Aliens vs. Avengers Is Real, See The Official Crossover Proof

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Marvel Comics has revealed its newest crossover series that will see Earth’s Mightiest Heroes take on Xenomorphs. The aptly titled Aliens vs. Avengers is the brainchild of Jonathan Hickman and Esad Ribic, who have collectively worked on X-Men, Avengers, and Secret Wars. The four-part series will be published under Marvel’s 20th Century Studios and will hit store shelves on July 24.

Aliens Vs. Avengers Miniseries

“I’ve never worked on a licensed or ‘non-superhero’ property the entire time I’ve been at Marvel, so when all of this came together almost two years ago, I kind of jumped at the opportunity,” Hickman said about Aliens vs. Avengers. “I love the Aliens universe and the mythology, and obviously, just how atmospherically and well-designed everything is has always gotten my creative juices flowing.”

Hickman explained that while it was challenging to blend the properties, after collaborating with Esad, they created an Aliens vs. Avengers story that will resonate with fans of both franchises. A standout feature of the project, according to Hickman, is the inventive approach they took to “Avengerize Aliens and alien-up Avengers” so that it all elegantly fits together.

Hulk Smash Xenomorph

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Per the official synopsis, Aliens vs. Avengers takes place in a new future timeline where Earth’s Mightiest Heroes are older and grittier. This comic series also marks the debut of Alien lore (like the Engineers’ home) in the Marvel Universe. The story begins when Xenomorphs arrive on Earth and face off against a group of superhuman beings.

From The Architect Of The New Ultimate Universe

The last project Hickman and Ribic, two of Marvel’s most accomplished creators, collaborated on was the Secret Wars event comic. Ribic has also provided illustrations for Marvel’s recent Eternals comic. Hickman revitalized the entire X-Men line and recently, brought back the Ultimate Universe while juggling various other creative endeavors.

Variant Covers Made It Possible

Marvel first introduced its Aliens vs. Avengers concept in 2021 by releasing a series of variant covers that featured the iconic superheroes doing battle with Xenomorphs. Since Xenomorphs can inherit traits by implanting their offspring into other species, super Xenomorphs are practically inevitable, which would create an exciting twist in the story.

Marvel’s Alien Comic Series

Marvel Comics previously launched an Alien comic series that follows Gabriel Cruz, a survivor of an alien attack, as he tries to reconnect with his son with the help of a Bishop-model android. The series, created by Phillip Kennedy Johnson and Salvador Larroca, maintains the horror and sci-fi elements that have made the Alien franchise popular.

What If….Aliens Went To Some Strange Places

Marvel has also released a five-issue comic series titled Aliens: What If…? that tells alternate stories within the Alien universe. The comic takes readers back to the 1986 movie Aliens by exploring what could have happened if Carter Burke, the man who betrayed Ripley, lived. The series is primarily written by Paul Reiser, who played Carter Burke in the film.

Predator Vs. Wolverine

Marvel Comics’ Alien series has been well-received by fans of the franchise, and the company hopes that Aliens vs. Avengers will experience similar success. While the Avengers have taken on alien invaders, they haven’t been faced with anything like the Xenomorphs. By that same logic, Aliens have outsmarted soldiers and scientists but have yet to encounter anything like Thor or a super-soldier.

Fans can prepare for Aliens vs. Avengers by checking out an earlier Marvel release called Predator vs. Wolverine. The series shockingly reveals that a Yautja has been tracking, and doing battle with, the mutant throughout his entire life.

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