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  • Created By: James Cameron
  • Launched On: October 26, 1984
  • Owner: StudioCanal
TERMINATOR ACTORS Arnold Schwarzenegger Edward Furlong Bill Paxton Christian Bale Bryce Dallas Howard Sam Worthington Emilia Clarke Summer Glau Lena Headey Matt Smith

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Terminator: Genesis Reportedly Dropping The Subtitle

We’re huge Terminator fans here at GFR, obviously, and it’s not just a professional hazard. Alan Taylor’s next entry in …

10 years ago


Alien, Terminator & Mad Max Blu-Ray Box Sets Are Stupid Cheap Today

You there! Are you wearing pants? Do those pants have pockets? If so, is it possible one or more of …

10 years ago

NDT gravity

Neil DeGrasse Tyson Counts Down His Top Ten Sci-Fi Movies

Neil deGrasse Tyson is the closest thing modern science has to a rock star. To call him this generation’s Carl …

10 years ago

James Cameron Says He’s Loosely Attached To Terminator: Genesis

Terminator: Genesis, the fifth installment of the cyborg-centric franchise, is currently filming in and around New Orleans. Purportedly a soft …

10 years ago

Terminator 2

James Cameron Says Terminator 2 Could Get A 3D Conversion

If you didn’t know that James Cameron has an affinity for 3D, you haven’t been paying attention. The man loves …

10 years ago


Terminator: Genesis Set Pics Have Arnie In Khakis, Sarah And Kyle In Scrubs

Terminator: Genesis is currently filming in New Orleans, and the Daily Mail snapped some pictures of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Emilia Clarke, …

10 years ago


Terminator: Genesis May Be Adding Bodybuilder As A New T-800

Terminator: Genesis, which just began production in New Orleans last week, sounds crazier every time we learn more about it. …

10 years ago

Time Travel Charts Test Your Knowledge Of Fiction’s Fourth Dimension

We’ve seen some really cool things done with the concept of the so-called “minimalist poster.” The challenge of reducing something …

10 years ago


Terminator: Genesis Will Be Borrowing Some Tricks From Back To The Future

For the longest times, one of the slipperier questions about the in-the-works next Terminator movie was whether it’s a reboot …

10 years ago

terminator genesis

Terminator: Genesis Begins Production In New Orleans

Post by Skydance Productions.   If you happen to be partying in New Orleans right now and you see Arnold …

10 years ago

James Cameron Does Not Like The Other Terminator Sequels

When a movie is successful, the first thing that pops into Hollywood’s collective mind is, “Let’s crank out a sequel!” …

10 years ago

the terminator

Cross The Streams With The Terminator, The Running Man, And The Fifth Element

Here’s what’s new in streaming sci-fi this week!

10 years ago

arnold schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger Gets To The Choppa In This Excellent Jimmy Fallon Skit

No one is going to stand around here at GFR and claim that Arnold Schwarzenegger isn’t a Hollywood icon and …

10 years ago


Terminator: Genesis May Add Spider-Man’s J.K. Simmons

Will Terminator: Genesis be able to bring the Terminator film franchise back to the glory days of Terminator 2: Judgment …

10 years ago

Arnold Schwarzenegger Talks Terminator: Genesis

Ready or not, we’re about to get a shiny new trilogy of killer robot movies, as production is set to …

10 years ago


Terminator: Genesis Plot Details Indicate More Original Characters Could Show Up

Because no franchise, no matter how finished it may seem, is ever truly, completely, irrefutably dead in Hollywood, we’re getting …

10 years ago

Terminator: Genesis Narrows It’s Hunt For Kyle Reese Down To Two

Ready or not, we’re getting another addition to a beloved robot-centric franchise that began in the 1980s. And no, we’re …

10 years ago

All The Damage In Terminator 2 Cataloged And Tallied

We’ve all done it, sat there watching a movie, in a theater or a home it doesn’t matter, and had …

10 years ago


Terminator: Genesis’ Megan Ellison Terminates Her Producer Role

It’s not surprising that Paramount Pictures wants to reboot the Terminator film franchise. The last film in the series, Terminator: …

10 years ago

Google Unveils Smart Contact Lens

When Google bought Boston Dynamics (the eighth robotics company acquired by Google in the past six months) a while back, …

10 years ago

Jason Clarke

Terminator: Genesis Might Cast Zero Dark Thirty’s Jason Clarke As The New John Connor

With all the developments happening around Terminator 5, it definitely sounds like the rekindled film series has some ambitious plans …

10 years ago


RoboCop, Terminator, And Other ‘80s SF Classic Get Classy Stained-Glass Makeover

Yet again, the Internet has served up something I didn’t even know I needed. We’re forever discovering new and creative …

10 years ago

terminator tv

New Terminator TV Series In The Works, Will Tie In With New Reboot Trilogy

The machines are returning to the small screen.

10 years ago

larson & clarke

J. Michael Straczynski Takes On The Terminator Universe: Today In Science & Science Fiction

While most of us learned the name “J. Michael Straczynski” via his excellent Babylon 5 series, he’s also worked extensively …

10 years ago

terminator 2

Terminator 2 Location Photos Compare Then And Now

Whenever James Cameron released Terminator 2: Judgment Day back in 1991, it completely changed the landscape of action/adventures, creating nearly …

10 years ago

Orphan Black’s Tatiana Maslany Could Play Sarah Connor In Terminator Five

Though it can be fun to speculate about who is going to appear in hotly anticipated movies, as an entity, …

10 years ago


Darth Vader Hates The Google+ YouTube Merger

This week Google changed the settings on YouTube, one of their most popular services, to improve the platforms’ comments section. …

10 years ago