Disney+ Hilarious Dystopian Sci-Fi Is Disturbing Look At Our Future

If you’ve ever asked yourself what would happen if idiots succeeded in out-breeding people with average intelligence over hundreds of …

6 hours ago

The Vin Diesel Forgotten Action Comedy On Disney+

Vin Diesel usually plays the tough guy action star in almost all of his movies, but the guy can be …

3 days ago

The Sitcom Trope That Makes No Sense But Every Show Does It

For the sake of convenience and continuity, every single sitcom somehow has a soundproof kitchen that’s seemingly located in another …

3 days ago

I think you should leave with tim robinson 1

Netflix Chaotic Comedy Series Needs To Be Your Next Binge

Cringe comedy is always hit or miss, but I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson is one sketch-comedy series …

5 days ago

Chris Farley Biopic Happening With A-List Talent Starring And Directing

Comedy legend Chris Farley is getting a biopic, and there’s an A-list team behind it. There is a script based …

7 days ago

The Danny Devito Hilarious Dark Comedy Totally Unknown To The New Generation

Fans of Danny Devito might have missed Ruthless People, his dark comedy from the 80s. Even Gen Xers who grew …

1 week ago

Conan O’Brien Hot Ones Should Be The Series Finale, No One Is Ever Topping That

Conan O’Brien recently appeared on Hot Ones and his episode was, predictably, an all-timer. Though there have been plenty of …

1 week ago

South Park Creators Making Live-Action Comedy With A-List Rapper

Paramount Picture president Brian Robbins revealed during CinemaCon 2024 that the untitled comedy movie from South Park creators and Kendrick …

1 week ago

Scary Movie Getting Reboot Instead Of Original Horror Comedy

A bomb dropped at CinemaCon today, and it’s turning out that this year is the year of the reboot. Adding …

1 week ago

One Of The Dumbest Comedies Ever Made Remains A Treat, Stream With Disney+

There is a review for Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo on Google that suggests Rob Schneider received his acting talent from …

1 week ago


The 1990s Slapstick Comedy We Guarantee You Forgot Existed, Stream Right Now

I don’t think I could count how many films starring former Saturday Night Live players that I’ve viewed since the …

1 week ago

Aubrey Plaza coven of chaos

Aubrey Plaza Joins The Perfect Director Making First Movie In Decades

Director John Waters is ending his two decade film hiatus with an upcoming new comedy, and he has found the …

1 week ago

aqua teen hunger force

It’s Time To Revisit The Best Late Night Comedy Show Of All Time, Stream Now On Max

There are two kinds of television viewers in this world: those who have exceptional taste, and fans of Aqua Teen …

2 weeks ago

The Gene Wilder Crime Comedy Thriller Nobody Ever Talks About And That’s A Shame

The storied legacy of comedic screen legend Gene Wilder began with co-starring roles in Mel Brooks films (Blazing Saddles and …

2 weeks ago

Reese Witherspoon Spins Off Her Best Movie Into A Series

A television series based on the 2001 hit film Legally Blonde is currently in development at Amazon MGM Studios. Industry …

2 weeks ago

Sasquatch Sunset Actor Stalks New York In Full Creature Costume

Sasquatch Sunset actor Nathan Zeller put on his Sasquatch costume from the movie and wandered through Central Park near the American …

2 weeks ago

The 2000s Controversial Infamous Cult Comedy Flop Now Streaming From the Most Prestigious Film Company

Freddy Got Fingered is streaming on the Criterion Channel’s streaming service, and it has me completely perplexed. It isn’t that …

2 weeks ago


Smartypants Makes Beloved Comedians Give The Best PowerPoint Presentations Ever, See The Hilarious New Series In Action

What’s funnier than watching people give silly PowerPoint presentations? Watching comedians give silly PowerPoint presentations, of course. The streaming service …

3 weeks ago

The Disney+ Crime Comedy On Streaming That Exposed Real Government Corruption

These days, government corruption and crime have become part of the daily news cycle, with political mudslinging tarnishing the careers …

3 weeks ago

Steve Carell Never Won An Emmy For The Office And That’s A Crime

If I began a “two truths a lie” with “Steve Carrell never won an Emmy for playing Michael Scott,” would …

3 weeks ago

chicken nugget
hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy

The Disney+ Endlessly Quotable Sci-Fi Comedy That Still Needs A Sequel

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is now available for streaming on Disney+ through Hulu, and you can’t really call …

4 weeks ago

Andy Kaufman

The Legendary Controversial Comedian Being Forgotten By Younger Generations

When Andy Kaufman stepped onto the stage of The Improv in 1970s New York City, the audience had no idea …

4 weeks ago

The Ground-Breaking Gender-Bending Anime You Can Watch For Free Right Now

Recently, Tubi has taken significant strides in establishing itself as a go-to streaming platform. Its collection of classics, from silent …

1 month ago

1990s John Goodman Sci-Fi Comedy Drama Is The Best Movie You Haven’t Seen And It’s In Trouble

The 1993 John Goodman film Matinee is at risk of fading into obscurity. No streaming service has managed to secure the rights …

1 month ago

The New R-Rated Raunch Comedy That’s As Funny As Modern Movies Are Allowed To Be

Early in his career, legendary comedy writer/director Peter Farrelly helped pioneer what became the big-budget raunch-coms of the late 90s …

1 month ago