike the fictional character, Florida Batman is not a multi-billionaire, so he does maintain a social media presence where fans can offer donations, which go to expenses such as gifts and travel costs.

The Miracles Behind The Mask

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After donning the Dark Knight get-up for four years, the Florida Batman launched Masked Miracles in 2020, a non-profit organization that serves as his own real-world equivalent to the Justice League. Masked Miracles helps to not only send supportive messages and Batman appearances to struggling families, but also provide financial relief and medical bill forgiveness, especially for young children who require long-term hospital stays. Since launching the non-profit, Asbury has recruited numerous other heroes to join his roster, including Iron Man, Spider-Man, and Wonder Woman, proving that giving back to kids in need can transcend the most stringent of IP boundaries.

Not Your Average “Florida Man”

Like many children who are visited by Florida Batman and his coterie of super-friends, Mason is said to have been deeply touched by the entire experience. The author claims that the young boy spent the next several days gushing about his experience becoming best friends with the masked vigilante, which instilled a sense of relief and a restoration of faith in humanity to everyone familiar with the situation. In a world with so many deeply-unsettling “Florida Man” headlines, it is truly heartwarming and inspiring to see a Florida man take on the task of fighting the forces of evil, in any way that he can.

Source: The Popverse