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the legend of billie jean

An ‘80s Icon’s Debut Film Streaming for Free, Watch It Now

Before Christian Slater charmed his way into the hearts of teenage girls everywhere in films like Heathers and Gleaming the …

6 days ago

a thousand suns

A Thousand Suns Shows Off Sci-Fi Anthology Series With Incredible First Look

The indie sci-fi anthology series A Thousand Suns is available to stream on YouTube. But before the short film project officially launched, …

1 week ago

The Lost ’80s Guardians Of The Galaxy That Was Supposed To Be A Sci-Fi Epic

Sometimes, studio interference severely messes with a film’s final outcome, and The Ice Pirates is a shining example of what …

1 week ago

Conan O’Brien Hot Ones Should Be The Series Finale, No One Is Ever Topping That

Conan O’Brien recently appeared on Hot Ones and his episode was, predictably, an all-timer. Though there have been plenty of …

2 weeks ago

nicolas cage matchstick men

Nicolas Cage Underrated Comedy Thriller Deserves More Recognition, One Of His Best Movies

It’s an absolute shame that Nicolas Cage’s Matchstick Men is nowhere to be found on streaming, and that I have …

3 weeks ago

monkey torture

Monkey Torture King Charged In Horrific Criminal Case

The exhaustive investigation led by BBC World Service into the brutal world of monkey torture has led to the arrest …

3 weeks ago

Einstein Goes To Hell In Re-Enactment Of 3 Body Problem’s Joke

3 Body Problem was released just last week on Netflix, and it has already become the platform’s big new show. …

3 weeks ago

New True Crime Documentary About Gruesome Murder Will Horrify You, Watch For Free Right Now

If you’ve already worked your way through Netflix’s extensive library of true crime documentaries, then you’re already primed to take …

4 weeks ago

A New Miles Morales Spider-Verse Film Was Just Released, And It’s Scary Perfect

After the amazing cliffhanger ending of Across the Spider-Verse, fans wanted to see the follow-up ASAP. However, factors such as …

4 weeks ago

Feds Demand Identity Of YouTube Users Who Watched Certain Videos

Federal authorities in the U.S. have ordered that Google hand over tens of thousands of names, addresses, phone numbers, and …

4 weeks ago

pineapple express

Netflix Comedy Is Seth Rogen’s Only Goofball Movie You Need To Watch

Seth Rogen made a name for himself in the early aughts with his “stoned slacker” on-screen persona, which mirrored the …

4 weeks ago

jeff goldblum mister frost

Spider-Verse Reveals New Short Before Third Film

According to a Variety exclusive, in addition to the three main films, the Spider-Verse will feature a short animation called …

1 month ago

deadly snake

YouTuber Arrested For Snake Venom Party Drug Supply

YouTube star Elvish Yadav, an Indian influencer who has amassed more than 15 million followers on the platform, has been …

1 month ago

star trek jedi

Star Trek TV Special Hosted By Leonard Nimoy Unearthed, See The Rare Footage

When a fan was busy archiving old VHS tapes, he stumbled across a Star Trek special that had been long …

2 months ago

Netflix Live Event Is Going To Be Disaster We Can’t Look Away From

As Netflix continues to explore the viewing potential of live-streaming sports events, they’re gearing up to host the boxing match …

2 months ago

apollo 18

Sci-Fi Horror Thriller Will Make You Terrified Of Outer Space

What do you get when you cross found-footage horror motifs with a sinister alien plot on the Moon? The answer …

2 months ago

the bag man

John Cusack R-Rated Crime Thriller Keeps The Mystery Hot To The End

If you thought that Nicolas Cage was the only A-list actor who spent a considerable amount of time occupying direct-to-video …

2 months ago

1990s Sci-Fi Paranoid Thriller Gets Under Your Skin, Stream Now Without Netflix

If you haven’t yet discovered David Cronenberg’s 1999 flick eXistenZ, now is as good a time as any. The sci-fi/thriller/horror …

2 months ago

mad max beyond thunderdome

The Post-Apocalyptic Sci-Fi Thriller Classic That Deserves More Love From Fans

George Miller knows how to make great action films, and his third Mad Max effort is perhaps one of his …

2 months ago

denzel washington virtuosity

Denzel Washington Sci-Fi Thriller On Streaming Goes Crazy In The Best Ways

If you haven’t seen Denzel Washington’s 1995 sci-fi action film, Virtuosity, you’re missing out on a pearl of a movie. …

2 months ago

Family Vlogger Sentenced To Decades In Prison For Child Abuse

Ruby Franke, the now-canceled vlogger who ran the once-popular YouTube channel 8 Passengers, was sentenced to four consecutive terms of …

2 months ago

The Dumb-But-Fun Alien Invasion Flop Starring A Pop Icon, That You Don’t Need Netflix To Watch

Edit a lot of idiotic and stolen together into two hours of film, and you end up with a big, silly summer blockbuster in which legless men can be heroes, and the elderly can be useful.

2 months ago

The Brilliant Hard Sci-Fi Series Which Never Had A Chance

Did a failed release decision kill it, or was it something else?

2 months ago

George Carlin AI Standup Lawsuit Sets The Future Of Stars’ Likenesses

The proliferation of AI technologies and the lack of clear-cut regulations and laws that would govern their use is becoming …

3 months ago

The 1970s R-Rated Thriller Prosecuted And Successfully Banned

Sometimes a movie can be so controversial that it gets straight-up banned so nobody can be subjected to its content. …

3 months ago

South Park Delivers Savage Influencer Takedown We Need

South Park surprised us this week with the unannounced release of a new Paramount+ special called “Not Suitable for Children.” …

4 months ago