Mad Max Director Jumping Into Marvel After Furiosa?

By Jason Collins | Published

Following the very successful premiere of his film, Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga, director George Miller shared that he would gladly work with Chris Hemsworth again—due to the actor’s many talents—and volunteered to direct the next MCU iteration of Thor in Thor 5.

George Miller Wants To Work With Chris Hemsworth Again

Despite being attached to direct Justice League: Mortal before the project fell apart, George Miller never actually directed a superhero movie. However, in his recent interview regarding Furiosa, Miller revealed that he would be interested in working with Chris Hemsworth on Thor 5.

Miller also added that Hemsworth is a wonderful and very talented actor with a full range of acting skills necessary to pull off just about any complex role. To make things more interesting, George Miller’s Marvel movie comments couldn’t have arrived at a better time.

Hemsworth Wants To Play Thor One More Time

Chris Hemsworth recently commented that he’d like to return for another Thor movie if Marvel and Disney decided to distance themselves from less serious storylines like that of Thor: Love and Thunder—while adapting several comic book storylines, the last film really deviated from the original Thor formula. Considering how awesome Furiosa is, George Miller’s Marvel movie centered around Thor would be a blast that might even supersede the original 2011 Thor movie.

Disney Should Take Another Big Swing

Furthermore, Disney CEO Bob Iger—the very same that has Disney cutting down on traditional TV content—mandates that Marvel look back at its more successful franchises, such as The Avengers and adjacent movies.

The current batch of content isn’t really faring well with the audiences, and Disney feels the growing void in its pockets due to budgeting toward wrong releases. Perhaps a George Miller Marvel movie is all Disney needs right now to secure yet another victory similar to the one provided by X-Men ’97.

The Possibility Of Thor 5

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Despite grossing a considerable amount, Thor: Love and Thunder was a disappointment for Marvel, which makes the possibility of Thor 5 rather slim. However, considering just how successful the original Thor movie has been and Iger’s push towards better-yielding recipes, making Thor 5 isn’t outside the realm of possibilities.

But Taika Waititi’s return to the directorial chair might be outside said realm, and the fandom can only hope for Marvel to replace Waititi with Miller, granting us a George Miller Marvel movie.

Potentially War Of The Realms

In fact, Thor 5 could turn the whole franchise around following the disappointing Love and Thunder, and George Miller would be the perfect director to bring the War of the Realms event from the comics to the Marvel Universe. It would be an Avengers-like narrative that basically centers on Thor as a character.

The story has one of the best Thor villains ever, Malekith, who has the potential to grow into an overarching threat similar to Thanos—with all of that said, the MCU still has to officially announce the movie and whether or not it’s in the works.

Whatever the case may be, George Miller is one of the greatest directors alive, and Marvel would miss a great opportunity if they didn’t hire him to direct a future Thor movie.

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