The Fantasy Epic Romance Series On Netflix With Excellent Performances

By Nina Phillips | Published

love between fairy and devil

Love Between Fairy and Devil is a Chinese romantic drama. While the story itself is pretty classic, with pretty standard plot twists and tropes, the acting helps to carry the story, especially when it comes to the two main characters. This ended up being one of my favorite Chinese dramas that I’ve watched to date, even with the standard storyline.

The Set Up

love between fairy and devil

Love Between Fairy and Devil focuses on Donfang Qungcang (Dylan Wang), also known as the Lord Devil, a man who brought chaos to the realm, and Xiao Lanhua (Esther Yu), a small and rather weak fairy who accidentally sets him free.

The two end up tied together with the “One Heart Curse,” where their injuries, emotions, and even death are linked together. While searching for a cure, the two end up growing close and eventually falling in love. 

Of course, a love story is never that simple. There are betrayals, potential rivals, and secrets that have to be unearthed before the two can be together. But these trials are what make for an epic romance.

There’s also a secondary couple in the series that are just as exciting to watch as they progress throughout the story. 

Fire And Water

Overall, this is a hilarious romance that’s definitely worth watching. It’s the perfect example of a grumpy-sunshine romance, with the angry and rather evil Donfang and the innocent and happy-go-lucky Xiao.

There’s a bit of magic, great fight scenes, and epic character growth throughout the show that makes it exciting to watch from start to finish. 

However, what really makes this show stand out is the amazing acting. In Love Between Fairy and Devil, due to the “One Heart Curse,” sometimes Xiao and Donfang switch bodies.

With entirely different personalities, it takes some very good acting to be able to pull off the switch so it’s realistic, and these two managed to do just that. 

They’re A Joy To Watch

While I fully admit that Xiao Lanhua is extremely whiny and an airhead, it actually works out well and makes sense in this show.

After all, she didn’t really have much room to grow, isolated as she was. But over time, she learns and ends up a powerful character in her own right. 

Plus, I think her airhead personality is such a great contrast to Donfang’s rather stuffy personality.

And, when they switch bodies, it makes both of the main actors and their acting skills stand out. To go from a flighty innocent girl to an angry, stiff character is pretty impressive, as is doing the opposite. 

It’s The Stars Who Make The Series

love between fairy and devil

As the characters grow and learn to trust each other, their personalities and behaviors slowly change over time. These changes are obvious just from the behaviors and body language of these two throughout the 36 episodes.

All of this to say, with so much happening, and so many changes, both dramatic and subtle, if the actors hadn’t been as good as they were, the show would have faltered. This is a great story, to be sure, but the actors are what made it so memorable. 

Stream It Now


Love Between Fairy and Devil has an 8.5 out of 10 on IMDb and an 8.8 out of 10 on My Drama List. If you want to watch this cute Chinese drama romance, Love Between Fairy and Devil is available to stream on Netflix and Viki. I suggest you binge the series if you can, it’s better that way.