Chinese Scientists Create Terrifying Surveillance Device That Could Change War

By April Ryder | Published

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The South China Morning Post reported that Chinese scientists have allegedly created a new military surveillance technology that will be a game-changer on the battlefield. Beijing researchers claim to have made a huge technological breakthrough regarding the electromagnetic spectrum. 

China Claims To Have A Next-Generation Surveillance Device

According to the project’s lead scientist, Yang Kai, the Chinese now have a surveillance device that will run high-capacity, live monitoring and analysis of the electromagnetic spectrum and will monitor the spectrum on a much larger scale than ever before. The device spans a vast frequency spectrum, capturing all sorts of electromagnetic transmissions, from DIY radio transmissions to Elon Musk’s Starlink satellites. 

From Impossible To Reality

In simpler terms, the Chinese can monitor and set up surveillance on a wide range of technological devices. They can also maintain internal communications, even when jamming devices are activated. The application possibilities of this technology are vast and crucial in the new age of warfare. 

The most important qualities of the new Chinese surveillance technology are its compact size, speedy performance, and the minimal amount of power it takes to run it. What was once thought impossible due to the immense data processing demands is now in place to become a revolutionary tool of war. 

A Secret Surveillance War Already Underway?


Recently, civilian devices for weather monitoring in the South China Sea have picked up some strange disturbances. The anomalies have caused speculation among military analysts, suggesting clandestine interactions between China and America’s Navy. While nothing has officially erupted between the two countries, tensions are there, and the electronic battleground is already established. 

China Claims Air Superiority Over The United States


Chinese surveillance capabilities were once considered at a disadvantage when put up against American capabilities, but the communist country seems to be gaining momentum now. All this is on the fringes of an increasingly assertive military stance. 

The Chinese media is also currently claiming that they used their Type 055 destroyer to push back the advance of an entire U.S. aircraft carrier strike group (which, until now, has largely been thought of as improbable). 

A Questionable Source Of Information

While the Chinese media isn’t the best source of information regarding … well, anything … the words of officers and soldiers highlighted in interviews offer some important details. Electromagnetic emitting equipment and high-powered phased array radars are being used as part of the Chinese surveillance and defensive maneuvers during electronic warfare. 

Next-Gen Warfare

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Creating a device with such capabilities means the possible beginning of a significant shift when it comes to warfare potential. The U.S. has always had the upper hand when it comes to surveillance, and now China has the power to listen in, jam, or completely reroute communications during war (or any other time, for that matter). 

How Will America Respond?

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The strategic advantage provided by Chinese surveillance is something for U.S. military leaders to watch closely. As the tension between the two powerhouses continues to boil, how will America fair in a tech battle against a silicon master? It all certainly raises some important questions about the future and balance of power in the world to come. 

Source: South China Morning Post