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Aliens vs. Avengers Is Real, See The Official Crossover Proof

Marvel Comics has revealed its newest crossover series that will see Earth’s Mightiest Heroes take on Xenomorphs. The aptly titled Aliens …

2 days ago

Alien: Romulus Reveals Tons Of Practical Effects And Monster Nastiness

Alien: Romulus is on pace to premiere this August, with the blessing of both Ridley Scott and James Cameron. Fans …

5 days ago

James Cameron Finally Getting Passion Project Remake Made After Over A Decade

At the reception that coincided with the opening of his Paris art show this week, Academy Award-winning director James Cameron …

2 weeks ago

See Isaac Asimov’s Eleven – The Ultimate Robot Heist Team

If you’re gonna break the law, why not break it with robots?

4 weeks ago

Dark Fan-Favorite Sci-Fi Horror Series Needs To Answer So Many Questions

Any sci-fi or action movie fan knows that both Alien and Aliens were two of the most revolutionary movies for …

4 weeks ago

alien series

Alien: Romulus Director Reveals Aliens Deleted Scene Inspired New Movie

The eighth addition to the Alien franchise, Alien: Romulus, will hit theaters on August 16. With the recent drop of …

4 weeks ago

Alien: Romulus Director Did Right By Franchise Fathers

Alien: Romulus filmmaker Fede Alvarez recently sat down for an interview with Variety, wherein he discussed his creative process for …

1 month ago

Violent Sci-Fi Thriller Classic On Max Inspired Decades Of Film

The 1986 film Aliens is a rare example of a film sequel that is arguably better than the original installment. …

1 month ago

Don’t Be Fooled, Avoid Streaming This Star-Studded Alien Invasion Comedy At All Costs

A huge waste of time for everyone involved, so don’t waste your time streaming it.

2 months ago

mars life

Mars Signs Of Life Come From Unlikely Source

An unexpected source of Mars life, formaldehyde, may have existed on the planet. Mars, often perceived as a barren and …

2 months ago

Return of the Jedi

The Star Wars Crossover That Can Save Two Franchises

When Disney acquired 20th Century Fox, it opened the door for a number of potential crossovers. The X-Men vs Avengers, …

2 months ago

Alien Series Erasing The Best Part Of Ridley Scott Movies

Fans of Ridley Scott’s Alien and its various sequels and prequels are understandably excited about the upcoming Disney+ television Alien …

2 months ago

The Dumb-But-Fun Alien Invasion Flop Starring A Pop Icon, That You Don’t Need Netflix To Watch

Edit a lot of idiotic and stolen together into two hours of film, and you end up with a big, silly summer blockbuster in which legless men can be heroes, and the elderly can be useful.

2 months ago

sigourney weaver alien 5

Haters Aren’t New, How James Cameron Defended Aliens Against Pre-Internet Trolls

James Cameron was battling trolls long before the internet was even a thing. It will be hard for some of …

2 months ago

alien: romulus

Alien Series Can Save The Franchise, Here’s How

The Alien franchise is one of the coolest horror sci-fi franchises out there, but it’s been a long time since …

2 months ago

Dark Sci-Fi Thriller On Streaming Will Convince You We Are Not Alone

If you like alien movies about abductions, 1993’s Fire in the Sky is one to check out. It’s based on …

2 months ago

The Netflix Claustrophobic Action Thriller With A Yellowstone Star

Netflix doesn’t enjoy its status as the top streaming platform for nothing. Indeed, among other strengths, the service delivers gripping …

3 months ago

james cameron thanos

James Cameron Ruining All His Classic Movies

We live in an era where technological wizardry revisits and remasters classic films. But that doesn’t mean, of course, that …

3 months ago

pentagon alien

Kentucky City Welcomes Aliens From Outer Space

Kentucky has come up with a brilliant marketing campaign to promote tourism, with a message that invites extraterrestrial travelers. Haven’t …

3 months ago

A Great Alien Invasion Thriller No One Remembers Is Waiting For You To Stream

A story involving a vicious alien attack that’s completely unique in its execution.

3 months ago

The Disney+ Sci-Fi Horror Thriller Forever Changed The Genre

The 1979 sci-fi horror Alien is streaming in the Hulu section of Disney+. Directed by Ridley Scott from a script by Dan …

3 months ago

Kurt Russell Stargate Performance Reason Revealed By Aliens Star

If you’ve ever thought that Kurt Russell brought a little bit too much anger to his character Jack O’Neil in …

3 months ago

Strange Signal From Outside Our Galaxy Discovered By NASA

Close encounters with a sentient species beyond our solar system may be closer than we think or are prepared for. …

3 months ago


We’re Saved: Alien Prequel Series Tosses Out Prometheus

The upcoming Alien series has fans of the franchise on the edges of their seats, wondering what the show will …

3 months ago

Scientists Talk With Whales Leading To Alien Communication

Communicating with aliens in the future may seem like a lofty sci-fi concept, but scientists recently had a 20-minute conversation …

4 months ago

Alien Probes Being Searched For By Scientists

For millennia, humanity has looked to the sky for answers in the form of constellations, astrological signs, and distant planets …

4 months ago


James Cameron, Leave Avatar And Make One Sequel To Your Other Sci-Fi Masterpiece

If there’s one thing that James Cameron has made abundantly clear, it’s that he prefers to make Avatar movies from …

5 months ago


Classic ’80s Sci-Fi Action Movie Is Finally Getting The Love It Needs

1986’s Aliens is often regarded as one of the best sequels to a franchise ever made, and now, the iconic …

5 months ago

Scientists Believe Aliens Have Already Found Us

For decades, humanity has been scanning the universe for any signs of extraterrestrial life. Despite our best efforts, the search …

6 months ago