The Dystopian Sci-Fi Series On Prime Video Starring Beloved Magician In Brand New Light

By Nina Phillips | Published

Fans of the BBC hit show Merlin, know Colin Morgan to be a charming and quirky character with a little bit of sass. It’s fair enough to assume all of his acting roles may be similar. However, he turns that on his head with the show Humans.

Human’s Lifelike Robots

Humans is set in a world where robots, known as “synths,” are part of daily life. They are maids, drivers, janitors, and so on, ingrained in the daily lives of people. They are simply tools to use, like toasters or vacuums.

But not every synth is the same. Some have emotions and can feel. The series delves deep into themes dealing with what makes people human, and the lengths people go through to be considered equal.

Merlin’s Colin Morgan Plays A Much Different Character

In Humans, Colin Morgan is a human named Leo Elster who is on the side of the more human-like synths. Gone is the charm and sneaky sarcasm Merlin fans know. Instead, he is cold and embittered against humanity and the whole of the world.

It’s a stark difference, but he plays the role well. He is cold and unfeeling towards humans, but caring and friendly with synth, especially with those he considers his family. In Humans, Leo has almost a Messiah complex as he gives everything to protect the synths he loves.

He’s not the only notable actor in the show either. Gemma Chan, Katherine Parkinson, William Hunt, and Tom Goodman-Hil are also part of the cast.

Humans Is A Remake Of A Swedish Show

The show is based on a Swedish science fiction drama called Real Humans. The two stories overlap considerably, though some stark differences make them both their own full show worth watching individually.

Additionally, though both are shows for more mature viewers, Real Humans delves deeper into more adult themes and has much more nudity than Humans.

Marketing Campaigns Boosted The Show

The first season was broadcast in the UK on Channel 4 on June 14, 2015. It didn’t hit Canada and the United States until the following year on June 28, 2015.

One of the reasons the show managed to do so well was due to the impressive marketing. Various website banners by synthetic robots appeared across the UK’s internet. There were also fake shopfronts where people were enticed to go and create their own synths on interactive screens.

Season two did similar marketing, allowing people to talk to synths online. There were also trucks driving around claiming to be “Persona’s Synthetic Human Collection Service.”

Humans Appeals To Fans Of Neflix’s Black Mirror

black mirror

The theme is also a prominent one. Struggling to determine what describes humanity, and how much technology to include is quite the topic of discussion right now. Because of the themes, many people compare Humans to Netflix’s show Black Mirror.

On Rotten Tomatoes, the critic score is an average of 94 percent while the average audience score is 85 percent. It was a well-loved show, though more popular in the UK than in the rest of the world.

In fact, the show did very well. It ended up as Channel 4’s best drama in 20 years in 2015. When Derek Wax, executive producer, was asked why he thought the show did so well, he was quoted to say, “deals with universal themes. It never felt like science fiction to me, it felt like a story exploring what it means to be human.”

Where To Stream

Humans is available to stream on Amazon. There are a total of three seasons. While the first season earned favorable reviews, season two received universal acclaim and the third season earned critical acclaim.