C Dramas Are Your Next Big Netflix Obsession

By Nina Phillips | Published

C Dramas, or Chinese dramas, have a lot going for them. Like their Korean counterparts, most of their shows feature emotional storytelling and high-quality acting. Even if you aren’t from the country or don’t know much about China’s history, it’s easy enough to pick up the main plot of the story, and the characters help people become invested. Better yet, Netflix is adding a growing selection to its library, so you don’t need another service to enjoy them.

C Dramas Are Your Next Big Binge

The high production values and quality props help to support the story, making it easy to draw in audience members. The long episodes and seasons allow the story to become fully fleshed out, with almost no points rushed. Some areas of these stories can get slow, but most of the time, there’s enough action, drama, or tension to keep people watching.

Mainly Historical Dramas

Many C Dramas are set in a historical period in China, which allows for beautiful costumes alongside deep and engrossing stories. Even those who aren’t a huge fan of historical dramas can enjoy plenty of fighting scenes, an intricate plot, and romance. However, there are more and more modern stories coming out for those looking for stories set in a more familiar era.

There’s A Lot To Binge

Though long episodes and seasons can be a huge perk, they are also intimidating. While American dramas usually have 44 to 60-minute episodes and up to 22 episodes each season, Chinese dramas still manage to beat them a lot of the time. It’s common to have 60 episodes or more for a standard drama, each close to an hour in length, which can be intimidating for those looking to get into the genre.

Just because America is a little slow at picking up these shows doesn’t mean they’re not popular, though. C Dramas are, naturally, quite popular in China and other East Asian countries. They don’t necessarily have to try to gain an audience in the West like South Korea does because their fan base is already so large.

Netflix’s Growing Library Of C Dramas

If you want to try out a C Drama, look no further than Netflix. The streaming platform has all sorts of subgenres, from historical fiction to horror.

My favorite shows currently on Netflix are Word of Honor, The Ghost Bride, The Untamed, and Love Between Fairy and Devil. With all of these, I enjoy the mix of fantasy and historical elements, as well as close ties between the main characters, whether romantic or sworn brothers/best friends.

For Your Game Of Thrones Fix

Word of Honor and The Untamed are fairly similar in their plot. Various schemes are going on behind the scenes in the martial arts world, and it’s up to sworn brothers to support each other and find out the truth as one stands accused of the crime. The Untamed is a bit darker and has more fantasy elements, while Word of Honor is more politics-heavy.

A Fantasy Romance

Love Between Fairy and Devil is a romance drama full of fantasy elements. A fairy, trying to save the man she loves, ends up releasing a powerful enemy, and cursing herself in the process.

Steeped In Chinese Tradition

Ghost Bride is based on a Chinese tradition where people can marry women to dead men and vice versa. This was a way to ensure that those who moved on to the afterlife didn’t have to be unmarried and lonely forever. Ghost Bride follows the life of a girl who is asked to become a ghost bride.

Modern C Dramas

If you want something more modern and relevant, Falling into Your Smile is another great C Drama. It is a romance, but the plot focuses more on the challenges of being a celebrity, where every move you make is under intense scrutiny. Two pro gamers on a team start to fall in love, but they have to deal with the stress from their families, team, and fans.

Even More On Netflix

Though these are some of my favorites, there are plenty more out there. Ashes of Love, Eternal Love, Handsome Siblings, The Dream Job, and Yanxi Palace are some of the other popular options out there for those wanting to get into C Dramas.