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mad max beyond thunderdome

The Mad Max Heroes And Villains We Need To See Again

Whether they’re hero or villains, many of the characters we’ve met in the Mad Max films have one thing in …

1 week ago

a million ways to die in the west

Netflix All-Star Comedy Western Is A Modern Cult Classic

The 2014 Western comedy film A Million Ways to Die in the West is currently in the Netflix streaming chart …

2 weeks ago

Furiosa Proves Mad Max Was Never A Blockbuster Franchise

Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga has just finished one of the most disappointing opening weekends in decades. With the star …

3 weeks ago

In The Best Mad Max Movie, The Hero Is The Least Important Character

My girlfriend wants to see Furiosa, so a few weeks ago I introduced her to George Miller’s 2015 masterpiece Mad …

4 weeks ago

Charlize Theron Deserves Her Furiosa Sequel

With Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga currently in theaters, it’s a great time for fans of George Miller’s post-apocalyptic world. …

4 weeks ago

Mad Max Director Reveals Another Prequel After Furiosa

Get ready to paint your face shiny with chrome, because we’re heading back to Fury Road. Mad Max franchise creator …

2 months ago

Chris Hemsworth Drops Awesome Mad Max Furiosa Motorcycle

The upcoming Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga is one of the most highly-anticipated action films of the year. While a …

3 months ago

Vin Diesel Breaks Fast & Furious Fans’ Hearts

According to a recent social media post from action film actor extraordinaire, Vin Diesel, the Fast & Furious franchise is …

4 months ago

mad max beyond thunderdome

The Post-Apocalyptic Sci-Fi Thriller Classic That Deserves More Love From Fans

George Miller knows how to make great action films, and his third Mad Max effort is perhaps one of his …

4 months ago

The R-Rated Dark Comedy Everyone Can Relate To, Stream With No Netflix Subscription

Before Charlize Theron shaved her head to become Furiosa in Mad Max: Fury Road, she portrayed an even more intimidating …

4 months ago

Post-Apocalyptic Sci-Fi Thriller Epic On Max Is Beautifully Violent

Mad Max: Fury Road is widely regarded as one of the greatest post-apocalyptic action thrillers of all time, with incredible …

4 months ago


The Netflix Bloody Sci-Fi Thriller Prequel Leaving Soon

Alien: Romulus, the latest film in Ridley Scott’s beloved sci-fi franchise, will be hitting the big screen in 2024. While …

5 months ago

Dystopian Sci-Fi Thriller Brings Fan-Favorite Assassin To Life On Streaming

The 2005 sci-fi action film Aeon Flux is available to stream on Paramount+. The movie is based on the animated television series …

5 months ago

Netflix Gives Charlize Theron Thriller A Second Life

Streaming platforms are directly responsible for breathing new life into previously flopped releases, many of which actually trend the streaming …

5 months ago

Charlize Theron’s Most Improbable Role Is A Netflix Smash

Get ready for an unexpected twist on the romantic comedy genre with Long Shot, now streaming on Netflix. Starring the …

8 months ago

Three Superhero Movies On Netflix That Need Their Own Franchises

When it comes to superhero franchises, it makes sense to start that line of thinking with the Marvel Cinematic Universe …

8 months ago

mad max: fury road

The Sci-Fi Thrill Ride On Streaming Is A Perfect Movie

If you’re looking for a great action movie, Mad Max: Fury Road is now streaming on Hulu for those with …

9 months ago

chris hemsworth

The Epic Chris Hemsworth Fantasy Franchise Streaming On Netflix

Dive into the world of enchanting fairy tales with a dark twist, led by none other than Chris Hemsworth himself. …

10 months ago

The Netflix Sci-Fi Action Romp That Everyone Wants To See Get A Sequel

If you are looking for the next new franchise to get into, then The Old Guard, which can be streamed …

10 months ago

Charlize theron

Exclusive: Charlize Theron Attached To Netflix Assassin Movie From Star Trek Director

She’s played professional killers before, but this time she won’t need to go to the future. Our trusted and proven …

10 months ago

charlize theron

The Best Charlize Theron Movies On Netflix Right Now

When Charlize Theron first hit Hollywood, she was typically typecast as the girlfriend or the wife, any role that would …

11 months ago

charlize theron aeon flux

Charlize Theron’s Sexiest Looks: From Mini Dresses To See-Through Shirts

Charlize Theron is amazing in everything she wears, from high-slit dresses to mini-skirts.

1 year ago

Charlize Theron Done With Marvel After Only Doctor Strange Cameo?

Charlize Theron says Disney has yet to reach out about reprising her role as Clea in the MCU.

1 year ago

See Charlize Theron Walk The Red Carpet In Lace And Leather

Charlize Theron wore a beautiful lace wrap dress to the Rome premiere of Fast X.

1 year ago

5 Actors Who Were Completely Transformed For Iconic Movie Roles

Some of the biggest actor transformations include Tom Hanks, Heath Ledger, and Charlize Theron

1 year ago

Charlize Theron Is Only Famous Because She Yelled At A Bank Teller In Real Life

Charlize Theron’s yelling at a bank teller led to her signing with the agent, John Crosby.

1 year ago

charlize theron vin diesel

Charlize Theron Didn’t Have A Director For Her Fast X Fight Scene, Costar Confirms

Charlize Theron and Michelle Rodriguez had no director for their Fast X fight scene and put it together themselves.

1 year ago

charlize theron

Charlize Theron’s Overlooked Romantic Comedy Is A Huge Streaming Success

Charlize Theron’s Long Shot is in the top ten most-watched movies on HBO Max.

1 year ago