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The Streaming Re-Bundling Is Happening

Streaming re-bundling, the process of streaming services recreating classic cable programming bundles, is now a verified trend. The companies that …

3 days ago

Netflix Supernatural Horror Series Trying to Be Saved by Actors

Netflix has become known for picking up great releases that nobody else wants to spend their time on, making them …

6 days ago

Sci-Fi Action Thriller Blockbuster On Paramount+ Is A Must-See Madness Masterpiece

While some cinema snobs look down on the genre, there is something undeniably special about a great action film. The …

7 days ago

Star Trek Is Boldly Conquering Streaming

The beloved TV series Star Trek debuted on NBC on September 8, 1966, and almost didn’t make it beyond its …

7 days ago

star trek humans

Star Trek Is Full Of Humans Because They’re Insane

In the kind of diverse galaxy presented in Star Trek with countless alien species, humans seem to rule the proverbial …

1 week ago

The Best Bromance Comedy Ever Made On Paramount+ Is A Modern Classic

If you grew up during the golden era of Comedy Central, you probably spent a lot of time watching silly, …

2 weeks ago

Dark Comedy Series On Paramount+ Is A Modern Masterpiece Everyone Should See

I can’t think of a series I consider more criminally underrated than Andy Daly’s dark comedy Review. An adaptation of …

3 weeks ago

star trek netflix captains

Star Trek Is In Serious Danger Because Of Paramount

The situation at Paramount is more dire than previously thought, with the studio struggling to make money, which it funneled …

4 weeks ago

yellowstone kevin costner

Kevin Costner Isn’t Giving Up On Yellowstone

Kevin Costner isn’t opposed to returning to Yellowstone, as he revealed in a recent interview on TODAY. The actor spoke …

4 weeks ago

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Star Trek biggest battle

Making The Biggest Star Trek Battle Was Surprisingly Easy

Early on in Star Trek: Discovery, Paramount pulled out all the stops to give us the biggest space battle the …

1 month ago

How Star Trek Discovery Connects To The Animated Series In A Surprisingly Heartfelt Way

There weren’t very many explicit connections between Star Trek: Discovery and The Animated Series. However, one early episode connects Burnham …

1 month ago

tulsa king

Sylvester Stallone’s New Crime Show Makes The Strangest Decision Ever

Sylvester Stallone’s Tulsa King originally aired its first season on Paramount+ back in 2022. The series–which centers on Stallone as …

1 month ago

The Best Con Artist Classic Of An Entire Decade, Stream Without Netflix

Steven Spielberg is one of the biggest names in the history of cinema, with dozens of directing credits under his …

1 month ago

tokyo vice

Max Cancels Crime Series After Season 2

The crime drama Tokyo Vice has been canceled by Max after Season 2. The announcement came during a panel at …

1 month ago

jonathan frakes

Jonathan Frakes Is Trying To Manifest Star Trek: Legacy

Jonathan Frakes is hopeful that Star Trek: Legacy, a proposed spinoff of Star Trek: Picard, which would continue the story …

1 month ago

Star Trek’s Most Controversial Show Fixes Worst Movie In Franchise

Many Star Trek fans consider The Final Frontier as the worst film in the entire franchise, a kind of ongoing …

1 month ago

discovery finale

The Star Trek: Discovery Finale Easter Egg That Shocked Its Star

The Star Trek: Discovery series finale was full of many great Easter eggs that delighted fans of this classic franchise. …

1 month ago

star trek discovery season 6

Star Trek: Discovery Canceled Season 6 Revealed

Star Trek: Discovery had such a great final season that it’s genuinely difficult to believe that it wasn’t deliberately planned …

1 month ago

star trek discovery

Star Trek: Discovery Seasons Ranked

Now that Star Trek: Discovery has aired its season finale, fans have been processing the sometimes-controversial show as a whole. …

1 month ago

star trek discovery earth

The Star Trek: Discovery Character With The Perfect Arc

Now that Star Trek: Discovery has wrapped, we are left marveling at how much the different characters have grown over …

1 month ago

star trek discovery season 6

What The Star Trek: Discovery Finale Got Right And Wrong

After watching the Star Trek: Discovery finale, we feel a bit cast adrift as fans…after all, it’s going to be …

1 month ago

discovery finale

Star Trek Discovery Finale Betrays Franchise Ideals In One Huge Way

With the Star Trek: Discovery series finale streaming, I am surprised and disappointed that–for precious little benefit–“Life, Itself” manages to …

1 month ago

Dungeons & Dragons Series Canceled At Paramount+, Is Hope Lost?

Bad news, D&D fans, as Paramount+ is officially not moving forward with the previously greenlit Dungeons & Dragons live-action TV …

1 month ago

Star Trek Discovery

Star Trek Discovery Finally Ties Up Its Biggest Mystery

While the Star Trek: Discovery cast and crew didn’t know ahead of time that the fifth season would be their …

1 month ago

South Park: End Of Obesity Is The Healthcare Takedown Laugh We Need

Nearly 30 years into working on South Park, creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone inject just as much venom into …

2 months ago

christian slater

Dexter: Original Sin Prequel Casts Leads Including Fan-Favorite Mr. Robot Actor

Dexter: Original Sin has announced its cast for the Morgan family. Patrick Gibson (Shadow and Bone) will play a young Dexter …

2 months ago

Star Trek Discovery streaming

Star Trek: Discovery Is Pulling Off A Streaming Miracle

Considering how the show was unceremoniously canceled, it certainly seemed Star Trek: Discovery didn’t have much of a streaming audience. …

2 months ago

The Low-Budget Cable Series More Successful Than Every Sci-Fi Show In History

Statistically, if you’re reading a Giant Freakin Robot article, you have a passing interest in science fiction, fantasy, comic books, …

2 months ago