Vin Diesel Breaks Fast & Furious Fans’ Hearts

By TeeJay Small | Published

According to a recent social media post from action film actor extraordinaire, Vin Diesel, the Fast & Furious franchise is officially coming to an end with an epic grand finale.

Final Fast & Furious Movie

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Fans were already aware that plans were tentatively in place to conclude the long-running film franchise after last year’s Fast X, which established itself as the first part in a multi-part finale, though no word has been given until now about how many more Fast films we could expect.

If Vin Diesel’s information is to be believed, the next installment will serve as the final outing for Dominic Toretto and his gang of street racers-turned super spies.

Truly Coming To An End

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The Fast & Furious saga has been on pace to end multiple times now, with announcements of a final film dating back to the death of franchise star Paul Walker in 2013.

Plus, each new installment in the franchise has grown more epic in scale, causing fans to wonder how far the films can go before the bubble bursts on the entire Fast & Furious saga.

Now, Vin Diesel has assured fans that the decades-long adventure is truly coming to an end, via Instagram.

Expressing Gratitude

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In Vin Diesel’s post, which he shared to his loving audience of over 102 million followers, the xXx star explained that he had just left a meeting with the writers and creative team behind the Fast & Furious‘ final outing.

Through an emotional caption, Diesel expressed gratitude to his fans, co-stars, and co-producers who helped him to bring this massive vision to life, and assured fans that the finale will be a celebration of everything the franchise has built up to this point.

A Growing Franchise?

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Putting a cap on the Fast & Furious films is no easy task, according to Vin Diesel, not just because the films have continued to escalate in scale and pace throughout the last two decades, but because the cast and crew have become a true family along the way.

The cast of the Fast & Furious films have continued to grow and morph into an enormous ensemble as the years have carried on, bringing many of the best and brightest action A-listers into the fold.

2023’s Fast X alone starred Jason Statham, Tyrese Gibson, John Cena, Helen Mirren, Jason Momoa, Charlize Theron, Reacher‘s Alan Ritchson, and “Act A Fool” rapper Ludacris.

Spinoffs Coming?

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Fans of the long-running films will surely miss their favorite ensemble of undefeatable criminal masterminds, though many Fast & Furious characters have continued onto their own in-universe spinoff films already.

This means that, even with a tearful finale on the way, there may still be a chance to see some of your favorite characters in future cameo appearances.

Still, Vin Diesel is already listed as a producer on multiple Fast & Furious projects according to his IMDb page, so there’s no telling what the future may hold.

Vin Diesel’s Schedule

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Beyond the Fast & Furious finale, Vin Diesel appears to have an incredibly packed schedule, as he is expected to appear in over half a dozen upcoming projects in various stages of active production.

These projects include a new installment in the Riddick franchise, as well as an animated series based on the hit video game Ark: Survival Evolved.