Alien movie franchise
  • Created By: Ridley Scott
  • Launched On: May 25, 1979
  • Owner: Disney
  • Tagline: In space, no one can hear you scream…
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Latest Alien Franchise News

alien earth

Alien: Earth Is Finally On Its Way

We finally know the full official title for the upcoming Alien TV series. Showrunner Noah Hawley is in charge of …

7 hours ago

the acolyte alien

The Acolyte And Alien Are The Same Story

There’s a popular meme that calls 1979’s Alien “a movie where nobody listens to the smart woman.” With Episode 7 …

1 week ago

Ridley Scott Regrets Multiple Sequels He Couldn’t Direct And It’s Not His Fault

Auteur filmmakers often reach a point in their career where they have regrets, often regarding projects that couldn’t be squeezed …

1 week ago

Sigourney Weaver Receiving Lifetime Achievement Award and It’s About Time

Three-time Oscar-nominated legend among thespians, Sigourney Weaver, will receive a Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement at the 81st Venice International …

2 weeks ago

Netflix Sci-Fi Horror Thriller With Star-Studded Cast Deserves A Second Chance

It might be a single genre, but the expanse of science fiction is nonetheless vast. Its breadth includes many gems …

2 weeks ago

Gladiator 2 Test Screening Reaction Is The Best News Yet

With Gladiator 2 set to release this November, it is already just a few short months until the sequel to …

3 weeks ago

Spaceballs 2 Is Finally Happening And Mel Brooks Is In

What the world needs right now is a little laughter and, thanks to Mel Brooks, that sweet, sweet elixir is …

4 weeks ago

Netflix Sci-Fi Comedy Series Gives Fan-Favorite Actor His Best Role

Resident Alien is a comedy series with science fiction to back up the story. Though the story is rather basic, …

1 month ago

alien earth

The Alien Sequel That Doesn’t Deserve All The Hate

Most fans of the Alien franchise consider Alien 3 the Voldemort of the franchise. Fans think of this sequel that …

1 month ago

Alien TV Series Getting Season 2 Release Way Sooner Than Expected?

Noah Hawley has offered an update on his upcoming Alien series. Speaking to Deadline, the filmmaker revealed that Season 1 …

1 month ago

alien metal

Alien Metal Found In Bronze Age Treasure Hoard

Ancient humans have always been fascinated with the sky, as our early ancestors used the stars to not only chart …

1 month ago

Alien: Romulus Is Making Xenomorphs Scary Again And Its About Time

If you haven’t watched the Alien: Romulus trailer yet, let me be the one to tell you: Fede Alvarez is …

1 month ago

Alien: Romulus Brings Franchise Back To Its Sci-Fi Horror Roots, See The Evidence

The new Alien: Romulus trailer just dropped, and it’s pretty awesome. If the tone and style of this trailer are …

1 month ago

Alien Was Originally X-Rated For The Most Hilarious Reason

When Ridley Scott’s Alien was released in 1979, it re-defined the science fiction genre because it was for adult audiences …

2 months ago

The Original Alien Action Figure Is The Creepiest Kid Toy Ever Made

I’ll fully admit, I was too young to be really paying attention to movies at all in 1979. And even …

2 months ago

Star Wars

See Star Wars If Ridley Scott Had Directed

Could Ridley Scott have directed a Star Wars film? There was a time when it didn’t seem farfetched. In 2012, …

2 months ago

saturn alien

Huge Fault on Saturn’s Moon Reveals Signs of Alien Life?

If you’re a science fan or just hoping for alien life somewhere in the cosmos, rejoice. A recent study into …

2 months ago


Prometheus Should Have Been The Best Alien Movie, But Damon Lindelof Ruined It

Is it better than the final film we got?

2 months ago

james cameron aliens

Alien TV Series Solidifies Timeline And Could Rewrite Canon

The more details we get about the upcoming FX Alien series, the more excited we are for it. Reports are …

3 months ago

Metroid Deserves To Be The Next Big Video Game Movie Franchise

After the incredible success of The Super Mario Bros. Movie, there has been a lot of chatter about what Nintendo …

3 months ago

Aliens vs. Avengers Is Real, See The Official Crossover Proof

Marvel Comics has revealed its newest crossover series that will see Earth’s Mightiest Heroes take on Xenomorphs. The aptly titled Aliens …

3 months ago

disney crossover

The Disney Crossovers Worth Mega-Billions, They Are Leaving Money On The Table

Disney CEO Bob Iger famously announced cut-backs to budgets for the media giant’s largest franchises such as Marvel and Star …

3 months ago


The Best Sci-Fi Horror Film Of All Time Is Coming Back To Theaters

On April 26, Ridley Scott’s iconic film Alien is making a triumphant return to the big screen. As part of …

3 months ago

predator die hard

Why The Most Overused Movie Trope Is So Aggravating

When action heroes try to breach enemy headquarters, they rely on stealth, intuition, and apparently, air ducts that are so …

3 months ago

James Cameron Finally Getting Passion Project Remake Made After Over A Decade

At the reception that coincided with the opening of his Paris art show this week, Academy Award-winning director James Cameron …

3 months ago

sigourney weaver alien resurrection

The Best Sigourney Weaver Alien Moment Happens In The Worst Movie Of The Entire Franchise

Many Alien fans consider Resurrection (1997) to be the worst entry in the series. From Joss Whedon’s quippy script to …

4 months ago

Netflix’s New Alien Invasion Sci-Fi Series Is a Huge, Global Success

Critics don’t universally love it, and audiences are mixed over their feelings about the show, but 3 Body Problem is …

4 months ago

Dark Fan-Favorite Sci-Fi Horror Series Needs To Answer So Many Questions

Any sci-fi or action movie fan knows that both Alien and Aliens were two of the most revolutionary movies for …

4 months ago

alien series

James Cameron Loves Alien: Romulus And That’s Guaranteed We’re Seeing It

In a recent interview, director Fede Alvarez shed light on the upcoming sci-fi thriller Alien: Romulus and revealed some high …

4 months ago