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R-Rated Comedy From Legendary Controversial Director Is Being Forgotten

John Waters has given audiences some of the raunchiest takes on slices of Americana since his cult classic Pink Flamingos …

4 days ago

Dark R-Rated Sci-Fi Time Travel Classic Needs A Streaming Home

If you’ve spent any time studying chaos theory or watching time travel classics, you may already be intimately acquainted with …

7 days ago

Underrated Nicolas Cage Movie On Streaming Is A Midlife Crisis Worth Watching

While the cover for Nicolas Cage’s The Weather Man may lead you to believe that you’re about to get into …

3 weeks ago

The Best Pokemon Series Doesn’t Include Ash

As a child of the ’90s, I grew up obsessed with the Pokemon games which I’ve been playing on and …

3 weeks ago

Netflix Sci-Fi Mystery Thriller Series Changed TV Forever And Still Wows New Fans

In 2024, serialized television dramas are all the rage, with new shows such as The Bear, Severance, and Fallout relying …

3 weeks ago

Adam Sandler’s Best Movie Is Incredibly Hard To Watch

Adam Sandler has been a household name for decades, and it’s surprising that his best movie, Billy Madison, doesn’t get …

4 weeks ago

Chadwick Boseman Career-High Performance Already Being Forgotten

There is no disputing that Black Panther was an amazing movie that brought Chadwick Boseman’s career to heights he may …

4 weeks ago

The Wes Craven Horror Classic Netflix Needs To Save

In the years following the massive successes of the first film in the A Nightmare on Elm Street franchise, horror …

4 weeks ago

Forgotten ’80s Sci-Fi Horror Gives Genre Icon His Best Performance Ever

Forever typecast as everyone’s favorite son Norman Bates, Anthony Perkins’ performances in other films have been sadly overlooked. Near the …

4 weeks ago

The Best 2000s Dark Comedy Series Gives The Devil His Due

Most of the shows I end up falling in love with, I stumble across by accident while searching for something …

4 weeks ago

colin farrell sugar

Colin Farrell Acclaimed Series Proves Spoilers Don’t Matter

Don’t get me wrong–I never drop spoilers on purpose without warning and, as an editor here at GIANT FREAKIN ROBOT, …

1 month ago

1990s Dark R-Rated Slasher Horror On Max Turns Legends Into Reality

Slasher films rarely give the level of innovation that was put forth in the 1998 film Urban Legend. Though the …

1 month ago

Rotten Tomatoes Is 100% Wrong About The Worst Friday The 13th Movie

Jason Vorhees emerged as one of horror’s greatest slashers in the 1980s, forever changing this gory sub-genre. Twelve films, comic …

1 month ago

The Zombie Classic With The X-Files Star, Stream Without Netflix

 Six years before sci-fi fans got their first look at Mitch Pileggi as Walter Skinner in the hit series The …

1 month ago

The Nightmare On Elm Street Sequel That Doesn’t Deserve The Hate, Stream On Netflix

Freddy Krueger slashed his way through the nightmares of film audiences for the first time in 1984 and gave the …

1 month ago

Simon Sez Dennis Rodman
Man seeking woman

The Funniest Fantasy Comedy Series In Years Is Already Being Lost

The rise of streaming has led many incredible movies and shows to fall through the cracks, as not every service …

1 month ago

forever knight

Paul Giamatti Joins Hostel TV Series, We Aren’t Making This Up

It might sound like a strange follow-up to the conclusion of his series Billions, but Paul Giamatti is set to …

2 months ago

The Fantasy Action Remake With A Giant Celebrity Disney+ Bungled On Streaming

In a mixed-up, crazy, wacky kind of deal that’s either incredibly prescient or outlandishly lacking in foresight, Disney+ can’t stream …

2 months ago

The John Carpenter Horror Special Effects Fan Favorite An Entire Generation Is Missing

Horror legend John Carpenter is probably best known for the classic 1978 slasher film Halloween and its 1982 sequel. While …

2 months ago

The Best Horror Hidden Gem Of The 1970s Is Being Lost

The sheer volume of streaming services has made an abundance of classic horror films available to a new generation of …

2 months ago

Denzel Washington Thriller Remake Wraps Filming And We Can’t Wait

Cinephiles and devotees of classic films get ready—Spike Lee has confirmed that he will direct Denzel Washington in the famed …

2 months ago

mutant movie

The 80s Sci-Fi Horror Hidden Gem With Mutant Zombies, Stream Without Netflix

The blend of science fiction and horror was never better than it was during the 1980s. Crossover films like Night …

2 months ago

taika waititi

Apple Cancels High Profile Sci-Fi Thriller Series After Just One Season

In the modern streaming era, it seems as though no show is safe from cancellation, even when it has established …

2 months ago

colin farrell sugar

Colin Farrell Sugar Series Pulls Off The Science Fiction Twist Of The Year

While it hasn’t made as many waves as other, more high-profile TV shows, the Colin Farrell Apple TV+ series Sugar …

3 months ago

jake gyllenhaal presumed innocent

Jake Gyllenhaal Replaces Harrison Ford In Crime Thriller Remake, See The Evidence For Yourself

Jake Gyllenhaal is taking the torch from Harrison Ford in the latest adaptation of Presumed Innocent, based on the novel …

3 months ago