The Best Marvel Memes From Every Phase Of The Franchise

By Rick Gonzales | Published

You’ve got to hand it to the MCU, not only have they been one of the most popular entities as a whole (well, at least until Endgame) on the big and small screens, but they have also provided those internet savvy meme makers plenty of material for them to take their shots at the entertainment behemoth. In fact, there is so much great (and hilarious) meme material out there concerning the MCU that we had to pull a Thanos and snap our fingers just to remove half the memes and get it to a workable number.

So, here are 10 of the best Marvel memes. Tell us if we “snapped” out the right ones.

10 Best Marvel Memes

10. Guardians Love Them Some Thor

It’s a joke that did not make Guardians of the Galaxy’s Peter Quill/Star-Lord so happy. This Marvel meme perfectly demonstrates Quill’s reaction to Thor after he joined up with the team and began to get more attention than Quill cared for.

This funny meme has “Thor” walking past while the “Guardians of the Galaxy” turn around and admire him walking. Next to them is “Star-Lord” with a very unhappy look. Funny stuff.

9. Spider in a Glass

Have you ever found yourself deep into a film wondering why the villain, who many times claim to be the most brilliant ever to walk the Earth (or another world, for that matter), didn’t come up with a simpler plan to take out the hero? Why must everything be so complex?

Here is one Spider-Man meme that offers the easiest of solutions for all of Spidey’s villains. The easiest way to catch a spider? Put a glass over it. Come on, look how simple a solution that is, and not one villain in all this time invented a large glass to put over Spider-Man.

8. Hi, My Name is Chris

As a Marvel meme, this one just feels so true, doesn’t it? If your name is Chris and you are auditioning for a Marvel film, the chances are quite high that you will be hired.

So far, Marvel has three Chris’ on their Marvel lineup card. The first was Chris Hemsworth in 2011 when he brought Thor to life. Then barely two months later in 2011, Chris Evans introduced Steve Rogers/Captain America to the public.

Finally, in 2014, Chris Pratt led the Guardians of the Galaxy into movie theaters.  Both Hemsworth and Pratt are still part of the MCU while Evans, well, we’ll just have to see if he will remain a “Chris” card-carrying MCU member.

7. Favorite Infinity War Character

This Marvel meme is absolutely hilarious unless you are one of those still suffering PTSD from the fallout that was “The Snap” felt around the world. Here we get a look at four Marvel “characters” and you, the viewer, are given a choice. Is your favorite Marvel Infinity War character number 1, 2, 3 or 4?

The twist on the whole favorite character choosing is that a pile of colored dust represents your choices. Well played, meme maker, well played.

6. New Avengers 4 Title

At least the new Avengers 4 title was trying to help fans prepare for what they were about to invest their good money and over two and a half hours of their life on. This meme maker cleverly removed the “Infinity War” portion of the title and replaced it with what everyone can now attest to from the film’s shocking and heartbreaking ending.

As half of the Avengers begins to turn to dust, leaving audiences in tears, this new title hits the nail on the head – “Avengers: LMFAOOO y’all gone be traumatized after watching this.” Perfect.

5. No Shit, Sherlock

One of the better pairings within the Avengers world came when Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) never one for a loss of words and sarcasm, meets up with Stephen Strange/Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) for a little mano-y-mano repartee. Ego’s inflated, and they both get some good jabs in, but as this Marvel meme points out, why neither one said, “No shit, Sherlock,” was quite disappointing.

You see, in 2009, Robert Downey Jr. became Sherlock Holmes in a film of the same name. He followed that up two years later with the sequel, Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows. A third RDJ Holmes film is said to be on the way.

On the other side of the pond, Benedict Cumberbatch brought his version of the character to the BBC in 2010. He played Holmes for four seasons (the English call each season a series) for a total of 9 episodes. Not having either utter the “No shit, Sherlock” line feels like a missed opportunity.

4. Saturday Night vs Monday Morning

We’ve all been there before. The two-day hangover. You know you’ve done well if you are still feeling the pain come Monday morning. In this Marvel meme, we get to see the two faces of Wanda Maximoff, the Scarlett Witch. The first one we see is Scarlett and all smiles. This is her “Saturday night” look, ready to step out.

The second one is of a darker, meaner-looking Scarlett Witch. Here she represents the Monday blues and we can certainly feel her pain.

3. Say Cheese!

Who out there hates getting their picture taken? Yes, the advent of the smartphone and selfies has taken over the world, but that doesn’t mean we have to encourage it by getting our pictures snapped whenever or wherever. Besides, some of us do not like our smiles, at least on camera.

We have no problem enjoying life, going out to functions, laughing, and smiling. But turn a camera on us and boom, smiles fade or even worse, become awkward.

In this Marvel meme, we can thank Christian Bale for showing us how it is – a normal smile versus when you’re asked to smile for the camera. Cheese!

2. My Dad and His Stories

Does anyone out there have a dad that loves to regale family and friends about his “youth” and how spectacularly dominant he was as a child? Everything he did seemed like it was a world-changing event. Even walking down the street “back in the day” was an amazing feat.

This funny Marvel meme uses Chris Hemsworth’s Thor, the chubby one and the mighty one, to show just how kids see their fathers. The chubby father of today versus the spectacular child from yesteryear. Just how true is this?

1. Spoiler Alert!

Ever have one of those “oops” moments when something crawls out of your mouth that shouldn’t have? You accidentally reveal a secret or let slip that your girlfriend’s new hairdo looks exactly the same now as it did before she got it done? Honest mistakes, right? (right?) Well then perhaps we can forgive Mark Ruffalo and Tom Holland for their past transgressions. Marvel, on the other hand, may not.

It has become a well-known FACT that Ruffalo and Holland cannot be trusted with entire scripts and even knowing partial storylines as they possess the gift of gab with little filter. Holland, more than Ruffalo, has been notorious for revealing details he should have kept to himself, while Ruffalo committed the ultimate sin by live streaming (from his pocket) the opening to Chris Hemsworth’s Thor: Ragnarok during the world premiere.

The above meme has only been topped by Ruffalo and Holland themselves when Ruffalo posted to his Instastory a Happy Birthday post to Holland. It was of him and Holland smiling and Ruffalo’s caption, “That moment of relief when you make it through an interview with no spoilers. Happy birthday @tomholland2013! I’d say we’re getting better. Right?”

To which Holland replied, “God I hope so” with a laughing with tears emoji. You can see both below.

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