10 Sexiest Sci-Fi Leading Ladies Ever Cast In Movies

By Rick Gonzales | Updated

10 Sexiest Sci-Fi Leading Ladies In Movies

Throughout the history of film, Hollywood’s leading ladies have offered a certain visual appeal. Of course, looks are subjective and what is sexy to one, may not be the other’s cup of tea. When it comes to sci-fi movies, there is no shortage of choices for sexy leading ladies.

We have put together a list of the 10 sexiest sci-fi leading ladies ever to be cast in a movie. For now, we are not including television, so actresses such as Tricia Helfer (Battlestar Galactica), Jeri Ryan (Star Trek: Voyager), and Gillian Anderson (The X-Files) while sexy as can be, did not make the list. We are strictly looking at feature sci-fi films.

So, here are the 10 sexiest sci-fi leading ladies ever to be cast in a feature film. Again, taste being what it is, let us know where these leading ladies rate on your sexy sci-fi scale.

matrix carrie-anne moss trinity

10. Carrie-Anne Moss – The Matrix

Carrie-Anne Moss was an up-and-coming actress when she was cast in the role of Trinity in the first Matrix film in 1999. She was a perfect fit for the part, looking fantastic in her leather costumes, with the ability to fight and defend herself with deadly skill and grace.

As the leading lady in The Matrix and its eventual sequels – The Matrix Reloaded, The Matrix Revolutions, and The Matrix Resurrections – Moss displayed the physical attributes that immediately put her on the 10 sexiest sci-fi leading ladies. A computer programmer and hacker with a cause, Moss’s Trinity is exactly what reboots a computer geek’s hard drive.

9. Linda Hamilton – The Terminator

Linda Hamilton made her first appearance as Sarah Connor in the 1984 sci-fi film, The Terminator, a surprise smash hit. When we first meet Hamilton as Sarah Connor, she is a mild, meek waitress being hunted down by Arnold Schwarzenegger’s T-800, a cyborg with living skin surrounding a robotic exoskeleton.

What makes Linda Hamilton one of the 10 sexiest leading ladies in a sci-fi movie is her transformation from meek to badass. Physically she is very attractive from the jump, but when you add in the fact that as the first film moves along, Connor’s change is also a mental one, it truly puts her over the top. Hamilton would make an even bigger jump in her sexiness in the sequel, Terminator 2.

8. Sigourney Weaver – Alien series

Sigourney Weaver was a virtual unknown when she took on the role of Ellen Ripley in the Ridley Scott 1979 sci-fi hit, Alien. In fact, Alien was Weaver’s second feature film, following the little-known Madman. Again, like Linda Hamilton above, Sigourney Weaver’s sexiness comes from her transformation from a mild crew member on the spaceship Nostromo to a badass Alien hunter as the creature begins to pick off the crew one by one.

Weaver played Ripley four times – Alien, Aliens, Alien 3, and Alien Resurrection. While for most of these films, Ripley wore clothing that was quite concealing, it was in the first film where Ripley appeared in just her skivvies, and we got to see what Ripley was made of.

7. Jane Fonda - Barbarella

The name may sound familiar, and in fact, you may know Jane Fonda from recent films such as 80 for Brady, Book Club: The Next Chapter, and even the TV series, Frankie and Johnny. But turn back the clock on Fonda and you will have one of the sexiest leading ladies to hit the sci-fi circuit. We go way to 1968 and Barbarella.

From the film’s opening scene, you know exactly what you are going to get from Fonda and Barbarella, a film based on the French comic book of the same name. Barbarella features Fonda in numerous sci-fi outfits that leave little to the imagination as she finds herself in various situations where her sex appeal is the only answer.

6. Scarlett Johansson – Lucy

This may be a first – a sexy drug mule. Scarlett Johansson stars as Lucy, a young lady studying in Taiwan, whose boyfriend tricks her into becoming a drug mule for a Taiwanese drug lord. After seeing her boyfriend shot and killed, Lucy is caught and forced to have drugs sewn into her abdomen so she can transport the drugs to Europe. But while she is in captivity, she gets kicked in the stomach, breaking one of the bags of drugs, which then is released into her system.

As the drug makes its way through her body, Lucy begins to show enhanced physical and mental abilities, such as mental time travel, telekinesis, and telepathy. Lucy is on her way to exacting some revenge and as it’s Scarlett Johansson, she does it every bit as sexy as can be.

5. Natasha Henstridge - Species

Talk about one well-put-together Species. Natasha Henstridge is the incredibly sexy Sil, a half-human, half-alien hybrid creature created under a program known as Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence. After almost being killed by her creators, Sil escapes captivity to find herself roaming Los Angeles.

Unable to separate herself from her alien instincts, Sil turns into a hyper-sexual predator, hunting for a suitable mate. Henstridge’s willingness to portray Sil in either her bra and panties or even nothing at all makes her one of the sexiest leading ladies in sci-fi history. The film did spawn three more movies in the franchise with Henstridge returning for Species II and Species III.

4. Kate Beckinsale – Underworld series

There are five films in the Underworld series and other than the third film, Kate Beckinsale is nothing short of unbelievably sexy as Selene, a Death Dealer (vampire assassin) whose life-long mission is to hunt down the Lycans (werewolves) who were responsible for the death of her family.

Tight leather outfits with the ability to perform virtually any stunt are what puts Beckinsale near the top of the 10 sexiest sci-fi leading ladies list. On top of that, Selene has been a Death Dealer (and vampire) for such a long time, she has forgotten what intimacy is all about, until she meets Michael, a human who has her “feeling” again. It is going from a cold, unfeeling vampire to one who begins to have feelings simply adds to her appeal.

Charlize theron

3. Charlize Theron – Prometheus and Aeon Flux

Even on her worst day, Charlize Theron has what it takes to be considered one of the top 10 sexiest sci-fi leading ladies. We couldn’t decide between Prometheus or even Aeon Flux as sci-fi characters that Theron made sexy, so we chose both.

In Prometheus, Theron makes villainy look sexy as she appears as Meredith Vickers, a Weyland Corporation employee attached to the spaceship Prometheus so she can monitor their expedition. Although her sex appeal is a bit understated in the film, she still manages to make it work.

In Aeon Flux, Theron is at her sci-fi sexy best as the title character and skilled warrior who makes killing look good. She also makes revenge look good for when she returns home from a particular dangerous mission, she finds that her sister has been killed. Aeon Flux, dressed in costumes to kill, then turns her deadly attention to those who wronged her.


2. Carrie Fisher – Star Wars original trilogy

As the leading lady in the sci-fi epic original Star Wars trilogy, Carrie Fisher’s Princess Leia is easily one of the sexiest characters in sci-fi history. From her take-charge attitude to her ability to play the damsel in distress to that extremely revealing gold metal bikini in Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi, Princess Leia has been the fantasy of many men (and quite possibly a few women) over the 46 years since she was introduced.

Again, sexy can be defined in various ways and it most definitely is subjective. But many find sexiness to be both a physical and mental combination and a character such as Princess Leia exhibits both on a large scale.

1. Milla Jovovich – The Fifth Element

Take your pick. The Resident Evil franchise, Ultraviolet, Monster Hunter, and yes, even The Fifth Element. You name just one sci-fi movie that Milla Jovovich has been in, and you will see sexy embodied. We are going with The Fifth Element here because it was her first.

Jovovich graced us with her truly sexy appearance as Leeloo, the fifth element, from the moment we laid eyes on her. Her character was brought to life, wrapped in the most revealing of white bandage costumes, performing a made-up language, and simply drop-dead gorgeous. It’s no wonder Bruce Willis’s Korben Dallas fell hard for her