Ryan Reynolds Names The Best Comic Book Movie Ever And It’s Not Deadpool

By Douglas Helm | Updated

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Ryan Reynolds knows a thing or two about comic book movies, starring in some of the best (Deadpool and Deadpool 2) and some of the worst (Green Lantern and X-Men Origins: Wolverine) examples of the genre. While you might think that Reynolds would pick Deadpool as the best comic book movie out there, it turns out that his pick is another much better Wolverine-focused film – Logan. In an interview with Total Film, Reynolds called it the “greatest comic-book adaptation.”

Logan As The Best Comic Book Movie

Best Hugh Jackman movie

Ryan Reynolds aptly compared Logan to his first Deadpool film, saying, “The movies were quite congruent with each other at that point,” adding, “Deadpool was different, and then right after Logan was potentially the greatest comic-book adaptation ever made.”

He makes a good point, as 2016’s Deadpool gave us a zippy, R-rated, third-wall-breaking version of the Merc with a Mouth that was near-universally loved. A year later, we got to see Hugh Jackman say goodbye to one of his greatest roles in Logan, a movie that was beautiful, poignant, brutal, and worthy of Jackman’s legacy as the character.

Deadpool & Wolverine

deadpool & wolverine

Of course, it’s not too surprising that Ryan Reynolds loves Logan, considering he was able to get Hugh Jackman to take up the adamantium claws one last time(?) in Deadpool & Wolverine. The film will make history as the first R-rated MCU film, Deadpool’s debut in the MCU, and Wolverine’s debut in the MCU. It’s also the only MCU movie coming out this year, and the projections are making it seem like it’s going to be a massive financial hit.

Reynolds And Jackman As BFF’s

Funnily enough, Reynolds and Jackman have already appeared as Deadpool and Wolverine together before in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, which will undoubtedly be referenced by Deadpool multiple times in the upcoming movie. Of course, that movie infamously sewed the mouth shut of the Merc with a Mouth. Thankfully, both Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds were able to reprise their roles in much better movies with Deadpool and Logan, respectively.

The Marvel Mutant Timeline

deadpool & wolverine

It’s safe to say that Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman will have a much better outing this time around in Deadpool & Wolverine, as there’s almost no chance it could be worse than X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Interestingly, Jackman also said that the timeline in Logan won’t be affected by the upcoming film and that those events will still happen. So, if anyone was worried about Deadpool & Wolverine ruining their favorite Wolverine film, it sounds like you have nothing to fear.

Will Deadpool & Wolverine Be As Good As Logan?

Now, the only question is if Deadpool & Wolverine can be as good as the acclaimed Deadpool and Logan. So far, everything we’ve learned about the film is promising, especially since we’ll finally get to see Hugh Jackman don the signature yellow and blue Wolverine costume from the comics. We’ll also see the debut of Cassandra Nova (Emma Corrin), the long-time X-Men villain in the film.

Deadpool & Wolverine will also see the titular duo jumping around the multiverse, so we can probably expect plenty of Easter Eggs and cameos. Maybe we’ll even get some Logan Easter Eggs or references in the mix. In any case, you can check out Deadpool & Wolverine when it hits theaters this summer on July 26.

Source: Total Film