The Best Streaming Service Is Flying Completely Under The Radar

By TeeJay Small | Published

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If you’ve spent any time consuming comedy over the internet in the last two decades, you’re likely already familiar with College Humor, the old YouTube channel and former website which hosted a variety of hilarious up-and-coming comedians. Many of the old College Humor crew eventually made their way onto major network TV shows, stand-up tours, or other successful ventures, though the best work from this team has transitioned into a service called Dropout. Dropout is the name of the College Humor branded streaming service, which is available for only $4.99 per month.

Dropout Streaming Is A College Humor Brand

You may already have a passing familiarity with the Dropout streaming service without even realizing it, as the College Humor YouTube channel was recently fully rebranded under the Dropout banner. All the old videos are still available to view on the channel, dating back a shocking 17 years, though new uploads are often clips from the streamer’s wide variety of full-length programming.

Changing The Streaming Game

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Dropout is the streaming home for original shows such as Game Changer, Dimension 20, Breaking News, and several others. The service has continually put out some of the best web content available, and often uploads full episodes to YouTube to entice new viewers to subscribe to the service in order to catch the full seasons. These shows have picked up a ton of organic steam via Dropout’s grass-roots inspired promotion, which sees the internet content creators sticking to their strengths by gaming the YouTube algorithm.

Launched By College Humor’s Sam Reich

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Unlike other mainstream services, Dropout was launched by College Humor’s own Sam Reich, who got his start as an actor for the YouTube channel before transitioning to the role of Director of Original Content. When College Humor was bought and gutted by a massive media corporation years down the line, Sam stepped up and purchased what was left of the company, single-handedly saving the jobs of many of his friends, and completely revamping the site as a creator-owned venture.

In 2018, Reich created the Dropout streaming service, which has slowly grown to become one of the best streamers on the market.

The Best Kind Of Binge-Watching

game changer dropout streaming

Sam Reich still appears within Dropout’s streaming content, most notably as a host of the series Game Changer. As a flagship show on the service, Game Changer sees three contestants, often College Humor alumnus, joining each episode to compete in a series of challenges that change every episode. The show has become a more whimsical version of Taskmaster in recent years, and makes for better binge-watching than almost anything on Netflix, Hulu, or Disney+.

Try Before You Buy

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If you’re interested in checking out more content from this gaggle of incredible comedians, you can look up Dropout on YouTube before committing to signing up for a paid subscription to the streaming service. As an artist-owned entity, the service fully supports its writers, actors, and producers, with many Dropout employees serving as major sources of news and information during last year’s WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes. With other streamers like Netflix and Max serving as significant holdouts in the union negotiations, the Dropout team have remained a shining beacon of hope within the future of the web-streaming market.