Stranger Things Joe Keery Plays A Rideshare Murderer In A Horror Movie On Streaming

By Steven Nelson | Published

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Who doesn’t love Steve Harrington in Stranger Things? Joe Keery’s take on the character as a dopey but brave 80s heartthrob (ish) has made him one of the reasons the show crushed season-over-season. But he’s got another side to him on the screen, something that came out in the thriller Spree which is streaming on Hulu now. It’s worth checking out Joe Keery taking the murder route in this one.

In the darkly comedic thriller Spree, Joe Keery delivers a riveting performance as Kurt Kunkle, an aspiring social media influencer who takes the pursuit of online fame to horrifying and deadly extremes. Directed by Eugene Kotlyarenko, this satirical film takes a chilling look at the dangerous allure of internet notoriety and the obsession with virtual validation.

In Spree, Joe Keery plays a social media influencer who takes the pursuit of online fame to horrifying and deadly extremes

Joe Keery as Kunkle’s desperation for fame leads him to concoct a sinister plan – he transforms his ride-sharing job into a killing spree, live-streaming his twisted acts on an app called “Spree” to gain viral attention. With cameras rolling inside his vehicle, Kunkle embarks on a nightmarish journey, luring unsuspecting passengers into his deadly web.

This is almost like something you would see if Stranger Things got updated for the modern age instead of taking place in the 80s. In that way, Joe Keery was kind of perfect for the part.

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As the body count rises, Spree offers a biting critique of the social media age, exploring the distorted reality that arises from the pursuit of likes, shares, and followers. Keery’s portrayal of Kurt Kunkle is both chilling and captivating, expertly capturing the character’s delusional desire for validation and his descent into madness. It really is as if Steve Harrington had gone completely off the rails.

The film’s frenetic pace, fueled by constant social media updates and pop-up notifications, mirrors the relentless onslaught of modern internet culture. It cleverly satirizes the shallow obsession with online fame, highlighting the dark consequences of society’s relentless hunger for instant gratification.

Spree takes a darkly comedic approach to its subject matter, balancing disturbing violence with sardonic humor. Keery’s portrayal of Kurt Kunkle adds depth to the character, revealing the complexities of a man whose thirst for fame spirals into a terrifying obsession.

Spree received a mix of reviews from critics and is currently sitting at 60% on Rotten Tomatoes

Spree received a mix of reviews from critics and is currently sitting at 60% on Rotten Tomatoes. Some praised the film’s dark satire and Joe Keery’s compelling performance as the disturbed protagonist. They applauded its sharp commentary on social media culture and the pursuit of online fame.

However, others found the film’s excessive violence and relentless social media visuals to be overwhelming and disturbing. The blending of horror and humor divided opinions, with some appreciating its audacious approach, while others felt it diluted the impact of its message.

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While Spree may not be for the faint of heart, it serves as a cautionary tale about the dangers of the digital age and the destructive impact of an obsession with online validation. Keery’s performance in this audacious and daring film further showcases his range as an actor, proving his ability to tackle complex and challenging roles with finesse.

Joe Keery Is A Star On Stranger Things

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And as for his Stranger Things time, well that is coming to an end at some point in the near future. That’s because the series is set to enter its final run of episodes on Netflix. Leaving off with the Party staring down the barrel at their biggest task yet (getting rid of Vecna once and for all) Stranger Things’ final season could be one of the biggest things Netflix ever puts out there.

Joe Keery will be returning along with the rest of the cast when it finally comes around. Unfortunately, the final Stranger Things season is in something of a holding pattern right now. Production hadn’t gotten underway even before the writers and actors strikes through another wrench in the timeline.

In conclusion, Spree offers a twisted and thought-provoking commentary on the dark side of social media and the pursuit of internet fame. Joe Keery’s portrayal of Kurt Kunkle is a standout in this gripping thriller, making Spree a must-watch for those looking for a thrilling and unsettling ride through the dark underbelly of online culture.