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Dream Track YouTube Tool Lets You Mimic Major Music Artists

According to a recent report from CNBC, YouTube has launched an AI music generation tool that allows users to mimic …

2 weeks ago

YouTube Slowing Down Loading On One Specific Web Browser?

YouTube appears to be making load times for its videos slightly more sluggish on the Firefox browser by Mozilla. This …

2 weeks ago


YouTube Cracking Down On AI Videos, New Guidelines Released

The rise of AI has been annoying enough in creative spaces because it has caused plenty of tech bros to …

3 weeks ago

Watch Brand-New Pokemon Anime Short Featuring Detective Pikachu

The Official Pokemon YouTube channel has recently uploaded an anime short featuring everyone’s favorite mystery-solving, snack-devouring private eye, Detective Pikachu. …

1 month ago

Marvel’s Avengers Anime Is Now Free On Streaming

More powerful than Thanos and Kang combined, the recent writer’s strike (now resolved) and actor’s strike (still ongoing) have put …

2 months ago

Amazon Is Turning The Best YouTube Cartoon Into A Streaming Series

Now that the WGA strike has officially come to an end, streamers are beginning to announce a slew of new …

2 months ago

The Funniest Parody You’ve Never Seen Is Now Free To Stream

Long before Blazing Saddles, another movie was already out there poking fun at the Western genre.

2 months ago

Russell Brand Being Fully Canceled On All Platforms

YouTube has suspended revenue on the channel owned by Russell Brand following allegations of rape and sexual assault. The company …

3 months ago

The Most Disgusting Thing Star Trek Has Ever Done Just Debuted On Streaming

If you can’t get enough Star Trek content from the excellent Lower Decks, Paramount has even more animated adventures in …

3 months ago

Gundam Returns With An Exciting New Anime Series

The latest Gundam series is preparing for a massive premiere, according to the latest trailer from the official Gundaminfo YouTube …

3 months ago

The Enterprise Was Just Destroyed By Star Trek Again

The Enterprise was blown up this weekend. Instead of it being a dramatic moment, the iconic ship exploded as the …

3 months ago

See The X-Men Spinoff Movie Disney Refuses To Acknowledge

In 1996, Fox made a superhero movie before it was cool. That movie was Generation X, a made-for-TV film adaptation …

3 months ago

ash ketchum pokemon

Pokemon Launching New Anime Series Next Month

A brand new Pokemon anime is scheduled to debut next month, as revealed in an announcement trailer posted on The …

4 months ago

stephen amell

Stephen Amell’s New Show Puts Season 1 Up To Stream For Free, Watch Here

The first season of Stephen Amell’s series Heels is streaming for free on YouTube.

5 months ago

star trek strange new worlds plot feature

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Now Free For Anyone To Stream

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds is free to stream on YouTube before the second season arrives next month.

6 months ago

Magic: The Gathering YouTuber’s Home Raided By Infamous Private Detective Agency

Leaked Magic: The Gathering cards were retrieved from a Youtuber via the Pinkerton Detective Agency.

7 months ago

youtube keenan cahill

YouTube Directors Turned Down Offer To Helm A New DC Movie

YouTube creators Danny and Michael Philippou turned down a chance to direct a DC movie.

8 months ago

brie larson

Brie Larson’s The Marvels Trailer Is Breaking Records For Dislikes

Brie Larson’s The Marvels trailer is setting dislike records on Youtube.

8 months ago

zelda nintendo

Nintendo is Going After a Popular Zelda YouTuber

Nintendo shut down Eric PointCrow’s videos highlighting a multiplayer mod for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

8 months ago


Streaming Prices Are Going Up Again For The Most Popular Video Platform

YouTube TV is raising the monthly subscription charge from $64.99 to $72.99.

9 months ago

youtube keenan cahill

YouTube Just Changed All Of Its Content Because Of MrBeast

YouTube is now offering content creators the ability to include foreign language dubs of their videos following a highly successful test program run by MrBeast.

10 months ago

banned from youtube

Social Media Has Begun Banning People For Screenshots Of YouTube

Twitter has banned social media personalities Brittany Venti and The Quartering over images from a YouTube video featuring anti-human-trafficking activist Eliza Bleu.

11 months ago

mindy kaling velma

HBO Max Won’t Let Viewers Comment On Its Biggest Flop

HBO Max has turned off comments on Velma’s teaser trailer due to the incredible backlash for the controversial show.

11 months ago

youtube keenan cahill

YouTube Star Famous For Lip Synching Dies At 27

YouTube star Keenan Cahill has died of complications due to surgery complications at age 27.

11 months ago

anthony panza

YouTube Santa Has Surprise Encounter With Killer

YouTuber Anthony Panza got more than he bargained for when he interviewed a convicted killer named Alexander Rivera.

11 months ago

Benedict Cumberbatch

Doctor Strange Faces Naruto In Epic Battle, See Who Wins

YouTuber Dave Ardito uses his acting and film editing skills to craft a battle between Doctor Strange and Naruto.

11 months ago

youtube keenan cahill

YouTube Just Paid A Ridiculous Amount To Show The Worst Professional Sports Package

YouTube will pay the NFL over $2 billion a year, for 7 years, for exclusive rights to the NFL Sunday Ticket package.

12 months ago

lightsaber fight

See A Lightsaber Fight That Uses Real Swordfighting Tactics

A new fan-made video features a fantastic lightsaber duel, utilizing proper sword-fighting techniques.

1 year ago

banned from youtube

YouTube Is Majorly Raising Prices Right Before Thanksgiving

On November 21st, YouTube Premium will raise its family subscription plan rates from $17.99 to $22.99.

1 year ago

the try guys

The Try Guys Are Editing A Member Out Of Videos

After the scandal involving his infidelity, Ned Fulmer is being edited out of videos with The Try Guys.

1 year ago