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The Borg’s Most Powerful Weapon Comes From Forgotten Star Trek Race

Here’s a question for the Star Trek superfans out there: what do you think the Borg’s most powerful weapon is? …

20 hours ago

Leonard Nimoy Killed Spock’s Baby And It’s 100% The Right Call

Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home will forever be known as “the one with the whales.” But believe it or …

1 day ago

Battlestar Galactica Creator Admits How To Improve Star Trek: Voyager

When the Battlestar Galactica reboot was gearing up, one of the reasons many audiences were excited was because Ronald D. …

1 day ago

Vulcan Civil war

Beloved Star Trek Actor Completely Changes The Vulcans

On Star Trek: Voyager, Tim Russ did an excellent job of playing the Vulcan Tuvok, and his many episodes helped …

2 days ago

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The Wesley Crusher Star Trek: Voyager Crossover You Missed

Wesley Crusher was one of the more divisive characters on The Next Generation, with many early audiences reacting negatively to …

3 days ago

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Hated Villain Is Star Trek: Voyager’s Most Relatable Character

While Star Trek: Voyager had plenty of scary villains, perhaps none were more hated than Seska. She was the secret …

3 days ago

Star Trek Killed Another Spock That Everyone Forgets

Every Star Trek fan is familiar with the heroic sacrifice of Mr. Spock, who gave his life to save the …

6 days ago

The Most Beloved Classic Star Trek Story Is A Secret Mirror Universe Episode

For Star Trek fans, one of the most fascinating concepts is the Mirror Universe, an entire alternate reality where almost …

6 days ago


The Only Star Trek Aliens Safe From The Borg

In the universe of Star Trek, the Borg are often presented as a kind of all-consuming threat because they don’t …

6 days ago

Battlestar Galactica Showrunner Shocked By Star Trek Resemblance

Normally, there isn’t much in common between Battlestar Galactica and Star Trek, and that’s by design. After years of writing …

6 days ago

Star Trek special effects

Star Trek Voyager Episode Pushed Special Effects To Cutting Edge

When you think about Star Trek stories with killer special effects, chances are that you don’t think about the Voyager …

6 days ago

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Iconic Star Trek Character Exists Because Of The Monkees

Hey, Hey, we’re the Trekkies! Did you know that if you’re a fan of Star Trek’s grooviest Ensign, Pavel Chekov, …

7 days ago

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Trekkie VS Trekker: Why Star Trek Fans Have Two Names

A war has been waging inside the Star Trek community since The Original Series was still on the air. On …

1 week ago

Beloved Star Trek Actor Stole Acting Job From Herself

Sadly, the acting world is full of cases where one talented actor effectively steals a role from someone equally talented. …

1 week ago

Famous Star Trek Producer’s Biggest Regret Is A Voyager Episode

Brannon Braga is one of the greatest architects of Star Trek’s success, serving as a writer and producer of The …

1 week ago

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Quark Always Breaks A Sacred Ferengi Rule In Star Trek

In Star Trek, Ferengi, like the Deep Space Nine bartender Quark, live by the Rules of Acquisition, a kind of …

1 week ago

The Filmmaking Technique That Drove Star Trek Producers Crazy

For better or for worse, Star Trek is a franchise where you typically don’t notice the camera angles. Most directors …

1 week ago

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Star Trek Voyager Episode Provides Behind-The-Scenes Clash Over Spirit Of The Franchise

One of the unfortunate realities of modern-day Star Trek is how divided the fandom is. While there are certainly some …

1 week ago

Star Trek Kids Hero Wants To Eradicate Fan-Favorite Race

For a franchise as progressive as Star Trek, its heroes can sometimes be a little bit too comfortable with genocidal …

1 week ago

star trek voyager

The Star Trek Actor Who Took Acting Cues From Ninjas

While the famous science fiction franchise Star Trek has effectively crossed over with other genres (including the fantasy and musical …

2 weeks ago

the schizoid man

Star Trek Episode Named For Guest Actor The Show Couldn’t Get

One dubious honor for Star Trek is that this franchise is responsible for some of the weirdest episode names in …

2 weeks ago

Star Trek’s Second Most Famous Vulcan Is Always Heard And Never Seen

Everybody knows that the most famous Vulcan in Star Trek history is Mr. Spock, thanks in large part to the …

2 weeks ago

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Wrath Of Khan References Hidden In Forgotten Star Trek TNG Episode

Normally, fans would find very little in common between The Wrath of Khan and The Next Generation. The cast is …

2 weeks ago

Star Trek TNG Unkillable Redshirts Are The Original Lower Decks

Most Star Trek fans know that the hilarious Lower Decks cartoon takes its name from the “Lower Decks” episode of …

2 weeks ago

star trek captain

Overlooked Star Trek Episode Nearly Had The Perfect Picard Parody

It’s not the kind of thing fans usually admit, but pretty much everyone who loves Star Trek: The Next Generation …

2 weeks ago

Picard And Riker Share A Secret Star Trek Girlfriend?

On Star Trek: The Next Generation, Picard, and Riker seemed to have very different love lives: Picard arguably only had …

2 weeks ago

Star Trek’s Secret Connection To Cinema’s Most Important Film

Star Trek is a kind of cinematic intersection…not only has the franchise had a number of hit films of its …

2 weeks ago

Star Trek Villain Finally Says What We’ve All Been Thinking

One storytelling trope that we often see in franchises like the MCU is a villain making a great point…the kind …

2 weeks ago

star trek scripts

Star Trek Showrunner Reveals The Hardest Part Of Writing Scripts

Most Star Trek fans have dreamed of what it would be like to write a script for their favorite franchise. …

2 weeks ago