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  • Birthdate: July 30, 1947
  • Birthplace: Thal, Austria
  • Best Movie: Terminator 2
  • Height: 6’2″

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Matrix Star Joins Arnold Schwarzenegger Netflix Series For Season 2 

Carrie-Anne Moss is slated to co-star alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger in Fubar Season 2, the sophomore season of the Netflix espionage-themed …

5 days ago

The Sci-Fi Action Crime Comedy Sequel Being Stopped From Release

Sci-fi fans may recall the cult classic short film Kung Fury which was released in 2015 to near-universal praise from …

7 days ago

action movies small business

The Worst Thing To Be In An Action Movie Is A Small Business

Action movies are not good to small business owners, and I can’t think of a less deserving target of wanton …

3 weeks ago

arnold schwarzenegger feature

Arnold Schwarzenegger Almost Turned Down The Movie That Made His Whole Career

Could you imagine what the Terminator movies would be like without Arnold Schwarzenegger as the menacing, unstoppable killer cyborg from …

4 weeks ago

The Comedy Responsible For Changing Action Icons’ Career Leaves Netflix Soon

The ultimate buddy comedy from the 1980s marked the first time that action hero extraordinaire Arnold Schwarzenegger stepped outside his …

4 weeks ago

arnold schwarzenegger true lies

AI Is Ruining Classic Movies And Isn’t Stopping

Artificial intelligence has been a major issue in the creative arts in recent years, with the use of generative AI …

1 month ago

1980s Stephen King Dystopian Sci-Fi Thriller Unlike Anything Else, Stream Immediately

Of all the corny dystopian sci-fi action thrillers I’ve seen over the years, I’m ashamed to say that I’ve never …

1 month ago

arnold schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Best Hero Has A Secret Brother

One of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s most iconic characters has an action-hero brother that most fans don’t know about. Dutch, Schwarzenegger’s character …

1 month ago

The Danny Devito Hilarious Dark Comedy Totally Unknown To The New Generation

Fans of Danny Devito might have missed Ruthless People, his dark comedy from the 80s. Even Gen Xers who grew …

1 month ago

james cameron terminator fortnite

The Best Terminator Stories Get Incredible New Release Fans Need To Own

Dynamite Entertainment, a comic book and graphic novel publishing company known for reviving and modernizing classic comics, recently announced its …

1 month ago

Stephen King’s Long-Awaited Remake Gets Top Gun Star

CinemaCon dropped another excellent insight into this year in film when it was announced that Top Gun: Maverick star, Glen …

1 month ago

Danny Devito Wants Arnold Schwarzenegger Return No One Expected

Sometimes, the best collaborations are spoken into existence, and we hope that Danny DeVito’s desire to work alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger …

1 month ago

The Best Cinematic Universe Is One You Didn’t Even Know Existed

Thanks to the success (perhaps we should start saying former success) of the Marvel movie formula, both studios and audiences …

2 months ago

The Terminator Shouldn’t Exist Anymore

We all love the Terminator franchise, but I think we can all agree that the best days of the series …

2 months ago

the 6th day
Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger Teams With Reacher Star Alan Ritchson And We Can’t Wait

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Alan Ritchison are teaming up in the much-anticipated Amazon film, The Man with the Bag. This comedy …

2 months ago

john cena vacation friends

John Cena Is The New Arnold Schwarzenegger For So Many Reasons

When Arnold Schwarzenegger first pivoted from the world of professional bodybuilding to Hollywood, everyone thought the notion was funny. However, …

2 months ago

The Total Recall Remake Is Actually Good, And Doesn’t Deserve Your Hate

Exactly the kind of sci-fi movie you want on a lazy Saturday streaming.

2 months ago

arnold schwarzenegger

The Arnold Schwarzenegger Comedy That Influenced A Horror Franchise

On the outset, it’s crazy to think that there are any significant parallels between the 1999 horror-themed video game Silent …

3 months ago

Sci-Fi Blockbuster Epic Nearly Killed A Franchise, Stream Right Now Without Netflix

The 2018 sci-fi action film The Predator is streaming on various platforms. The movie, directed by Shane Black from a script he …

3 months ago

Linda Hamilton Kills Terminator Return

Linda Hamilton has some bad news for fans of The Terminator franchise who have been banking on her return for …

3 months ago

Even Arnold Schwarzenegger Hated What Happened To The Terminator Franchise

Whatever you think of Terminator Salvation, director McG’s 2009 entry into to the world of Skynet pretty much killed the …

3 months ago

Carl Weathers Cause Of Death Revealed

Carl Weathers’ cause of death has been revealed, and his death certificate points to atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease as the reason …

3 months ago

Carl Weathers Gets Tribute From Star Wars Head Creative

Ahsoka creator Dave Filoni gave a loving tribute to late Star Wars actor Carl Weathers, who passed away earlier this …

3 months ago

jason statham

Jason Statham Is Shocking Everyone With Record-Smashing Success

Action star Jason Statham’s latest blockbuster film, The Beekeeper, raked in an additional $5.3 million over the weekend, bringing the …

3 months ago

conan the barbarian

The Dark Fantasy Epic Kickstarted Icon’s Career In Streaming

Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of the world’s biggest movie stars now, but he used to be only known for his …

4 months ago

Mars Reveals Huge Amounts Of Hidden Water Ice

In the film Total Recall, a major part of the plot involved the potential ability to provide oxygen to the …

4 months ago

arnold schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger Detained at Airport Over A Watch

Could you imagine if you worked airport security and had to detain the Terminator himself? That’s what happened when Arnold …

4 months ago

The Disney+ Sci-Fi Action Thriller Revives A Dead Franchise

1987’s Predator, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, is arguably one of the best sci-fi action movies ever made, as it gave birth …

4 months ago