Adam Sandler Stars In Two Terrible Movies Dominating Streaming

Adam Sandler's Grown Ups and Grown Ups 2 are in Hulu's top three streaming spots.

By Charlene Badasie | Updated

Grown Ups

Adam Sandler is dominating Hulu as Grown Ups and its sequel, Grown Ups 2, take up the number two and three spots on the platform’s streaming service. The data was released by FlixPatrol. Directed by Dennis Dugan, the first movie in the mini-comedy franchise was released in 2010 and features an ensemble cast including Kevin James, Chris Rock, David Spade, and Rob Schneider.

Grown Ups follows the story of five childhood friends who reunite after many years for a weekend getaway. The film begins with a prologue in the 1970s, where a basketball team coached by a young Lenny Fender (Adam Sandler) wins their championship game. In the present day, Lenny is a successful Hollywood talent agent, married to Roxanne (played by Salma Hayek), and has two sons.

When Lenny (Adam Sandler) receives the news of his childhood basketball coach’s sudden death, he gathers his old friends Eric (James), Kurt (Rock), Marcus (Spade), and Rob (Schneider) for the coach’s funeral. Despite the sad occasion, the reunion sparks nostalgic memories of their youth. As a result, the friends decide to spend the weekend together at a lakeside cabin with their families.

The group engages in various comedic and absurd adventures at the lake house. They encounter wacky scenarios, engage in friendly competition, and reconnect with each other. They also interact with other colorful characters, including a group of college frat boys who challenge them to a basketball game, a persistent group of local bullies, and an attractive fashion designer who catches their attention.

Throughout Grown Ups, the friends learn valuable life lessons about friendship, family, and embracing their inner child. They realize the importance of cherishing the moments spent with loved ones and letting go of their insecurities and worries. The movie blends humor, heartwarming moments, and slapstick comedy, showcasing Adam Sandler’s signature style.

Grown Ups was a commercial success, grossing over $270 million at the global box office. However, it received mixed reviews from critics. Some praised its lighthearted humor and chemistry between Adam Sandler and the cast. Others criticized its reliance on crude jokes and lack of a cohesive plot. Still, the movie makes a good point about not giving up the best moments of one’s childhood.

Despite its shortcoming, the movie spawned a sequel, Grown Ups 2, released in 2013. Directed by Dennis Dugan, the film sees Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Chris Rock, and David Spade reprising their roles from its predecessor. Rob Schneider was unable to return due to scheduling conflicts.

Grown Ups 2 takes place a few years after the first movie’s events. Lenny Feder (Adam Sandler) has moved his family back to his hometown, where he and his friends grew up. His friends Eric, Kurt, and Marcus also live in the town, each facing unique challenges. The movie begins with Lenny waking up to find a wild deer in his house, setting the tone for the entire film.

As the story progresses, Lenny (Adam Sandler) and his friends discover that their old neighborhood is facing a variety of new problems. The local school is underfunded, a fraternity led by the arrogant Andy (played by Taylor Lautner) is causing havoc in the community, and a bullying bus driver (played by Shaquille O’Neal) is terrorizing the kids.

Grown Ups 2

Lenny and his friends decide to take matters into their own hands to solve these problems. Along the way, they face various comedic and absurd situations. They engage in hilarious encounters with eccentric characters, engage in outrageous pranks, and find themselves in over-the-top and often embarrassing situations.

Like the first installment, Grown Ups 2 features Adam Sandler’s signature comedic style, blending slapstick humor, physical comedy, and witty(ish) one-liners. However, Grown Ups 2 received negative reviews from critics. The film still performed well at the box office, earning over $247 million worldwide. While these films were not critical hits, they appealed to viewers searching for an escape from reality.

Interestingly, the biggest controversy surrounding Grown Ups and Grown Ups 2 was the claims that they were an excuse for Adam Sandler to vacation with his friends at the cost of the studio. The actor allegedly confirmed the rumors in various interviews, saying he deliberately chooses set locations that offer a vacation-like experience for the cast during filming.

This practice allows him and his fellow actors to work together and enjoy a relaxing time, creating a unique atmosphere on set. While Grown Ups 2 tones down the vacation theme, the first movie stands out as an instance where Adam Sandler’s desire for a fun getaway with his friends seemingly took precedence over the film’s creative vision.

Critics and media outlets have offered varying perspectives on Adam Sandler’s approach. Some argue that his career has declined over the past 15 years, with films becoming increasingly simplistic and relying on dumb humor that often misses the mark. Some critics suggest that audiences inadvertently encouraged Sandler’s reliance on juvenile jokes by supporting his weakest projects.