More Human Than Human: Our Picks For The Best Synthetic Partners To Watch Our Backs

Just make sure the donuts are genuine.

By David Wharton | Updated

This article is more than 2 years old

J.J. Abrams and former Fringe exec producer J.H. Wyman hit it out of the part with this week’s two-part Almost Human premiere, launching a show that already looked to have serious potential all the way to the top of our must-see-TV list. Karl Urban and Michael Ealy make a great pair as John Kennex and Dorian, a haunted cop distrustful of synthetics and his atypical android partner, respectively. Hopefully the show will beat the odds like Fringe did and settle in for a long and fruitful run.

But in the meantime, we got to thinking about what we would do if we were in Kennex’s position. If we had to pick an android partner, who would we want watching our back as we were out there protecting the world from dangerous cutting-edge tech and ruthless criminals? Here are our top picks.

CameronCameron (Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles)
Sure, the Terminator series provides several options when it comes to pairing up with a capable and combat-ready synthetic partner, but our vote has to go to Summer Glau’s Cameron from Fox’s short-lived Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. And not just because she looks like Summer Glau. Robert Patrick’s T-1000 has the versatility of that whole liquid metal thing, but frankly even if the IT department assured us he had been reprogrammed, we’d never feel comfortable turning our back on the thing. Arnold’s T-800 model proved that it could be just as good a protector as a killer, but he sort of stands out in a crowd. I mean, so does Summer Glau, but in a very different way. Arnold Schwarzenegger is many things, but “subtle” is not among them. Part of the advantage of having an android partner is the element of surprise, and if you were to ask a random person to describe what a murderous cyborg might look like, you’re likely to end up with a sketch of T2-era Arnold Schwarzenegger. On the other hand, the bad guys would never see it coming when Cameron lifted them over her head and tossed them out a window.

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