Star Trek Writers Clueless About Finishing Their Best Story

Getting Star Trek fans to agree on almost anything can be as difficult as getting a Klingon to pet a …

12 hours ago

star trek spock

How Star Trek Shaped An Iconic Stephen King Villain

If you’ve ever seen 1984’s Children of the Corn, then you’re familiar with one of the creepiest kids ever put …

5 days ago

The Big Budget Sci-Fi Movie That’s A Secret Star Trek V Remake

The plot of Prometheus is almost identical to the plot of Star Trek V: The Final Frontier. Both movies are …

6 days ago

star trek discovery

The Star Trek Show That Ruined Food Forever

One of the coolest sci-fi concepts featured in Star Trek is the food replicators–all characters have to do is walk …

7 days ago

star trek voyager

Star Trek Writers Fat-Shamed Stars By Writing It Into The Story

Star Trek: Voyager was full of great relationships, and perhaps none more so than the friendship between Tom Paris and …

1 week ago

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Star Trek’s Best Villain Is Much Older Than You Think

While the Borg are scary and the Klingons are fun, many Star Trek fans believe the best villain is Q, …

1 week ago

star trek deep space nine feature

Star Trek Fan-Favorite Species Has Controversial Inspiration

While Star Trek is a franchise with many amazing qualities, it’s fair to say what put The Original Series on …

1 week ago

strange new worlds finale

Strange New Worlds Season 2 Phasers Gets Star Trek Fans Very Suspicious

Don’t let Star Trek fans catch you messing with their phases. Eagle-eyed fans noticed that the phasers used in “Hegemony,” …

2 weeks ago

star trek picard

Star Trek: Picard Fought Studio To Bring Back Fan-Favorite Character

The third and final season of Paramount+’s series, Star Trek: Picard brought a lot of familiar faces back to the …

2 weeks ago

Leonard Nimoy Planned To Be The Villain Of One Of Star Trek’s Movies

Though Star Treks IV and VI are fantastic movies which have stood the test of time, Star Trek V is …

2 weeks ago

Star Trek Is Crazy About Hiring Actors From One 1970s Classic Movie

Despite never winning a Best Picture Academy Award, Star Trek movies are known for attracting some of the biggest names …

3 weeks ago

The Star Trek TNG Cameo Character Who Finally Gets A Chance To Shine

Star Trek has had plenty of great celebrity cameos over the years, but none were quite as memorable as Ashley …

3 weeks ago

Star Trek Wanted To Replace DS9’s Best Hero With TNG Character

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine has plenty of great characters, but perhaps none are as compelling as the Bajoran freedom …

3 weeks ago

The Long Lost Star Trek Episode Starring Milton Berle

Captain Kirk and his crew soon discover their advanced technology is due to cultural interference by a Federation scientist called Bayne. Bayne was to be played by the iconic and notorious Milton Berle.

1 month ago

The Star Trek Episode Patrick Stewart Filmed Fully Nude

Patrick Stewart’s work as Jean-Luc Picard in Star Trek: The Next Generation, its subsequent films, and Star Trek: Picard has …

2 months ago

Star Trek Originally Cast A Famous Movie Star As Riker

Amongst the discourse of Star Trek fans, there is an argument to be made that without Jonathan Frakes, Star Trek: …

2 months ago

The Star Trek Trilogy With Christopher Walken Sounds Wild

We arguably wouldn’t have the current explosion of Star Trek content if not for the success of the reboot trilogy …

2 months ago

The Star Trek Ensign Kicked Off Next Gen For Not Being Submissive

Fans of Star Trek: The Next Generation will surely recall the time that a young Ensign spilled hot chocolate all …

2 months ago

star trek fan theories

Leonard Nimoy Refused To Play Spock In The Most Important Star Trek Movie

Late legend Leonard Nimoy will forever be remembered for his role of Spock on Star Trek: The Original Series – …

3 months ago

Did Star Trek Build Deep Space Nine The Wrong Way?

Did they get it all backwards? Does the station’s design make no logical sense? We beam over and get an answer.

8 months ago

star trek wrath of khan william shatner

See William Shatner Perform Rocket Man In Iconic Video Almost Half A Century Ago

William Shatner performed Rocket Man at the 1978 Saturn Awards.

11 months ago

What Is The Riker Maneuver In Star Trek? It’s All In The Hips

During his time playing Commander William T. Riker on Star Trek: The Next Generation, actor Jonathan Frakes had a very …

11 months ago

John Belushi Spent His Last Day Alive On Star Trek’s Wrath Of Khan Set

Actor and hilarious SNL cast member John Belushi died on March 5, 1982 of a drug overdose. At the time …

11 months ago

marvel harrison ford

Harrison Ford Was Nearly Killed By One Of Star Trek’s Stars

Garrett Wang played the never promoted Ensign Harry Kim on Star Trek: Voyager, and it was his first big acting …

11 months ago

david warner freddy krueger

Star Trek’s David Warner Was The First Freddy Krueger, See His Original Makeup

The late David Warner was director Wes Craven’s original choice to play slasher icon Freddy Krueger, and a Twitter user posts images from the actor’s makeup test.

11 months ago

star trek sarek

Star Trek’s Vulcans Are Actually Referencing God, When They Do Spock’s Salute

Leonard Nimoy, the actor who played Spock, created the Vulcan salute based on a hand gesture he’d seen as a child at Synagogue.

11 months ago

star trek

One Of Star Trek’s Most Famous Ships Is Always Shown Upside Down

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan’s Defiant was accidentally approved upside-down from the original design, forever altering all Miranda-class ships that used the same template.

12 months ago

star trek klingon

Star Trek Confirms The Craziest Theory About Klingon Sex?

Star Trek: Discovery has confirmed that Klingon males do have two penises.

12 months ago