Netflix’s Best Sci-Fi Series Is Coming Back

By Matthew Creith | 3 weeks ago


Netflix has become a favorite stop for many audiences when it comes to intriguing and enlightening binge watching activities. With true crime documentaries, limited series, and long running television shows, Netflix is often seen as the leader in streaming options. Even with recent news that Netflix’s stock has been on a downswing, per Gizmodo, it is not stopping when it comes to providing quality television. One of Netflix’s most watched series is reportedly coming back to the subscription-based streamer after several years off the air: Black Mirror.

As Variety reports, Black Mirror will be returning to Netflix for its sixth season, as it comes off of a three-year hiatus, with its newest episodes last available back in 2019. The successful science fiction anthology series is reminiscent of the original version of The Twilight Zone, and follows various storylines in a futuristic setting where every episode is slightly different from the rest. According to IMDb, the series has so far lasted five seasons, 22 episodes, as well as several webisodes. The show originated on British television sets for the first two seasons before moving to Netflix in 2016 to global audiences. Since then, the series has enjoyed critical praise and accolades, including 14 Primetime Emmy Award nominations with eight total wins so far.

Black Mirror was originally created by Charlie Brooker in 2011 in Britain before the big move to Netflix a few years later. Prior to Netflix, the show was mostly seen as a low budget alternative to The Twilight Zone, but reimagined for Netflix with larger budgets and huge celebrity guest stars. When it arrived to international audiences via the streamer, Black Mirror highlighted a roster of A-list stars that have since included Miley Cyrus, Anthony Mackie, Andrew Scott, Bryce Dallas Howard, Jesse Plemons, Letitia Wright, Cristin Milioti, Jon Hamm, Haley Atwell, and Daniel Kaluuya.

There is no word yet on which performers or storylines will be featured in the sixth season of Black Mirror, but rest assured that the series will most likely continue with its ongoing critical reception. As of this writing, the dystopian mega hit has a Rotten Tomatoes score of 84% on its Tomatomater, in addition to an 84% Audience Score. Currently, Metacritic rates Black Mirror with a 76 on its Metascore, meaning it is generally favored among critics to the site. The same site shows an 8.5 rating for their User Score, which denotes universal acclaim for the long running series.

As Netflix looks to shed some disappointing headlines about their stock and employee morale, it is pretty comforting to know that the global streamer is investing their time and money into a show like Black Mirror that has been well-received for many years. With this dark series, often set in near-future environments of technological advancements and human greed, a sixth season announcement will hopefully come with a lot of joy to loyal fans of a series that has been missed by many through these last several years. One can only imagine what amazing guest stars this sixth season will bring, along with the interesting plot twists along the way.