Disney+ Comedy With Ghostbusters Star Parodies Most Popular Book Of All Time

By Brian Myers | Updated

If you missed seeing Year One in theaters when it was released in 2009, Disney+ is giving subscribers the opportunity to view this epic comedy on its streaming platform. Based on many books of the Bible, Year One brings a comedic take on familiar Bible tales that left movie audiences in stitches. But what many fans might not realize is that the film served as the last time that Ghostbusters star Harold Ramis appeared on screen.

Jack Black And Michael Cera Star In Year One

Year One follows hunter Zed and gatherer Oh (played by Jack Black and Michael Cera, respectively), two members of an ancient tribe who are banished after Zed eats fruit from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. The unlikely duo travel together to seek out their love interests, who have been captured and sold into slavery.

Along the way, Zed and Oh stumble across multiple scenarios that parody some of the lessons learned in Sunday schools around the world.Whether witnessing the Cain and Abel saga or helping keep Abraham from sacrificing his son on the mountaintop, Zed and Oh become unwitting characters in unique and hilarious situations right out of the Old Testament.

First time watchers of Year One will be taken through the old world, seeing it through a lens that only a Biblical parody could provide. While it might be difficult to imagine turning ancient murder and human sacrifice into scenes that elicit laughs, Year One definitely hit the mark with audiences during its theatrical run.

Year One At The Box Office

Year One performed well for a comedy at the box office, opening at a respectable #4 in its first weekend on the big screen. Overall, the film grossed over $43 million in domestic box office receipts and an additional $20 million in international revenue. The total haul of $63 million barely eclipsed its budget of $60 million, however.

Cult Status Despite Low Reviews

And even though Year One has its fans, critics were not as favorable. Rotten Tomatoes gives the 2009 comedy an overall score of 14 percent across more than 170 reviews from critics. Fans on the site elevated the score a bit higher, but still at a menial 24 percent. But despite its critics, Year One has garnered a cult following that can be attributed to the slate of stars and the quick-witted dialogue offered by the screenplay.

Harol Ramis’ Last Movie Role

Alongside Black and Cera, Year One co-stars David Cross, Olivia Wilde, Hank Azaria, Paul Rudd, and Oliver Platt. The role of the first man, Adam, was the cinematic contribution of Ghostbusters alumni Harold Ramis. Ramis also served as the film’s director, and shared screenwriting credits with Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky.

Stream Year One On Disney+

The film can be found in the Hulu section of the Disney + app. This means that streaming Year One on the Disney+ platform requires an additional subscription to Hulu. But even though two service subscriptions are necessary, seeing Ramis in his last cinematic role has already garnered the film more fans, 15 years after its initial release.