Alien: Romulus Reveals Tons Of Practical Effects And Monster Nastiness

By TeeJay Small | Published

Alien: Romulus is on pace to premiere this August, with the blessing of both Ridley Scott and James Cameron. Fans have been getting progressively more excited for the film, which promises to revitalize the Alien franchise with a fresh new take on the IP, headed by Don’t Breathe writer-director Fede Alvarez.

Loaded With Practical Effects

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Now, according to an exciting report in Bloody Disgusting, it seems that fans can expect the upcoming film to be loaded with practical effects, making the threats look as though they leaped right out of the screen and into your theater.

Reports From CinemaCon

These reports come fresh off of Disney’s CinemaCon showcase in Las Vegas, Nevada, wherein the company presented some never-before-seen footage of Alien: Romulus to the public. For now, none of this footage is available online, though reviewers and crowds in attendance have not been shy about the spectacle.

Critics from a wide array of publications seem to agree that the practical filmmaking on display in Alien: Romulus serves as some of the best since the original, with Fede Alvarez truly living up to his promises.

Hands-On Filmmaking

Alvarez has repeatedly stated in promotional interviews for Alien: Romulus that he intends to lean heavily on hands-on filmmaking and real sets for the film, in place of the tired, over-used reliance on green screens and CGI.

While some CG will surely be required to bring the film to life, the Evil Dead director has identified puppetry and animatronics as a key focus in the movie, bringing realistic Xenomorphs and terrifying body horror to the big screen.

Puppeteering Xenomorph Monsters

In fact, Alvarez has even gone so far as to leap into the action himself, puppeteering Xenomorph monsters personally in several of the final shots in Alien: Romulus.

This stunning example of the filmmaker’s commitment to the franchise was one of the first signs to the public that the upcoming film is in good hands, after a number of recent stabs at Alien filmmaking have painfully underdelivered.

If early reactions are anything to go by, the film will contain more visceral gore than we’ve seen in an Alien movie in quite some time, perhaps more than ever before.

Evil Dead Of Alien Franchise?

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Critics in the crowd at CinemaCon have claimed that the Alien: Romulus footage caused many people to avert their gaze, as the shocking and startling effects were just too much for those with a sensitive stomach to handle.

One reviewer even referred to Alvarez’s 2013 film, stating that Alien: Romulus is the Evil Dead of the Alien franchise. Obviously, we don’t want to spoil anything yet, but some early descriptions of the CinemaCon footage suggest an army of practical face huggers will appear, as well as a few non-CGI chest-bursting sequences.

Heights Of Horror

The initial trailers for Alien: Romulus were first released several weeks ago, revealing that Fede Alvarez had made true on his promise to rely heavily on realistic sets by showcasing the claustrophobic practical hallways built for the film.

The general public has not yet been exposed to the heights of horror that the final cut of the film has to offer, though each new preview seems to build greater and greater anticipation for fans of the franchise.

Source: Bloody Disgusting