Our Justin Theroux Beetlejuice 2 Scoop Confirmed By Deadline

Deadline has confirmed our report that Justin Theroux will star in Beetlejuice 2.

By Nathan Kamal | Updated

justin theroux

Our exclusive report that Justin Theroux will star in Beetlejuice 2 has been confirmed by Deadline, yet another one of our scoops from trusted and proven sources. The long-gestating Tim Burton sequel will feature returning stars Michael Keaton and Winona Ryder (along with several others), as well as at least two new characters played by Justin Theroux and Jenna Ortega. While details about the movie are still sparse, we can speculate and we certainly are about to.

As we previously postulated, it seems likely that Justin Theroux might play some kind of supernatural entity in Beetlejuice 2, maybe as part of the post-life bureaucracy that seems to run things when you croak. It is also possible that he could play some other kind of ghost from beyond, like a kind of business manager for Michael Keaton’s bio-exorcist; after all, Beetlejuice attended the prestigious Juilliard performing arts conservatory and graduated from Harvard Business School, so he certainly has talents to spare. If there is one thing that Justin Theroux is good at, it’s playing a slick huckster-type, so the option is open.

It is also possible that Justin Theroux could be playing someone from the Land of the Living in Beetlejuice 2, rather than a ghost. In the first film, after a family moves into the deceased Adam (Alec Baldwin) and Barbara (Geena Davis) Maitland’s home, former real estate developer Charles Deetz (Jeffrey Jones) attempts to use the historic, world-changing revelation of the existence of life after death to pitch the idea of turning the town into some kind of tourist destination. It is not difficult to see Justin Theroux doing the same.

On the other hand, we could also see Justin Theroux taking the place of the late Glenn Shadix as a kind of avant-garde interior decorator/occasional attempted medium to the great beyond. We will just have to wait and see exactly what Tim Burton has in mind for his second round with the Ghost with the Most.

In addition to Justin Theroux, Beetlejuice 2 will star Jenna Ortega as the daughter of original star Winona Ryder, who played the teenage goth Lydia Deetz. In the first movie, Lydia found herself the target of Beetlejuice’s unwanted affections (largely to exploit some kind of afterlife loophole about marriage, but still uncool), so it could be that Ortega will come up against the same issue. For everyone’s sake, we hope not. 

Beetlejuice 2 will, naturally, feature the return of Michael Keaton as the title character, as well as Catherine O’Hara (who played frustrated New York artist Delia Deetz). It will also see the return of original composer Danny Elfman, who will presumably be adding new work to his iconic score for the first movie. As one would hope for a movie decades in development, Beetlejuice 2 seems to be putting together a pretty dynamite crew of talent, so we’re pretty excited. We just hope we don’t see Beetlejuice surfing in it.