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star trek captains

Star Trek’s Newest Captains Prove Fans Tired Of Classic Heroes

It’s not a coincidence that Star Trek series have always been filled with evil admirals and other corrupt Starfleet officials: …

2 days ago

Star Trek lower decks

The Best Star Trek Series Gets Canceled, One Final Season Airing

The creators of Star Trek: Lower Decks have announced that the fifth season will be the show’s last. The adult …

2 days ago

sylvester stallone

Sylvester Stallone Under Fire For Alleged Treatment Of Actors

An Atlanta-based casting company, Rose Locke Casting, has withdrawn from the second season of the Paramount+ crime drama series Tulsa King. The …

5 days ago

Marvel Star Joins Sylvester Stallone For Tulsa King Season 2

Fans of the Paramount+ series Tulsa King will get to see Frank Grillo take on the role of Bill Bevilaqua …

6 days ago

star trek discovery

Star Trek’s Most Hated Series Should Be Made Into An Alternate Timeline

When Star Trek: Discovery first began as a prequel to The Original Series, it received plenty of criticism for how …

6 days ago

Star Trek Discovery season 5

The Sci-Fi Series Trying To Save Itself By Becoming Prometheus At The Last Minute

If Ridley Scott couldn’t do it, can Star Trek: Discovery?

1 week ago

Kelsey Grammer Frasier

Kelsey Grammer Teases Fan-Favorite Character Return For Frasier Season 2

Now that we know that Kelsey Grammer and the rest of the gang from Paramount+’s Frasier reboot will be coming …

2 weeks ago

strange new worlds finale

See The New Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Set

Variety’s massive feature for the future of Star Trek has given fans a lot to chew on, along with some …

2 weeks ago


Star Trek Episode That Aged Best Makes Less Sense Than Ever

The Star Trek: The Next Generation episode “Darmok” is famously about an alien culture that only communicates in metaphors, and …

2 weeks ago

See Jeremy Renner Return In Mayor Of Kingstown Season 3

The trailer for the new season of Mayor of Kingstown has dropped, officially marking Jeremy Renner’s return to acting following …

2 weeks ago

Nickelodeon Shows Kicked Off Popular Streaming Platform

A surprising and perhaps controversial development awaits those interested in streaming Nickelodeon shows on Paramount+: the streaming service recently announced the …

2 weeks ago

Michelle Yeoh Is Coming To Save Star Trek

Star Trek movies have been missed, with the last film in the series coming out way back in 2016. Oscar-winner …

2 weeks ago

Michelle Yeoh And Vin Diesel Cast In Video Game Series Adaptation You Can Watch Right Now

Streaming service Paramount+ has delved once again into the realm of video game adaptations, creating their newest TV series Ark: …

3 weeks ago

Zorro Remake Reveals First New Look At Iconic Swashbuckling Hero

Zorro is back to ride once again and playing the iconic masked vigilante this time around is Oscar winner Jean …

4 weeks ago

star trek discovery

Star Trek: Discovery Shouldn’t Have Been Star Trek

It’s fair to say that Star Trek: Discovery has been divisive from the very beginning, with some fans claiming this …

4 weeks ago


The Sci-Fi Apocalypse Series That Defied Cancelation

The post-apocalyptic action drama series Jericho is streaming on Paramount+. Created by Stephen Chbosky, the series originally aired on CBS from 2006 …

1 month ago


Chilling Crime Thriller On Streaming Is A Tense Game Of Cat And Mouse

Christopher Nolan has recently gone on record stating that he’d be interested in working on a horror movie if the …

1 month ago

Ray Donovan Spinoff From A-List Director Gets Fans Super Excited

Since Ray Donovan concluded its historic television run over 4 years ago, fans have been pining to see more of …

1 month ago

under the dome

The Stephen King Sci-Fi Mystery Streaming Series Doesn’t Deserve All The Hate

Of all the Stephen King TV adaptations we have seen over the decades, Under the Dome may very well be …

1 month ago

Warner Bros. Paramount Merger Talks Take Definitive Turn

Warner Bros. Discovery and Paramount Global merger talks took a definitive turn, with Warner Bros. no longer considering merging its …

1 month ago

netflix apple

Netflix Kills Accounts Paying Through Apple

Netflix has officially started telling customers paying through Apple Pay that their accounts will be closed if they don’t switch …

2 months ago

star trek discovery

The Star Trek Show That Ruined Food Forever

One of the coolest sci-fi concepts featured in Star Trek is the food replicators–all characters have to do is walk …

2 months ago

star trek robert picardo

Star Trek Attacked Religion With Its Most Lovable Character

Historically, Star Trek has kept a polite distance from religion, which is largely due to the influence of franchise creator …

2 months ago

star trek

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Just Broke The Cute Barrier

Now that production has resumed on Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Season 3, Christina Chong, who plays La’an Noonien Singh in the …

2 months ago

strange new worlds finale

Strange New Worlds Season 2 Phasers Gets Star Trek Fans Very Suspicious

Don’t let Star Trek fans catch you messing with their phases. Eagle-eyed fans noticed that the phasers used in “Hegemony,” …

2 months ago

star trek picard

Star Trek: Picard Fought Studio To Bring Back Fan-Favorite Character

The third and final season of Paramount+’s series, Star Trek: Picard brought a lot of familiar faces back to the …

2 months ago

The R-Rated Dark Comedy Everyone Can Relate To, Stream With No Netflix Subscription

Before Charlize Theron shaved her head to become Furiosa in Mad Max: Fury Road, she portrayed an even more intimidating …

2 months ago

Star Trek Works Better When It’s Cheaper and One Show Proves That

When NuTrek launched with Star Trek: Discovery, one thing was clear: Paramount wasn’t afraid to throw buckets of money at …

2 months ago

Pulse-Pounding Sci-Fi Epic Redefines Zombies On Streaming

Once 28 Days Later and Zack Snyder’s 2004 Dawn of the Dead remake reinvigorated the zombie genre, movie studios wanted …

3 months ago