Hulu continues to be one of the major players in the world of streaming and still brings it in collaboration with Disney.

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The Hilarious Sci-Fi Sitcom Where Everyone Has Superpowers Is Streaming

Hitting the streaming waves in January of 2023, Extraordinary is now available for your enjoyment on Hulu. This British superhero …

6 months ago

anime monopoly

The Long-Running Legendary Anime That’s Conquering Streaming

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has officially concluded with its 293rd episode, marking the conclusion of the narrative, at least for …

6 months ago

only murders in the building

Disney Surprise Cancels Fan-Favorite Streaming Comedy

When Hulu announced the spinoff How I Met Your Father, fans were beyond excited for the continuation of the charming …

6 months ago

John Cena Sequel No One Saw Coming Is Dominating Streaming

If anyone still needed proof that John Cena successfully transitioned from WWE champion to one of the best actors working …

6 months ago

the great

Nicholas Hoult Series Canceled Despite Winning Major Awards

According to Deadline, after three seasons and several awards, Hulu has canceled the series The Great. The move comes as …

6 months ago

elizabeth olsen

The Elizabeth Olsen Horror Film Shot In One Take

These days we’re most familiar with Elizabeth Olsen for her portrayal of Wanda Maximoff in the MCU, but she actually …

6 months ago

The Instantly Forgotten Tyrese Gibson Action Movie That Is Crushing On Streaming

While he may have gotten his start in the music industry, Tyrese Gibson has made a name for himself on-screen. …

6 months ago

Why The Black Lagoon Anime Could Never Be Made Today

We are living in an age of anime sequels and reboots: from live-action adaptations of series such as Cowboy Bebop …

6 months ago

Intense Sci-Fi Horror Made Audiences Sick, Now On Streaming

Audiences may have been prepared to bring a barf bag along with them when going to screenings of Damien Leone’s …

6 months ago

Netflix And Other Streamers Are Pushing You To Ad Tiers, Here’s Why

Netflix and other streaming platforms are nudging subscribers toward ad-supported tiers as ad-free options experience price hikes. For companies like …

6 months ago

lord of the rings

Disney Is Removing All Lord Of The Rings Content From Streaming

While Disney has been adding several different movie titles to its Disney+ and Hulu platforms, there are plenty of titles …

6 months ago

peter dinklage game of thrones

Peter Dinklage Loves The Apocalypse In Streaming Drama That Will Shock You

These days, audiences have become inundated with apocalyptic tales of flesh-eating monsters, widespread panic, and crushing loneliness. Despite the zombie …

6 months ago

elijah wood lord of the rings

Elijah Wood Looks For Murderers In Streaming Thriller That Keeps You Guessing

One of the things we love most about Elijah Wood is that after becoming a household name thanks to The …

6 months ago

Disney Pulls Another Marvel Movie From Streaming

Marvel’s Hulk (2003) will be removed from Hulu within the next month as Disney’s purge of streaming content continues. As …

7 months ago

Dakota Fanning Goes On Star Trek Adventure In Streaming Comedy That Will Make You Cry

It’s hard to imagine Dakota Fanning in the Star Trek universe (although we’d kill to have her get a cameo …

7 months ago

antonio banderas

Antonio Banderas Has The Craziest Job In Streaming Sci-Fi Thriller

The 2014 science fiction action film Automata is currently streaming on Hulu. The film is directed by Gabe Ibanez from a …

7 months ago

predator prequel prey

Best Predator Movie Finally Gets Release It Deserves

The Predator prequel, Prey, will soon be available for collectors to purchase on 4K, Blu-ray, and DVD. According to, …

7 months ago

The Most Controversial Horror Movie Of The Year Is Now Streaming

Whether you’ve heard good things or bad things, there’s no doubt that the majority of readers out there have heard …

7 months ago

Andy Samberg Is Immortal In This Sci-Fi Comedy That Will Shock You

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to relive the same day over and over, then go watch …

7 months ago

The Ray Stevenson Comic Book Movie Everyone Forgot About

As Disney+ and Hulu approach their merger, more and more movies are appearing on the Hulu streaming platform, and the …

7 months ago

liam neeson

The Liam Neeson Action Blockbuster that Will Make ’80s Fans Jump For Joy

The A-Team (2010) is streaming on Hulu. Most action movie fans relish that movie because it offered the first-ever use …

7 months ago

marvel vfx

The Secretly Great Marvel Series Everyone Forgot Is Now On Streaming

Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger, a fantastic television show which is a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, is now available …

7 months ago

aubrey plaza parks and recreation

The Aubrey Plaza Hit X-Men Series Marvel Wants To Bury

With Marvel setting its eyes on bringing back characters like Charlie Cox’s Daredevil and Jon Bernthal’s Punisher that were buried …

7 months ago

ryan gosling

The Forgotten Ryan Gosling Mystery Thriller On Streaming With A Star-Studded Cast

The twisty, complicated psychological thriller Stay is streaming now on Hulu. The 2005 film stars Ewan McGregor, Ryan Gosling, and …

7 months ago

john travolta

The John Travolta Comic Book Thrill Ride On Netflix That Deserves A Second Chance

While we may now associate John Bernthal as the anti-hero known as Frank Castle aka Punisher, the comic book was …

7 months ago

jk simmons

The JK Simmons Vicious Drama On Streaming That Will Absolutely Shock You

JK Simmons’s award-winning performance in Whiplash can now be watched on Hulu. He played the vicious jazz instructor Terence Fletcher, …

7 months ago

nicolas cage

The Nicolas Cage Violent Western On Streaming That Will Get Your Pulse Pounding

Nicolas Cage just might be the most prolific actor in Hollywood. He’s been in dramas, comedies, horror, and even a …

7 months ago


Disney Demanding Even More Of Your Money

Deep down in our hearts, we know that one day streaming services would eventually become the new cable. And according …

7 months ago

showtime paramount

Another Streamer Raising Its Prices, Users Leaving In Droves

Streaming Disney+ and Hulu is about to get much more expensive on October 12. Hulu’s price will be raised to …

7 months ago