Elliot Page Turning Beloved Sci-Fi Novel Into Feature Film

By TeeJay Small | Published

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Now that it’s been over seven months since the WGA strikes concluded, it seems that just about all scheduled Hollywood productions are back on schedule, leaving plenty of room for new work. According to The Hollywood Reporter, actor and producer Elliot Page is on pace to develop an exciting new film of his own in the form of The Darkness Outside Us. The film will be a live-action adaptation of a science fiction novel of the same name, with the potential to branch into a full-on franchise if the film performs well.

The Darkness Outside Us Is A Modern Hit For Sci-Fi Lovers

Elliot Page will produce The Darkness Outside Us through his company Pageboy Productions, which he launched in 2021. The novel, penned by Eliot Schrefer, was released in 2021 and has received glowing reviews in the years since. Schrefer is currently on schedule to deliver a sequel to the beloved book in October of this year, aptly titled The Brightness Between Us.

Will Elliot Page Be The Star?

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For now, it’s too early to say if Elliot Page will be starring in the film himself, though the 37-year-old actor is known to star in his self-produced movies, such as 2023’s Close To You. The Darkness Outside Us centers on a pair of young men who fall in love with one another while embarking upon a gripping mission to salvage what remains of the crew of an advanced spacecraft, meaning Page has a stern opportunity to pick one of the key roles or relegate himself exclusively to a behind-the-camera role.

So Much More Than A Young Adult Romance Book

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While reports of Elliot Page’s new project have referred to the novel as a young adult romance, die-hard fans of The Darkness Outside Us have been quick to point out that these descriptors are a bit reductive. The story is undoubtedly geared toward a teen-friendly audience, though the themes and plot of the book offer so much more than your run-of-the-mill rom-com. A cursory glance at the numerous 5-star reviews of the book across all major platforms reveals that The Darkness Outside Us maintains a cult following of readers who will surely jump for joy at a proper film adaptation.

Read The Novel First


According to the book’s biggest fans, it’s best to go into The Darkness Outside Us knowing as little about the plot and characters as possible beforehand. This means those eager to see Elliot Page take on the source material in his adaptation should read the original text before the film releases to keep up with all the latest news regarding The Darkness Outside Us‘ production.

The Next Big Sci-Fi Franchise?

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Both Elliot Page, his co-producers, and the author of The Darkness Outside Us have released glowing press statements articulating their excitement to work together on this upcoming project. This is a major green flag, as it proves that the film will have Eliot Schrefer’s explicit blessing and likely a decent level of his input. If The Brightness Between Us turns out to be a successful follow-up later this year, Page and company may have the opportunity to expand their film franchise into sequel territory.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter