Linda Hamilton Kills Terminator Return

By Britta DeVore | Published

  • Linda Hamilton says she is done with the Terminator franchise.
  • The actress best known for her role as Sarah Connor thinks the franchise should call it quits.
  • James Cameron has plans to continue the franchise, but no release window for Terminator 7 is set.

Linda Hamilton has some bad news for fans of The Terminator franchise who have been banking on her return for future installments – she’s not coming back. Furthermore, Hamilton can’t believe that the creative team behind the sci-fi films would ever consider continuing its story, saying, “It’s been done to death,” leaving no wiggle room for fans or the media to read into her comments. It’s clear as day – Hamilton has moved on from duking it out with time-traveling machines.

Linda Hamilton Doesn’t Think The Franchise Should Continue

The actress also had another message, this time a broader one for the industry in general, commenting that while she would never quite understand why more Terminator films continue to roll out, she does see the trend in Hollywood focused on “relaunches right now.”

Linda Hamilton’s adamant shutdown of all things Terminator-related will come as a gut punch to audiences who have been hoping, wishing, and praying that she would eventually return to the role of Sarah Connor who she first played in the title that started it all, 1984’s The Terminator

Linda Hamilton Put In The Work

linda hamilton stranger things

Although we can all feel our feelings about never seeing Linda Hamilton return to her rough and tough role, we can’t be too mad as she reprised Sarah Connor for both the sequel, T2: Judgement Day and 2019’s Dark Fate. With three films under her belt, Hamilton has appeared in half of the movies in The Terminator franchise and, while we’d love to see her return, it’s hard to hold her to any more of the possible projects being dreamt of by James Cameron.

Sarah Connor Isn’t An Icon?

Along with wanting absolutely zilch to do with any Terminator movies that may come in the future, Linda Hamilton also voiced her disdain at the idea that Sarah Connor should have ever been put on the pedestal of being considered “an icon.”

Sure, she was the most dangerous human being in the eyes of the futuristic machine but Hamilton wants fans to remember that outside of winning the fight against Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Terminator, Connor was “a woman in hell.” She was also a mother, a job that Hamilton feels Connor failed terribly at, adding, “She makes some really bad choices.”

The Embodiment Of Women Power

Despite her bad parenting skills and poor decision-making, fans still flock to the idea of Linda Hamilton’s badass character as she stood her ground and toppled the Terminator. Even with the idea of women in power in films like The Marvels struggling to gain traction today, things were even more difficult back in the ‘80s when Hamilton and Schwarzenegger’s movie came out.

This means that for many, she was a representation of all things women’s power, with many willing to look past her skills as a mother, just being happy that a woman was being portrayed as an action hero.

The Future Of The Franchise

Still, even if Linda Hamilton was down to continue her role in the possible next installment of The Terminator, it seems that project is pretty far off in James Cameron’s mind. Just one year ago, the legendary director voiced his desire to keep the high-octane story going but with (at least) three more Avatar movies on the way, the Titanic helmer’s schedule is pretty packed with rounding out his epic saga.The best way to catch Linda Hamilton now is on your small screen as The Terminator star currently appears in Syfy’s Resident Alien and will also guest star on the fifth and final season of Netflix’s Stranger Things.Source: Business Insider