Quentin Tarantino Cancels Final Film Before First Day Of Shoot

By Jacob VanGundy | Published

Quentin Tarantino’s much-hyped film The Movie Critic won’t begin shooting this summer as was originally planned. The legendary director is reportedly moving away from the project, meaning it may never see the light of day. It was expected to be his final movie, raising the stakes around his decision not to shoot the film. 

The Movie Critic

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The Movie Critic was originally meant to start shooting in August, though most of the filming was planned for next year. Quentin Tarantino intended to shoot for one day in August to qualify for a tax credit, shooting the rest of the movie in 2025. The August shooting has been canceled, and it seems the movie itself may be as well. 

No reason was given for canceling the shoot only that Quentin Tarantino had changed his mind. While this doesn’t mean The Movie Critic will never happen, it’s an odd choice for the director to change his mind about the film a few months before shooting after spending the past several months working on the script.

It will be interesting to see if the legendary director chooses to share why he suddenly changed his mind about working on the movie. 

Already Walked Away From Star Trek

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This isn’t the first high-profile project that Quentin Tarantino has worked on, that never ended up being made. The director was famously attached to an R-rated Star Trek movie that was never produced.

Unlike the Star Trek project, which was canceled by Paramount, The Movie Critic seems to have been killed by Tarantino himself, as no studio was attached to the film yet. 

Brad Pitt Returning From Once Upon A Time In Hollywood?

Not much is known about The Movie Critic, with Quentin Tarantino keeping the details under wrap.

The only known detail was that Brad Pitt would return as Cliff Booth, his character in Tarantino’s previous film Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Exactly how the two movies were connected was never revealed, with some fans speculating that The Movie Critic would be a prequel. 

Quentin Tarantino’s Final Film?

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Much of the interest around The Movie Critic was that it was widely expected to be the final film directed by Quentin Tarantino.

He has long stated that he didn’t want to overstay his time as a relevant director and wanted to quit while he was still making good movies. To accomplish that he claimed he would retire after his tenth movie, which The Movie Critic was going to be. 

His Resume Is Unmatched

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Thus far Quentin Tarantino has a reputation for making highly respected films that appeal to critics and general audiences alike. From low-budget crime movies like Reservoir Dogs to sprawling neo-Western Django Unchained, Tarantino has brought his distinctive style to a wide range of genres with near-universal success.

He’s widely considered one of Hollywood’s greatest living writers and directors with eight Oscar nominations and two wins under his belt. 

Will The Movie Critic Happen?

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Whether or not he returns to The Movie Critic, Quentin Tarantino’s next film is sure to draw plenty of interest. His stellar filmography and promise to retire after his next film have raised expectations as fans eagerly await his swan song.

It also means that every creative decision he makes until his final movie comes out is certain to be obsessed over by fans and the media alike.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter