Bruce Willis Fans Need This Streaming Service

By Steven Nelson | Published

With so many streaming services out there these days, it can be tough to know where to catch up with your favorite actors. You want to have options and you want that monthly fee put in a good spot. With that in mind, Bruce Willis fans are going to want to turn to one streaming service to catch the actor as much as possible. That would be Hulu which currently has 14 Bruce Willis movies available to watch.

Let’s take a look at some of the Bruce Willis movies streaming on Hulu fans can enjoy right now.

Bruce Willis On Streaming

Die Hard

As New York City cop John McClane, Bruce Willis took the 80s action movie scene by storm. Thrust into a Christmas Eve hostage situation in a Los Angeles skyscraper, his blend of wisecracking humor and resilient heroism gave us a memorable and relatable action hero.

Die Hard‘s non-stop tension, interspersed with McClane’s one-liners, create an iconic backdrop for Willis’s standout performance, solidifying his status as a go-to action star.

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Die Hard With A Vengeance

Willis reprises his role as the indomitable John McClane, this time teaming up with a Harlem store owner Zeus Carver, played by Samuel L. Jackson. The pair’s chemistry adds depth to the buddy action trope, with their sharp banter providing ample comic relief.

The backdrop shifts from a skyscraper to the whole of New York City, becoming a puzzle-filled battlefield as they race against time to outwit a crafty villain. Willis once again shines as McClane, showcasing his charisma and resilient spirit.

Stream Die Hard With A Vengeance on Hulu

A Good Day to Die Hard

The Die Hard series continues with Bruce Willis’s John McClane heading to Russia, delivering the same fearless, never-say-die spirit to an international stage.

Amid the backdrop of international intrigue, he fights not only terrorists but also his own personal battles as he tries to reconcile with his estranged son, Jack. Willis’s grizzled yet caring portrayal of the father-son dynamic offers a fresh layer to his enduring action-hero persona.

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bruce willis red

Bruce Willis stars as Frank Moses, a retired CIA black-ops agent who finds retirement to be a tad dull. He leads a star-studded ensemble cast through a series of international espionage hijinks, filled with thrilling chases, gunfights, and comedic situations.

Willis’s charisma adds a delightful edge to the film’s blending of comedy and action, demonstrating his versatility as an actor.

Stream Red on Hulu

Red 2

Bruce Willis reprises his role as Frank Moses in this sequel. Frank and his gang of retired spies are back, this time to locate a missing portable nuclear device that could cause global disaster. Their quest takes them through Paris, London, and Moscow, threading high-stakes tension with humor and unexpected twists at every turn.

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bruce willis

Taking on a darker role, Willis portrays a seasoned hitman grappling with his profession’s moral implications. The character’s internal struggle, combined with the grim nature of his job, provides a complex backdrop for Bruce Willis to demonstrate his acting prowess.

As he navigates through a world of crime and violence, he must question his beliefs, actions, and loyalties, propelling the narrative into a tense exploration of life and death.

Stream Assassin on Hulu

American Siege

bruce willis

Bruce Willis stars as a sheriff in a small town dealing with a tense hostage crisis. His authoritative yet empathetic portrayal provides the fulcrum around which the film revolves, balancing intense scenes of confrontation with moments of small-town charm.

The local sheriff must negotiate complex loyalties and tense stand-offs, testing his courage and wits, to ensure the safety of the hostages and restore peace to his town.

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Wrong Place

bruce willis

In this crime thriller, Bruce Willis plays a seasoned detective investigating a series of grisly murders. His hard-boiled performance, combined with the film’s suspenseful plot, makes for an engaging cinematic experience.

As the body count rises and the clues become more perplexing, the plot unravels into a dangerous cat-and-mouse game filled with suspense, deception, and life-threatening stakes.

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White Elephant

bruce willis

Willis plays a down-and-out former boxer in this drama. His performance is a powerful exploration of a man haunted by his past, struggling with regret and searching for redemption.

Willis’s adept navigation of his character’s emotional landscape shows his skill in handling more dramatic roles, bringing a sense of depth and empathy to a complicated character.

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A Day To Die

bruce willis

Bruce Willis delivers a compelling performance as an ex-con seeking revenge after a heinous betrayal. His relentless pursuit of justice drives the film’s high-stakes plot. With every action fueled by loss and anger, the narrative charges forward with unyielding momentum, creating a harrowing tale of justice and redemption.

Stream A Day to Die on Hulu

Paradise City

A surprising turn for Willis as he steps into the shoes of a rockstar-turned-hitman. Set in the neon-soaked underbelly of a city, this film follows a rockstar-turned-hitman navigating a world filled with dangerous alliances and betrayals. Amid the backdrop of music and crime, he seeks answers, leading to a gritty exploration of identity, loyalty, and revenge.

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bruce willis

In this intense revenge thriller, Willis plays a tormented man on a mission to avenge his family. His portrayal of the protagonist’s relentless quest and emotional turmoil fuels the plot’s dark spiral into vengeance. Willis’s hardened resolve and emotional depth add a gripping dimension to the narrative, demonstrating his skill in crafting memorable, multi-dimensional characters.

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Gasoline Alley

bruce willis

As a tattoo shop owner caught up in a murder conspiracy, Bruce Willis’s performance is engaging and layered. His character navigates the seedy underbelly of crime, with Willis bringing a balance of grit, determination, and vulnerability. The film is a showcase of Willis’s ability to imbue action-packed narratives with compelling character development.

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Out of Death

bruce willisv

Playing a retired forest ranger, Bruce Willis finds himself protecting a woman from corrupt cops in the wilderness. The isolated setting allows for a suspenseful cat-and-mouse game, with Willis’s character’s survival skills and moral conviction tested to the limit.

His grounded performance provides a heroic backbone to this thrilling story, once again confirming his status as a reliable action star.

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