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star trek discovery

Star Trek Pays Homage To Fan-Favorite DS9 Episode

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine helped us learn more about many cool alien races, including the Trill, who are able …

10 hours ago


Massive Sci-Fi Blockbuster Movie Filled With Junk Science Makes No Sense

Do you remember when big-budget blockbusters made absolutely no sense but nobody cared because they were so awesome? Armageddon is …

3 days ago

michael douglas marvel

Marvel Star Asked To Die In Last Movie With Major Special Effect

According to Michael Douglas, the star all but demanded to be killed off in his latest Marvel outing, and even …

3 days ago

X-Men ’97 Hero Almost Started The MCU In The ’80s

One of the things fans love most about X-Men ‘97 is all of the fan service cameos, and my personal …

4 days ago

How X-Men ’97 Remixes Marvel Comics’ Best Storylines

Part of what makes the success of X-Men ‘97 so impressive is that the show has done the seemingly impossible …

4 days ago

star trek enterprise-d

Star Trek’s Best Hero Created To Avoid Adding Another Woman

Star Trek: The Next Generation introduced us to the Klingon Starfleet officer, Worf, and he eventually became one of the …

4 days ago


James Gunn Superman Can Never Be As Awful As This ‘90s Embarrassment

Fans are worried about James Gunn’s new Superman movie. With all the Henry Cavill fans sour about their Superman being …

4 days ago

star trek sarek

Star Trek’s Saddest Episode Was Secretly About Gene Roddenberry

For fans of Star Trek: The Next Generation, one of the saddest episodes was “Sarek,” which featured Spock’s father facing …

5 days ago

Star Trek Reboot Nearly Directed By a Horror Icon

For better or for worse, JJ Abrams has really defined the face of modern sci-fi. He directed two films in …

5 days ago

Captain Kirk Was Nearly Connected To The Worst Star Trek: TNG Episode

Star Trek: The Next Generation was always careful about bringing in characters from The Original Series so as not to …

5 days ago

star wars thrawn

Star Wars’ Thrawn Used A Secret Weapon Better Than The Death Star

Long-time fans of the Star Wars Expanded Universe have been singing Grand Admiral Thrawn’s praises for years. A leader like …

6 days ago

the expanse

The Expanse Aliens Are The Most Realistic And Terrifying In Sci-Fi

Pity the sci-fi writer of the 2020s; our era could be the least conducive to thinking up original aliens–of creepy, …

6 days ago

marvel combo man

Marvel’s Most Powerful Hero Based On Junk Food

If someone asked you who the most overpowered Marvel character was, you’d probably guess Thanos or the Hulk, right? What …

6 days ago

star trek spot

Iconic Star Trek Villain Almost Played By a Woman

For better or for worse, Star Trek fans have grown accustomed to new androids popping up in the franchise bearing …

6 days ago

Star Trek’s Biggest Plot Twist Decided At The Last Minute

For fans of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, the craziest plot twist came in “Doctor Bashir, I Presume,” an episode …

7 days ago

dc marvel

DC And Marvel Stole Each Others’ Teams

If you’re a comic book fan, then chances are you’ve asked the ultimate question all comic book geeks ask at …

1 week ago

The Guardians of the Galaxy Member Canon To Marvel And DC

Thanks to the MCU, most people know the character Mantis as a member of The Guardians of the Galaxy. However, …

1 week ago

ds9 roddenberry
star trek synthehol

Star Trek’s Most Hilarious Scene Isn’t A Joke And Never Was

Despite occasional outliers like Lower Decks, Star Trek has never been considered a very funny franchise. However, the conversation in …

1 week ago

Star Wars Fan Favorite Hero Survives The Movies But That’s Not Their Original Fate

One of the more controversial choices Disney made when creating the Star Wars sequel trilogy was killing off the holy …

1 week ago

simpsons house

The Real Life Simpsons House Is An Absolute Nightmare

Jeff Charney was serving as marketing director for Nevada home builders Kaufman and Broad when he was struck with a …

2 weeks ago

william shatner tekwar

William Shatner’s Forgotten Sci-Fi Follow-Up Flop After Star Trek

The year is 1989. Paramount has just released Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, the first and only Star Trek …

2 weeks ago

star trek drugs

Star Trek Picard’s Worst Character Breaks Gene Roddenberry’s Biggest Rule

While actor Michelle Hurd is immensely talented, her Star Trek: Picard character Raffi is basically the worst. Her characterization is …

2 weeks ago

Star Trek Actor’s Stunning Theory Why TNG Succeeded

The ongoing controversy over the quality of Paramount+ flagship show Star Trek: Discovery is proof that fans enjoy some shows …

2 weeks ago

star trek roddenberry

Star Trek Creator Nearly Banned From Paramount

Star Trek: The Original Series was created by Gene Roddenberry, and he was very protective of the later spinoff show …

2 weeks ago

Return of the Jedi

Luke Skywalker Can Be Saved By Disney With A Radical Reveal

As far as death goes, Luke Skywalker’s seemed pretty final. Not only did his body physically evaporate, but he also …

2 weeks ago

A Dog Inspired Two Of The Best Characters In Hollywood History

At first glance, Chewbacca and Indiana Jones don’t have much in common. One is the Star Wars franchise’s resident co-pilot …

2 weeks ago

star wars force duel

Lightsaber Fights Are An Official Sport

In a galaxy not so far away, lightsaber fights have become more than just a fantasy. Thanks to the innovative …

2 weeks ago

star trek kellerun

Star Trek’s Starfleet Now Includes Infamously Traitorous Species

At the end of Star Trek: Discovery’s second season, the title ship and her crew ended up in the far-flung …

2 weeks ago

star trek pilot

Star Trek’s Worst Pilot Episode Responsible For Its Best

While I’m a big believer that Star Trek: Deep Space Nine is the best series in the franchise, it got …

2 weeks ago