Disney+ R-Rated Romantic Comedy Perfect For Valentine’s Day

By Jason Collins | Published

Valentine’s Day is upon us, and people, don’t forget, you can always call a day or two in advance and make a reservation on a flower bouquet. It’s a sensible thing to do. However, Valentine’s isn’t just about flowers and gifts; it’s about moments, and watching a romantic movie together might be the perfect way to relax and cuddle during Valentine’s. Thus, we recommend 1990’s Pretty Woman, which is now available on Disney+.

Richard Gere And Julia Roberts In Pretty Woman

Pretty Woman

Pretty Woman follows an unusual narrative, an unexpected romance between Vivian Ward, a spirited working girl portrayed by Julia Roberts, and Edward Lewis, a wealthy bit emotionally detached businessman portrayed by Richard Gere. In an unlikely turn of events, Edward gets lost in Los Angeles and hires Vivian to guide him to his hotel.

Of course, what started as a business transaction soon evolves into a week-long journey of personal discovery and emotional growth for both characters as they’re taken through each other’s worlds.

The Actors’ On-Screen Chemistry Is Unmatched

As they continue to spend more time together, the initial business relationship grows into affection and love, with both characters developing the aspects of their personalities they initially lacked. Vivian gains self-respect, and Edward rediscovers his capacity for love. The on-screen chemistry between Julia Roberts and Richard Gere is regarded as one of the most memorable in movie history. Those interested in watching Pretty Woman would still need an active Hulu subscription since the movie is only accessible through the Disney Bundle subscription plan.

Pretty Woman’s Mixed Reviews

It’s interesting to see how one of the most iconic romantic comedies ever made was actually met with mixed criticism. The critics praised the film’s fairy tale charm and both Gere and Robert’s performances. However, Pretty Woman was heavily criticized for its romanticization of prostitution.

But we’ve said it once, and we’ll say it again: movies are made for the audiences, and Pretty Woman’s massive box office success only attests to the fact. The movie grossed over $463 million worldwide, which is just a smidge over $1 billion when adjusted for inflation.

Richard Gere And Julia Roberts Reunite

Even without the adjustment, Pretty Woman still remains one of the highest-grossing romantic comedies of all time. But its legacy extends beyond a fairy-tale narrative and massive box office earnings. Julia Robert’s performance in Pretty Woman cemented her as a global movie star, and while it wasn’t her first appearance on film, the portrayal of Vivian Ward is often regarded as her breakthrough role.

Her and Gere’s performances were so impactful that they reunited for another romantic comedy, 1999’s Runaway Bride, making them one of Hollywood’s most favorite on-screen couples.

Stream Pretty Woman

Ultimately, the enduring popularity of Pretty Woman, the frequent TV broadcasts, and its adaptation into a 2018 Broadway musical only stand as a testament to its greatness and the entertaining (and often thought-provoking) power of romcoms. Pretty Woman continues to be one of romcom’s genre-defining movies, and it’s hardly surprising that it still remains one of the best in the genre. Those interested in watching Pretty Woman can stream the movie on Disney+, but viewing requires an active Hulu subscription.