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Mad Max is the epic franchise created by George Miller and first released in 1979. It spans decades of films and brings a whole new look at a completely dystopian world.

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Mad Max Filled With Stars In Multiple Roles

You see plenty of stars popping up in different roles in certain long-running franchises like Star Trek and Law & …

3 weeks ago

mad max beyond thunderdome

The Mad Max Heroes And Villains We Need To See Again

Whether they’re hero or villains, many of the characters we’ve met in the Mad Max films have one thing in …

1 month ago

furiosa mad max

Furiosa Performs Exactly Like Every Other Mad Max Movie

Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga isn’t doing the numbers everyone expected it to. Doomsayers are doubling down on the assumption …

1 month ago

George Miller Is Ruining Movies For Me

I have a bone to pick with George Miller. Between Mad Max: Fury Road and now Furiosa, the guy is …

2 months ago

Furiosa Proves Mad Max Was Never A Blockbuster Franchise

Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga has just finished one of the most disappointing opening weekends in decades. With the star …

2 months ago

Anya Taylor-Joy Is The Reason Mad Max Is Failing And It’s Not Her Fault

Mad Max: Fury Road is one of the best action movies of all time. It’s driven by eye-popping stunt sequences, …

2 months ago

chris hemsworth furiosa

Chris Hemsworth Steals The Show In Brutal Epic Furiosa

I genuinely never the thought I would find myself applying the phrase “steals the show” to Chris Hemsworth–certainly not in …

2 months ago

box office

Sci-Fi Epic Can’t Save Box Office From Worst Memorial Day Weekend In Decades

The latest installment of the classic dystopian franchise was thought to be one that would elevate ticket sales at the …

2 months ago

chris hemsworth furiosa

Chris Hemsworth Based His New Blockbuster Villain On Birds

You can’t fault Chris Hemsworth for finding creative sources of inspiration, as the Australian Hollywood megastar revealed on The Late Show …

2 months ago

In The Best Mad Max Movie, The Hero Is The Least Important Character

My girlfriend wants to see Furiosa, so a few weeks ago I introduced her to George Miller’s 2015 masterpiece Mad …

2 months ago

Charlize Theron Deserves Her Furiosa Sequel

With Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga currently in theaters, it’s a great time for fans of George Miller’s post-apocalyptic world. …

2 months ago

Mad Max Director Jumping Into Marvel After Furiosa?

Following the very successful premiere of his film, Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga, director George Miller shared that he would …

2 months ago

Furiosa Wasn’t Supposed To Be A Movie, Original Form Revealed By Director

When Mad Max: Fury Road came out in 2015, it was a dramatic shift from the previous films in the …

2 months ago

mad max: fury road

The Sci-Fi Trope Fans Love Too Much Isn’t Even Necessary

Worldbuilding is a lot like preparing dinner. Sometimes, you just want to walk into the grocery store and grab a …

2 months ago

mad max beyond thunderdome

Underrated Post-Apocalyptic Action Thriller Being Left Behind

Do you know what the biggest problem is with kids these days? If you ask them, “Who run bartertown?” They …

3 months ago

Mad Max Director Reveals Another Prequel After Furiosa

Get ready to paint your face shiny with chrome, because we’re heading back to Fury Road. Mad Max franchise creator …

3 months ago

Furiosa Must Kill Mad Max Franchise Canon, Return To What Makes The Saga Special

After nearly a decade-long wait, we are finally getting another Mad Max movie! However, this one is quite a departure …

4 months ago

Grant Page, The Real Mad Max, Dead At 85

Grant Page, the stuntman responsible for the dangerous action sequences in the Mad Max films, has died at the age of 85. …

4 months ago

Chris Hemsworth Drops Awesome Mad Max Furiosa Motorcycle

The upcoming Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga is one of the most highly-anticipated action films of the year. While a …

4 months ago

1990s Mega Millions Sci-Fi Epic Completely Forgotten Today, Stream Immediately

What if one of the best sci-fi movies ever made was something that you’ve never even heard of? Solar Crisis …

4 months ago

sand land

Dragon Ball Creator Brings New Anime To Disney+

In the anime fandom, few names are spoken of quite so reverently as Akira Toriyama. It’s not hard to see …

4 months ago

mad max beyond thunderdome

The Post-Apocalyptic Sci-Fi Thriller Classic That Deserves More Love From Fans

George Miller knows how to make great action films, and his third Mad Max effort is perhaps one of his …

5 months ago

There Is One 2024 Movie People Are Excited For Above All Others, And It’s Not Even Close

Despite all the recent talk about superhero fatigue, people are counting down the days until the next Deadpool movie. A …

6 months ago

Chris Hemsworth Reveals His Furiosa Villain And It Sounds Perfect

Chris Hemsworth stars in the newest Mad Max movie Furiosa as biker horde leader and Warlord, Dementus. According to GamesRadar, …

7 months ago

Blade Runner And Mad Max Get Incredible Footwear Fans Need To Have

Make some space in your closet because Blade Runner and Mad Max are receiving their own footwear from one of …

8 months ago

Charlize Theron

Furiosa Reveals Release Target And It’s A Very Good Sign

Director George Miller is reportedly eyeing a Cannes Film Festival premiere for his post-apocalyptic action film Furiosa. The move isn’t surprising …

9 months ago

mad max: fury road

The Sci-Fi Thrill Ride On Streaming Is A Perfect Movie

If you’re looking for a great action movie, Mad Max: Fury Road is now streaming on Hulu for those with …

10 months ago

The Post-Apocalyptic Action Blockbuster That Deserves A Series More Than Mad Max

In a world devastated by nuclear fallout and societal collapse, one man walks alone, carrying a book that holds the …

10 months ago