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The Sci-Fi Movie With The Biggest Box Office Is Not What Anyone Would Guess

The number of science fiction films that continue to amaze the world with record-breaking box office receipts are usually relegated …

3 days ago

radioactive pigs

Starbucks Creates Pork Latte Because The World Deserves To End

As if Starbucks wasn’t complicated enough, with its own culture, lingo, and variety of coffee and non-coffee beverages, the company …

4 days ago


Warner Bros. Collaborates With China Propaganda Team And Draws Backlash

In an effort to whitewash the Chinese government’s oppressive actions against Uyghurs in Xinjiang, Warner Bros. Discovery affiliate the Discovery …

7 days ago

Netflix china

China Deciding The Hugo Awards Means Rampant Censorship

Many great works of science fiction have painted a nightmare future where authoritarian leaders rule the world with an iron …

1 week ago

Netflix Sci-Fi Epic Remake Sees Original Version Release On Rival Streamer

In a strategic move to beat Netflix to the punch, Peacock has secured the exclusive streaming rights for the Chinese …

2 weeks ago

space debris

Chinese Scientists Create Terrifying Surveillance Device That Could Change War

The South China Morning Post reported that Chinese scientists have allegedly created a new military surveillance technology that will be …

3 weeks ago

texas civil war

Texas Civil War Being Pushed In China, New Sci-Fi Movie Affected?

The changes in the Chinese government in 2013 resulted in the state’s re-focus on Marxist-Leninist ideology, with just a smidge …

3 weeks ago

Sci-Fi Awards Controversy Leads To Resignations And Censures

Controversy surrounds the 2023 Hugo Awards, shaking the world of science fiction and fantasy, resulting in significant upheaval in the …

3 weeks ago

ai warfare

AI Versus AI Warfare Coming Soon

AI technology has all but become ubiquitous since its recent widespread popularity has proven a number of practical applications. Not …

3 weeks ago

Nicole Kidman Controversial New Series Gets Censored

The new Nicole Kidman-led drama series Expats is being blocked in the Chinese territory of Hong Kong despite the story being set …

4 weeks ago

dark matter

China Opens Massive Underground Dark Matter Lab

Scientists in China recently unveiled the deepest and largest underground laboratory ever built. Nestled 7,800 feet beneath the towering Jinping …

1 month ago

Pentagon Warns Of Actual Space War

United States military leaders gathered for a change-of-command ceremony for the US Space Force at Peterson Space Force Base in …

1 month ago


Sci-Fi’s Biggest Awards Mired In Controversy Because Of China?

The Hugo Awards (prestigious sci-fi literary awards) were hosted in China for the first time in 2023, and recent scrutiny …

1 month ago

Plasma Shield Becomes Reality According To China

According to news sources in China, scientists have developed advanced plasma shields to protect their drones and other high-end military …

1 month ago

Top Gun Ripped Off By Multiple Movies, But For Unusual Reasons

The 2022 release of Top Gun: Maverick reinvigorated the franchise and showed audiences and studios alike a blueprint for how …

1 month ago

falling satellites

China Spaceplane Spying On The US?

Is China’s spaceplane spying on the United States? While nothing has been proven, some think it might be. China’s top-secret …

2 months ago

AI Resurrecting Dead Loved Ones In Creepy Video Technology

If you’re grappling with the loss of a loved one, fear not as an AI program is on the way …

2 months ago


China Slams Vehicle Into The Moon

China has been found to be the source of a mysterious crash on the moon, a case which has now …

3 months ago

mars oxygen

China Plans Mars Retrieval Sample From Red Planet

According to Universe Today, China is planning to bring a sample from Mars back to Earth by 2028. This would …

3 months ago

Sharktopus Remake Actually Happening, We’re Dead Serious

In a bit of early holiday gift-giving, Bloody Disgusting reports that a Sharktopus remake is officially on the way. That’s …

4 months ago

China And Pakistan Teaming For Moon Base

China has joined forces with Pakistan to establish a lunar research station on the Moon’s South Pole, according to reports …

4 months ago

jon stewart

Jon Stewart Canceled, Apple Censoring Comedian’s Controversial Topics?

Jon Stewart’s Apple TV show, The Problem with Jon Stewart has been canceled, citing creative differences. The Hollywood Reporter dropped …

4 months ago

China Is Actually Making An Underground Moon Base

The concept of establishing a moon base has intrigued scientists and space enthusiasts for years. Recently, Chinese researchers have reignited …

5 months ago

Scientists Can Now Speak Chicken Thanks To Latest Technology?

AI is getting into some pretty exciting territory that doesn’t involve undermining the work of Hollywood writers, according to The …

5 months ago

the wandering earth

The Epic Sci-Fi Space Movie On Netflix That Transforms Earth In A Crazy Way

Embark on a cosmic journey like no other with The Wandering Earth, a visual spectacle that has taken the global …

5 months ago

robot soldier

United States Is Growing A Robot Army

The time has finally come for robots to duke it out. According to ScienceAlert, to keep up with the ongoing …

6 months ago

hawaii lasers

China Reveals Infinite Laser Weapons In Massive Breakthrough

Science Fiction has been promising us laser weapons on the battlefield for decades, but sadly, in the real world, wars …

7 months ago

outer range

China Is Digging The Biggest Hole In Human History

China is digging six miles, straight down, in an attempt to find natural resources within the country’s borders.

9 months ago

NASA Is At War With China Over Moon Water

NASA worries China may annex the Moon as it has islands in the South China Sea.

9 months ago

china moon

NASA Boss Says China Is Going To Take Over The Moon

NASA Administrator Bill Nelson claims that China will outpace the United States and claim mineral-rich areas of the Moon.

1 year ago