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anthony hopkins chadwick boseman

An Anthony Hopkins Thriller Is Creeping Up The Streaming Charts

An Anthony Hopkins movie is climbing up the streaming charts as we speak. It is a thriller through and through. That is his wheelhouse

2 years ago

cameron diaz

A Classic Cameron Diaz Movie Is Climbing The Streaming Charts

One of the great Cameron Diaz films is now finding love on streaming.

2 years ago

nicole kidman

A Nicole Kidman Series Just Set A Streaming Record

Nicole Kidman is now leading the way on streaming.

2 years ago

casey affleck

A Casey Affleck Thriller Is Climbing The Streaming Charts

Audiences are discovering this Casey Affleck movie on streaming.

2 years ago


Exclusive: Hellstrom Reboot In Development For Disney+

We’ve exclusively learned that Marvel is creating a brand new Hellstrom series for Disney+.

2 years ago

Will Smith

A Will Smith Action Movie Is Taking Off On Streaming

This Will Smith movie is gaining new traction with fans as they rediscover it on streaming.

2 years ago

nicole kidman

Nicole Kidman Leads A Bizarre Trailer For New Hulu Series

The new Nicole Kidman show looks very weird.

2 years ago

Michael Keaton

A Must-See Michael Keaton Movie Is Topping The Streaming Charts

A fan-favorite Michael Keaton movie is gaining popularity on streaming.

2 years ago

will smith

A Will Smith Classic Is #1 On Streaming

This Will Smith movie is taking over on streaming.

2 years ago

american horror story spinoff

See The First American Horror Stories Trailer, It’s Incredibly Creepy

American Horror Story has a spinoff and the first trailer is here.

2 years ago

star wars hotel

Star Wars Animated Series Going R-Rated?

Is Lucasfilm ready to dare into making an animated Star Wars series with an R-rating?

3 years ago

lily james

See Lily James In Pam Anderson’s Iconic, Sexy Red Baywatch Swimsuit

Lily James has completely transformed into Pam Anderson in the red Baywatch suit.

3 years ago

elliot page

An Iconic Elliot Page Movie Is Climbing The Streaming Charts

You have the chance to catch a great Elliot Page film. It’s currently among the most-watched movies on streaming this week in the U.S.

3 years ago

Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts Has One Of The Most Watched Movies On Streaming

Everyone’s watching one of the best Julia Roberts classics on streaming right now.

3 years ago

jon bernthal punisher

Jon Bernthal’s New Punisher Series Has A Streaming Outlet For Its Return?

Jon Bernthal looks to have a home for his Punisher return.

3 years ago

dwayne johnson

A Dwayne Johnson Sequel Is Blowing Up On Streaming

Dwayne Johnson is seeing a sequel of his take off on streaming.

3 years ago

Will Smith Bad Boys for Life

Will Smith Has One Of The Most Consistently Popular Movies On Streaming

Will Smith is currently in the most-watched film on Hulu, an action-comedy sequel that was the highest-grossing film of 2020.

3 years ago

seth macfarlane the orville season 3

The Orville Season 3 Is Delayed Again

The Orville just had its third season pushed back once again.

3 years ago

pam anderson tommy lee

See The Actors Cast To Play Pam Anderson And Tommy Lee

Pam Anderson and Tommy Lee are getting a Hulu series about them, and here are the actors that will portray them.

3 years ago

alien fx tv show logo

Alien TV Show Set On Earth Coming, Ridley Scott Involved

Alien is making its way to television and Noah Hawley will be steering the ship.

3 years ago

disney hulu

Disney Shutting Down Hulu?

Is Disney+ going to absorb Hulu? Here is what we know.

3 years ago

The Orville

The Orville’s New Season Is Actually Going To Be Made, Eventually

Production for The Orville is finally back in action, and that means the third season is happening! At some point.

3 years ago

Pinky & the Brain

New Pinky & The Brain Revealed In Animaniacs Reboot Trailer

It’s been twenty-two years since the Animaniacs wreaked havoc on the Warner Bros. lot, but now they’re back and have brought Pinky & the Brain with them.

3 years ago

cord cut streaming

Streaming Services: Ryan Reynolds Launches His Own Streaming App

What started out as an alternative to cable and satellite TV has now turned into an all-out battle for the consumer dollar.

3 years ago

Palm Springs Review: This May Be The Best Movie Of 2020

This is a fantastic film, one you want to repeat into infinity right along with Nyles.

3 years ago

Hulu Originals Coming Soon: First Trailer For Samberg’s Palm Springs

This list contains the best, most highly-rated originals Hulu offers ranked by critical consensus. These are the best shows on Hulu right now.

3 years ago

Devs Review: Alex Garland’s New Show Expands On Ex Machina’s Ideas

Does Devs feel like it could be happening “right now”? Hell yes. And that’s troubling.

4 years ago


Where Is The Orville And What Happened At Fox?

Fans of comedy science fiction comedy show, The Orville, may be wondering why they won’t see the show on television …


Stephen King, J.J. Abrams, And Hulu Get Together For Time Travel Series 11/22/63

It doesn’t stretch your credulity much when you hear that J.J. Abrams is connected to a story that involves time …

9 years ago


The Delirium Pilot Introduces A Loveless, High-Concept World Worth Exploring

Think about the last movie you watched. Was it a romantic comedy? Or was the last TV show you saw …

9 years ago