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Hulu Sci-Fi Thriller Turns Helpful Android Into AI Nightmare

The 2023 British sci-fi thriller movie, T.I.M, is now readily available to stream on Hulu. Starring Georgina Campbell, most known …

5 days ago

Netflix Sci-Fi Supernatural Series Links Together Mind-Bending Stories

If you love anthology shows like Black Mirror, then you might want to check out the newest Netflix anthology series, …

1 month ago

Netflix Has A Black Mirror Fan Problem They Can’t Solve

If you’re at all aware of the hit Netflix sci-fi series Black Mirror, then you likely agree that “predictable” and …

1 month ago

black mirror 1

Netflix Orders Black Mirror Season 7, Returning To Its Best Episode

The news of more Black Mirror all by itself is already enough to get plenty of people excited. But combine …

4 months ago

The ’90s R-Rated Sci-Fi Controversial Blockbuster On Max Still Feels Icky Decades Later

These days, it seems that sci-fi horror projects are all the rage, with new spooky technological warnings such as Black …

5 months ago

black mirror

Netflix Turning Black Mirror Episode Into Standalone Series

Creating a new story with every episode is challenging for any anthology series. But it’s even more so for Black …

6 months ago

The Best Black Mirror Episode Getting Follow-Up?

Black Mirror has plenty of high-quality episodes that fans would love to see revisited, though the tightly-knit stories are often …

6 months ago

star trek prodigy

The New Star Trek Movie Is In The Best Possible Hands

While certainly not the only Star Trek movie in development, news from Paramount Pictures on Wednesday of an origin film …

6 months ago

The Best Netflix Shows Coming Back In 2024 For Another Season

There are tons of new and returning Netflix shows each year. So many, in fact, that it can be a …

7 months ago

The Netflix Sci-Fi Thriller Is A Spectacular Failure That Deserves Another Look

We’ve all seen the memes about “failing successfully,” but did you know that’s exactly what happened to one of the …

7 months ago

Netflix’s Most Important Sci-Fi Series Is Returning

Black Mirror is returning for a seventh season. According to Variety, the show will begin production later in the year, while casting …

8 months ago

Black Mirror Creator Uses AI To Write Episode And The Results Are A Trip

Since its first season, Black Mirror has been delivering fresh and inventive sci-fi stories wrapped up neatly into episodic packages …

9 months ago


The Sci-Fi Thriller On Netflix That Puts You In Control 

Black Mirror is known for creating mindbending content that not only makes the viewers think long after they’ve turned off …

11 months ago

The Black Mirror Episode On Netflix That Is Influencing The Actors Strike

Black Mirror has always had a way of captivating its audiences with too-close-to-home possibilities of technology gone wrong and now, …

1 year ago


Exclusive: Netflix Giving Black Mirror Creator New Series Called Alternate Realities

Apparently, Netflix is convinced Black Mirror creator Charlie Brooker has another anthology hit to give them. Our trusted and proven …

1 year ago

Aaron Paul Is More Afraid Of AI Than Anything In Black Mirror

Aaron Paul has real concerns over how people are blindly accepting AI into their lives.

1 year ago

Black Mirror Season 6 Episode Is About How Terrible Netflix Is For Society

Black Mirror Season 6 will turn Netflix into an evil force that’s destroying society.

1 year ago

The 7 Most Bone-Chilling Television Shows Set In The Future

Terrifying futuristic sci-fi shows include 12 Monkeys, The Expanse, and Altered Carbon.

1 year ago

black mirror season 6

Black Mirror Season 6 First Video Reveals An Amazing Star-Studded Cast

Black Mirror Season 6 will feature Aaron Paul, Zazie Beetz, Salma Hayek Pinault, and many others.

1 year ago


The Most Addictive TV Shows To Binge In One Sitting

These shows are incredibly bingeable.

1 year ago

Black Mirror Season 6: When Will Netflix Bring Back This Series?

Black Mirror season 6 has been confirmed by Netflix and the dystopian series will return for another run of episodes.

1 year ago

salma hayek the hitman's wife's bodyguard

Salma Hayek Cast In Netflix’s Best Show

Salma’s coming to Netflix!

2 years ago

Aaron Paul Joins Acclaimed Science Fiction Series

Jesse is going where no Jesse has gone before.

2 years ago

Bryce Dallas Howard

Was Bryce Dallas Howard’s Butt Changed For The Jurassic World Poster?

The question of the day: did Bryce Dallas Howard’ butt get photoshopped for a poster of Jurassic world and if so, why?

2 years ago

netflix workin moms

Netflix’s Best Sci-Fi Series Is Coming Back

One of Netflix’s most watched series is reportedly coming back to the subscription-based streamer after several years off the air

2 years ago

One Ring lord of the rings

Amazon’s Lord Of The Rings Series: A New Trailer Reveals The Release Date

A new Lord of the Rings series is currently in production with plans to debut it soon on Amazon Prime Video.

hugh grant

A New Hugh Grant Sequel Is Coming To Netflix This Week

A Hugh Granty sequel is on the way!

3 years ago

black mirror

Exclusive: Black Mirror’s Callister Spinoff Is Actually Happening

We’ve exclusively learned that a Black Mirror spinoff series is happening. Here’s what we know about the USS Callister project so far.

3 years ago

Hugh Grant

Hugh Grant Teaming With Black Mirror Creator For 2020 Mockumentary

Black Mirror creator Charlie Brooker is making a new project for Netflix: a mockumentary about the year 2020 with Hugh Grant.

4 years ago