Arnold Schwarzenegger Doesn’t Want To Say Climate Change Anymore

By Britta DeVore | Updated

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Arnold Schwarzenegger is getting back into the political realm to try and “terminate pollution” – his words. The bodybuilder-turned-actor-turned-governor is a staunch believer in climate change but thinks that the media’s overuse of the term is driving people away. Instead, Schwarzenegger thinks that the word “pollution” should be substituted in these conversations and even has a branding idea to get things started.

Likening The Environment To Gyms

arnold schwarzenegger

Leave it to the man who made lifting and bodybuilding cool back in the ‘80s to have some fresh ideas about how to rebrand climate change. While appearing alongside President Joe Biden’s senior advisor on clean energy innovation and implementation, John Podesta, Arnold Schwarzenegger pushed his pollution-based agenda, likening it to the “fitness craze” that happened more than three decades ago.

Looking back on what he sees as part of his legacy, the former California governor says that the earlier initiative worked because there are now “more gymnasiums around the world than ever before.”

Climate Change Is Too Broad

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So, how does the so-called “fitness crazy” dialogue apply to the climate change conversation? According to Arnold Schwarzenegger, the answer is easy – the verbiage needs to shift to stop the problem at its head. And the problem, of course, is pollution.

The Republican-leaning ex-politician says that to get higher polluting countries like China and India on board, using a term like “climate change” is too broad of a subject when it really comes down to what they’re trying to fix.

Terminating Polliution

Pointing to the failure of climate change discourse over “the last few decades,” Arnold Schwarzenegger says that trying to give it a facelift with pollution may be the key to getting both sides of the aisle to care.

“We want to terminate pollution,” the Governator said, which we feel would make a great poster to hang in the halls of Congress next to some other inspirational material that may help them keep their constituents in mind during the work day.

Hoping To Cross The Aisle

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In a true case of one of these things is not like the other, the political differences between John Podesta and Arnold Schwarzenegger couldn’t be any more opposite, that is, except when it comes to putting pollution in its place. While Podesta leans left on his beliefs and Schwarzenegger has long been a member of the Republican party, both men see the intense importance of ensuring climate enters the conversation in Washington.

Understanding that many of his peers are less than open to believing in climate change, Schwarzenegger hopes that using the term “pollution” instead, will give them more movement on the subject.


Even before he took the oath of office as the California governor in the early 2000s, Arnold Schwarzenegger had a long history of working within the world of right-wing politics. Back in the ‘80s, when he was busy getting the world into going to the gym, the Austrian native worked alongside the Reagan administration on anti-drug ads.

While his time in office is still hotly debated by all political parties, Arnold Schwarzenegger remained a faithful advocate in doing everything he could to dial back pollution, especially in his state of California.

These days, Arnold Schwarzenegger has taken a backseat to politics, with his push for better pollution control being his main cause. Instead, the performer has returned to Hollywood, having appeared last year in the Netflix series, FUBAR which has a second season in the works. 

Source: MSNBC