What Is The Planet Peridea In Star Wars?

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Peridea in Ahsoka

Ahsoka is creating new Star Wars lore left and right. The series’ 6th episode had a number of firsts, but perhaps the most impressive one was introducing fans to a new galaxy outside the main Star Wars galaxy. So far, we’ve only been exposed to one planet in this new galaxy of infinite possibilities, a little place called Peridea, and boy, is it a doozy.

Peridea Is A Space Whale Graveyard

Space Whales in Star Wars

For starters, the planet has a ring around it, much like Saturn in our own galaxy, the Milky Way. Unlike Saturn’s rings, which are made up largely of ice, rocks, and lots of dust, Peridea’s ring is made up of the bones of thousands, possibly millions, of Purrgil.

That’s right, the first thing Star Wars fans were greeted with upon Baylan, Shin, and Morgan’s arrival in this new galaxy was a space whale graveyard. When did Star Wars get so metal?

It turns out the reason Thrawn and Ezra ended up stranded on a mysterious planet in a different galaxy than the one they call home is because the Purrgil whales they hitched a ride with at the end of Star Wars: Rebels were going to Peridea to die. As sick as that is, it only scratches the surface of Peridea’s mysteries.

Peridea Is The Nightsisters’ Ancient Homeland

The Nightsisters and Morgan Elsbeth on Peridea in Ahsoka

One of the other things waiting for Ahsoka’s trio of antagonists upon reaching Peridea was a trio of Nightsisters, much the same as the ones that reside on Dathomir in the Star Wars galaxy we all know and love.

It’s soon revealed that in ancient times, Peridea was the home of the original Nightsisters, who called themselves the Witch Kingdom of the Dathomiri. These Dathomiri eventually—for reasons unknown—left Peridea and migrated to the planet they now call home in the main Star Wars galaxy.

Peridea Might Harbor Jedi Secrets

Ezra Bridger on Peridea in Ahsoka

While it’s new to Star Wars fans, Peridea is apparently not unknown in the main Star Wars galaxy, as stated by Baylan Skoll. As Skoll explains to his apprentice Shin, Jedi younglings were told stories of Peridea and the great secrets that the planet holds during their time training at the Jedi temple. Baylan admits, however, that most Jedi considered the stories about Peridea to be folktales and myths.

As to what secrets the planet holds, Baylan never specifies, but he did tell Shin in an earlier episode that when they found Thrawn, they would also find “Power. Such as you’ve never dreamed.” Baylan mentions this “power” a few times but never elaborates on its source or even who or what it actually is.

The closest we get to a clue is when Baylan tells Shin that he is on Peridea to find “a beginning” so that he can break the constant cycle of war in his galaxy. What that beginning entails is for Baylan to know and for Shin—and the rest of us—to hopefully find out in one of the few episodes left of Ahsoka, Season 1.

Peridea’s Native Species

A Noti from Peridea

Aside from the fact that it contains a great power according to old Jedi tales, and it’s the birthplace of the Nightsisters, not much is known about Peridea. We know of at least two of the planet’s native species, the howlers, and the Noti, and we know that groups of bandits roam around looking for innocents to prey upon. That’s about it.

The Howlers are wolf/horse hybrids that Thrawn and his people use for transportation, and the bandits look cool and speak an alien language. The Noti, on the other hand, are an adorable insectoid race with shells on their back that they hide under to blend in with rocks when threatened.

The Noti appear to be nomads who move their camps—which resemble trailer parks, by the way—every few days, as explained by Ezra to Sabine after some helpful Noti help the Mandalorian finally find her missing friend.

So far, Peridea is an interesting planet with the potential to upend the Star Wars universe as we know it. It all depends on what “power” Baylan Skoll is seeking. An eldritch horror of cosmic proportions like H.P. Lovecraft’s Old Ones? Some kind of time travel? The origin of the Force?

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