Chris Hemsworth Based His New Blockbuster Villain On Birds

By Jeffrey Rapaport | Published

chris hemsworth furiosa

You can’t fault Chris Hemsworth for finding creative sources of inspiration, as the Australian Hollywood megastar revealed on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert that seagulls inspired much of the physicality, demeanor, and even voice of his character, Dr. Dementus, the villain in the upcoming Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga. 

Seagulls And Dementus

chris hemsworth furiosa

Indeed, Hemsworth dished to Colbert that, while on a trip to the park with his kids, he observed the behavior of seagulls in earnest, reflecting on their particularly obnoxious quality. Soon enough, the actor had resolved to incorporate elements of their vocal patterns into his character’s speech, alongside their jerky, almost boastful movements; Hemsworth even gleaned the idea for a prosthetic nose from the creatures’ beaks. 

Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga

Furiosa will function as a prequel to the critically acclaimed Mad Max: Fury Road, which debuted in 2015 and took the world by storm. With Chris Hemsworth as the villain, the film will explore the backstory of one of the franchise’s iconic characters, Imperator Furiosa, portrayed by Anya Taylor-Joy.

Treating her childhood, capture, escape, and revenge, the film charts her arc into a formidable warrior, one fans have long enjoyed. 

For Hemsworth, his foray into playing a villain on such a huge scale is a first for the household name actor.

Handling a lead role in an installment of a franchise so strongly associated with his home country should have put pressure on Australian Hemsworth, but we’re sure he rose to the occasion. 

Mad Max

chris hemsworth furiosa

The Mad Max universe is a totally unique and beloved titan of world cinema, the brainchild of visionary director George Miller. The first film was shot in Australia in 1979 and starred a young Mel Gibson; an unexpected success, it went on to gross more than $100 million worldwide.

As to be expected, expansive, expensive productions soon followed, culminating with Chris Hemsworth’s new Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga.

Most of the films share the same incredible setting: a desolate, post-apocalyptic Australia, one colored by gritty realism and high-octane action sequences, all of which captivate audiences worldwide.

The films in the series include, in addition to the OG, Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior (many consider this the finest in the franchise, an instance of “sequel better than first film” syndrome, uncommon in cinema) and Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome. 

Fury Road

mad max

The 2015 revival enlisted Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron to great effect; the latter splendidly played Furiosa. The project earned a whole new fanbase for the franchise, showcasing innovative stunts, practical effects, and a relentless pace. Critical acclaim and multiple awards were just desserts. Hopefully, Chris Hemsworth and Furiosa enjoy comparable success. 

Chris Hemsworth

chris hemsworth

Like the Mad Max series, Hemsworth is one of The Land Down Under’s best-known exports. The actor rose to international stardom through talent, good looks, and surprising versatility.

He is probably best known for portraying Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, though Hemsworth has demonstrably flexed a wide range, transitioning between action-heavy blockbusters and outright comedic roles. 

Chris Hemsworth, a true Australian son, was not only born in Melbourne but also raised in the Outback. His deep-rooted connection to the arid landscape, which is inherent to the Mad Max universe, is sure to enrich his contribution to the film. 

We can’t wait to see what Chris Hemsworth does in Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga, even if—and especially because—seagulls inspired his performance.