John Cena Is Now In One Of The Worst Movies Of All Time

By Kevin C. Neece | Published

John Cena

The new John Cena action comedy Freelance has earned ignominious status, premiering with a 0% critic rating on Rotten Tomatoes, marking it as one of the worst-reviewed films on the site. The film has been widely dismissed by critics who cite its poor writing and general shortfall in the area of actual jokes. However, even with this abysmal critical response, things are not looking entirely bad for the movie.

Despite The Abysmal Critics Rating, Audiences Approve Of Freelance

Rotten Tomatoes also shows an audience score for Freelance of 78%, which is a higher audience score than most of John Cena’s recent films have managed to earn. Still, having the lowest possible critics score does not bode well for the film. After all, the movie now resides in the same category as legendary fare like Jaws: The Revenge and Ballistic: Ecks Vs. Sever.

John Cena Stars Alongside Alison Brie In Freelance

For his part, John Cena is not even the primary character in Freelance. That honor belongs to Alison Brie, whose character sets out on a voyage to South America seeking an interview with President Venegas (played by Juan Pablo Raba), an authoritarian dictator in the region. Cena’s character goes along with her on this dangerous trip to help ensure her safety, but a military coup causes the pair to have to team up with President Venegas in order to survive.

John Cena’s Hollywood Career Takes A Turn For The Worse

Freelance continues an unfortunate trend for the wrestler-turned-actor’s recent film career, which has seen a particular downturn in positive response from both critics and viewers. Apart from Barbie, John Cena’s recent films, including Vacation Friends 2, have not fared well with audiences or critics, all ranking lower than his latest effort.

Star Allison Brie, on the other hand, has received praise for her work on the series Glow, which ended in 2019, along with her performance in this year’s Somebody I Used to Know.

Freelance’s Ratings Won’t Necessarily Affect John Cena’s Career

john cena peacemaker season 2

There is something to be said for the fact that Freelance ranks among some of the worst-reviewed films of all time. Terrible movies can have a particular pleasure for many, who embrace the admittedly masochistic viewing experience with a special appreciation for all the ways in which these movies flop.

There’s also a special kind of fame attached to being at the bottom of the barrel, so Freelance had better make good use of its unenviable status and embrace what might be inevitable nominations for Golden Raspberry Awards.

Freelance Still Has A Chance As It Continues To Please General Audiences

Even big stars and great actors can appear in absolute bombs like Freelance, and that looks to be the case for John Cena and Alison Brie with this misguided action comedy. Of course, if audience ratings are to be trusted, there is some hope that the film will be enjoyable on some level for those who have yet to see it. If you’re courageous enough to brave the viewing in spite of the film’s lowest of the low critics rating, or if you are either morbidly curious or a fan of critically panned movies, you can see Freelance in theaters now.