Christopher Walken’s Greatest Crime Epic Is Streaming For Free

A Christopher Walken crime classic is currently streaming for free. This one is worth checking out from the iconic actor.

By Doug Norrie | Updated

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At this point, Christopher Walken is almost a mythical creature, having one of the most unique and recognizable faces, styles, and voices in all of Hollywood. The impressions of the iconic actor are almost as popular as the actor himself, which is a testament to his staying power and particular brand of singular skill. He’s a living legend through and through, having taken on memorable roles for more than four decades. And there’s even more on the way. Now you have the chance to see an earlier role for the actor, one that really highlighted his command on the screen. And it’s all for free. King of New York is on FreeVee so it won’t cost you anything to see Christopher Walken in this role. 

King of New York star Christopher Walken as Frank White a drug kingpin who is just making his way out of jail. But rather than just sit back and enjoy the quiet life after being released from the clink, he’s about to get right back in the game. And he’s also got a plan for just how that’s going to happen and who’s going to be removed from the mix. So begins a story about White and his crew up against all elements of the New York City underworld and the police as well. Christopher Walken is in his bag fully here, creepy and calm as White who always seems to be one step ahead of anyone who might want him removed from the scene. Check out the trailer for King of New York which still holds up today. 

Sure, King of New York takes place in the early 90s so there’s a certain aesthetic here that’s a bit different from what we are used to these days. But Christopher Walken is worth the (free) price of admission to check it out on streaming now. His turn as Frank White is both maniacal and cunning, two attributes that Walken has played up over the years, mostly because it seems like those two personality traits are almost his resting state. In King of New York, we are given a mini-tour through New York City at the time with Walken’s Frank coming in contact with just about everyone connected including the political elite (he wants to be mayor), the corrupt police force, and the other rival outfits who he has major beef with.

King of New York has a pretty stacked cast running with Christopher Walken here. He’s carrying major parts of the film, of course, but there are other players in the mix. Laurence Fishburne plays his tough, fast-talking, and ruthless hitman Jimmy “Jump” Colt. Fishburne had already been on the scene for over a decade, but this was when he started taking bigger roles. David Caruso and Wesley Snipes play cops who are out to get Christopher Walken’s character. Snipes was already well-established at this point though it was just before he would go on to be a leading man in major blockbusters. Other notables include the late Victor Argo, Giancarlo Esposito, and Steve Buscemi.

King of New York is directed by Neo-noir legend Abel Ferrera who clearly brought his singular style to the film, for which Christopher Walken was a perfect match. He’d go on to direct Bad Lieutenant and Body Snatchers after and then would team up with Christopher Walken once again in The Addiction and, of course, The Funeral in which the latter would play another criminal. New Rose Hotel in 1998 would end their work together on the big screen.

Christopher Walken and company would end up scoring well with critics (72% on Rotten Tomatoes) when it came to King of New York. In particular, the actor’s turn as Frank was lauded as excellent and there was a sense among critics that he carried the film. While the story sticks to many of the basics when it comes to the crime drama genre, Walken’s turn elevates it to something more. This is why it’s definitely worth checking out while you can stream it for free on FreeVee. It’s a chance to see Christopher Walken as a leading man in his “younger” years while also getting all of what makes the actor so memorable and singular in his movies.