Netflix Gives Charlize Theron Thriller A Second Life

By Jason Collins | Published

Streaming platforms are directly responsible for breathing new life into previously flopped releases, many of which actually trend the streaming lists for a few weeks before falling back into relative obscurity. Charlize Theron’s seemingly run-of-the-mill thriller movie, Trapped, just found new audiences on Netflix, nearly 20 years after it flopped at the box office.

Charlize Theron In Trapped

For the uninitiated, Charlize Theron’s Trapped is a 2002 crime thriller movie based on Greg Iles’ best-selling novel, 24 Hours.

The movie follows a couple who have to fight to save their daughter after she is kidnapped by a mysterious and his wife who demand a reason for unclear reasons.

The movie was directed by Luis Mandoki and featured Theron, Courtney Love, Stuart Townsend, Kevin Bacon, Dakota Fanning, and Pruitt Taylor Vince.

Netflix Gives Trapped New Life

It’s unknown what exactly took and blew the dust off Trapped or what caused the sudden burst of views on Netflix, especially when we consider that the movie actually wasn’t a massive success when it originally premiered in 2002—it actually wasn’t any kind of success.

Charlize Theron’s Trapped, despite being starred by massive star powers, was a massive flop at the box office, as it only managed to earn a measly $13 million worldwide, against an estimated production budget of $30 million.

Trapped Not A Critical Success

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The critical response wasn’t great either. Trapped currently has a 17% critical rating on Rotten Tomatoes and only a 48% audience score.

Many critics called Trapped a negligible work of manipulation and an exploitation piece that splashes its drama all over the screen to subject the audience to action that feels manufactured and fake—which, in reality, it is, but we’re not supposed to notice it.

Despite poor performances, Charlize Theron’s Trapped did receive several home releases, which are mostly money grabs capitalizing on big names.

Not Lost In A Sea Of Movies

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For the most part, it is actually hard to believe that a movie like Charlize Theron’s Trapped managed to resurface.

The early 2000s were packed with mid-budget thrillers since mega-budget franchises weren’t really a thing, and the sheer volume of mid-tier releases during that time is astonishing.

We expected Trapped to get lost in a sea of movies, where the good ones float at the surface and those of sub-par quality sink. But, as it turns out, low-quality releases sometimes wash ashore, where they’re poked with sticks by curious children.

Didn’t Impact Charlize Theron’s Career

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For a time, it was thought that Charlize Theron’s Trapped had taken a backseat to similar crime-thriller releases, such as Along Came a Spider and Enough, but the universe had a different plan, and the movie is now back for everyone to dissect.

Trapped‘s poor performance didn’t adversely affect Charlize Theron and Kevin Bacon‘s careers, especially considering how both actors had gone on to bigger projects.

For instance, Atomic Blond and The Old Guard are both are scheduled to receive sequels. The former is in development, and the latter in post-production.

Trapped On Netflix

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Thanks to the renewed interest, Charlize Theron’s Trapped quickly skyrocketed to the Top 10 list on Netflix, and it’s currently sitting comfortably with other releases such as The Equalizer 3, Lift, and Society of the Snow. Those interested in watching Trapped can do so via streaming on Netflix.