Black Mirror: 5 Filmmakers Who Need To Make The U.S. Version

Black MirrorHere at Giant Freakin’ Robot, our love for the British anthology series Black Mirror is almost as unhealthy as its characters’ connections to the world around them. So when it was announced that the show would be getting a U.S. remake down the line, internal jubilation and despair duked it out, with optimism coming out ahead in the end. But only if the right person is doing it.

Part of what makes creator Charlie Brooker’s future so constantly intriguing is that each of the show’s seven episodes so wholly exudes his singular vision of madness’ trickle effect through gadgetry and pop culture. (Even in the episode he didn’t write.) And so here are five creative minds that we would love to see get behind a domestic Black Mirror, where their own versions of dystopian progress could haunt the world in proper fashion. Fingers crossed.

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This Acclaimed British Anthology Series Is Getting An American Remake

black mirrorDid you ever accidentally buy a greatest hits album that, instead of having the original songs, has the lead singer of the band just performing the hits without the band? That’s the kind of feeling I have now, as it’s been announced that the bonkers-good British anthology series Black Mirror is in the early stages of being adapted for U.S. audiences. This could be amazing, or it could be like one of a million other failed Americanizations of successful overseas properties. Place your bets.

The news was shared by Cris Abrego and Charlie Corwin, the two CEOs and co-chairman of the recently established Endemol Shine North America, at the Real Screen summit. Corwin made it official that “there is a plan” in place for getting a U.S. edition of Black Mirror in development. He added that creator Charlie Brooker and Endemol U.K.’s Annabel Jones “have really touched on something and I agree — we need more.”



Doctor Who And Black Mirror Celebrate Christmas: This Week’s TV Picks

If you discount Christmas specials and marathons, there ain’t jack (frost) shit on this week. But you totally shouldn’t discount those things, because then you would miss new hours of awesomeness from Doctor Who and Black Mirror!

Before you get totally entangled in cooking, wrapping presents, and the inevitable family drama that’s as much a part of the holiday as eggnog and jolly old St. Nick, be sure to set your DVR for the Doctor Who Christmas special. Really, if you’re a true fan it’s probably been set for weeks now, because the Who Christmas special is one of the geek world’s most beloved traditions. And this year is the very first holiday special for new(ish) Who lead Peter Capaldi. With the tragic events of the season finale still all too fresh, fans are eagerly awaiting to see just how the fallout will have affected the relationship between The Doctor and Clara. Is The Doctor’s impossible girl just about done with all this TARDIS nonsense? We have no idea, but we do know Nick Frost will be showing up as Santa Claus, and you had us at “Nick Frost.”

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Black Mirror’s Christmas Episode May Keep You Awake Long Enough To See Santa

Black mirrorBlack Mirror is indeed black — it’s one of the darkest technological dystopias I’ve ever seen, and without a doubt the most relevant, especially given its emphasis on social media. And the name of its Christmas episode, “White Christmas,” is perfect — it sets the viewer up for the irony ahead. This “White Christmas” isn’t the idyllic, snow-covered holiday extravaganza its title suggests. In true Black Mirror fashion, darkness descends, even at the most wonderful time of the year.

The 90-minute episode weaves together three plotlines, as this show often does. It starts with Matthew (Mad Men‘s Jon Hamm) in a secluded cabin with a roommate with whom he apparently hasn’t spoken in years. Black Mirror characters often have problems communicating, at least without digital/technological means — and we’ll get to that. It becomes clear that both characters have skeletons in their closets and are likely hiding out. The first third of the movie is about Matthew’s crime, the second about Matthew’s high-tech job, and the third about his roommate Joe’s crime.

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Watch Black Mirror’s Super Creepy Christmas Special Trailer

The British anthology series Black Mirror has been responsible for some of the most disturbing recent sequences in sci-fi TV, and creator Charlie Brooker is targeting the holiday season for the highly anticipated special Black Mirror: White Christmas. We’ve already seen what star Jon Hamm looks like for his substantial role(s), and now a full trailer has been released. Watch it beneath a surveillance camera and some mistletoe.

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Black Mirror, The UK’s Brilliant Sci-Fi Anthology, Is Now On Netflix

black mirrorNetflix taketh away (bye bye, Battlestar Galactica, among others), but Netflix also giveth — and I’m not just talking about the possibility of more Star Trek, or even about J. Michael Straczynski’s upcoming series Sense8. I’m talking about an awesome sci-fi import from across the pond: Black Mirror.

I’m totally obsessed with this show. It’s the best sci-fi anthology since The Twilight Zone, and it’s not for the faint of heart. Its incisive critiques on social media, technology addiction, and humans’ unfailing ability to convince themselves of their own realities (usually with the help of technology and social media) often take brutal forms. I’ve had to turn away more than once, but for me that signals powerful television. All the cringe-worthy moments have a purpose. And now, all those cringe-worthy moments are a lot easier to view, thanks to Netflix.

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