Disney+ Action Comedy Hated By Critics But Loved By Fans 

By Sckylar Gibby-Brown | Updated

When the critical score on Rotten Tomatoes ranks the movie as a rotten six percent, you don’t expect much out of the film. In fact, you probably wouldn’t even watch it at all. Despite the hate, a few movie buffs took a chance and watched the 2023 action-comedy Freelance starring John Cena and Alison Brie. They were blown away by the charmingly funny and entertaining flick.

Freelance Gives The Laughs And Action It Promises


When it comes to action comedies, it doesn’t take much to create a fun ride. The recipe is in the title of the genre—all you need are a few action scenes, some funny lines, and you’re set. For fans with low expectations, Freelance bursts onto the scene with adrenaline-pumping sequences and a cast that delivers punches both literal and figurative. 

The Cast And Crew


Directed by Pierre Morel and penned by Jacob Lentz, Freelance stars the charismatic John Cena alongside the talented Alison Brie, Juan Pablo Raba, and Christian Slater.

The Story

The plot of Freelance revolves around Mason Pettits (John Cena), a former U.S. Army Special Forces soldier turned disgruntled lawyer, who finds himself thrust back into the world of danger when he’s offered a high-stakes security job. His mission? Protect the intrepid journalist Claire Wellington (Alison Brie) during her risky interview with the notorious Paldonian dictator, Juan Venegas (Juan Pablo Raba).

From the outset, Freelance grips audiences with its fast-paced narrative and explosive action set pieces. Mason’s journey takes him from the mundane corridors of legal practice to the treacherous jungles of Paldonia, where alliances are tested, secrets are unearthed, and bullets fly with abandon.

Unexpected Chemistry


The chemistry between John Cena and Alison Brie in Freelance crackles on screen as they navigate the perilous landscape of political intrigue and personal vendettas. Cena’s portrayal of Mason Pettits balances rugged toughness with vulnerability, while Brie shines as the fearless journalist determined to uncover the truth at any cost. Supporting the leads, Juan Pablo Raba commands the screen as the ambiguous President Venegas and Christian Slater brings his trademark gravitas to the role of Sebastian Earle, Mason’s former Special Forces comrade turned employer.

Audiences And Critics Don’t Agree

If you were to ask the average moviegoer if they enjoyed watching Freelance, they’d tell you yes. The movie received a solid 77 percent approval rating from audiences on Rotten Tomatoes—a score high enough to consider the film “Certified Fresh” if only the critics agreed.

Unfortunately for the creatives behind this movie, the critics do not agree. In a long series of scathing reviews posted next to the dreaded lime-green splat icon, critic after critic pointed out Freelance’s flaws. While some had problems with the film’s formulaic plot, others felt as though the action was minimal and the comedy fell flat. Overall, the critics found this John Cena film lacking in narrative depth and founded in generic tropes.

Decide For Yourself

Regardless of its critical reception, fans love Freelance. And that’s all that really matters. When it comes down to it, action comedies aren’t made with the film analysts in mind, they’re just trying to provide some light entertainment to the folks at home.

So, whether you’re a fan of high-octane escapades or simply looking for a popcorn flick to liven up your movie night, Freelance is sure to deliver the goods. You can find it in the Hulu section of Disney+ which is still in beta and requires subscriptions to both services to access.